The (Admittedly Late) Post-Game Wrap-Up

For starters, how about some honesty on my part?  Some writers write their leads to their game stories well before the game ends.  Some don’t.  I generally do.  I didn’t expect Trenton to be able to beat Toledo, so I had a “they lost” lead ready to go.  So I had a lot of re-writing to do.  So even if they didn’t know it, their performance last night was a subtle “screw you” to their beat writer.

That was an entertaining game.  I wouldn’t say it was a good game, however.  There wasn’t much defense played through the first two periods by either team, and only Trenton could really shut things down in the third.  A lot of the blame seems to be getting placed on Gerald Coleman, and I think some of that is unfair.  Not all of it, though.

Coleman didn’t play poorly, but also didn’t make the big save.  Yes, his defense was rather swiss cheese like in front of him, but he couldn’t make the big stop when he needed to.  Dave Caruso came in and made a few huge stops in the third, which overshadowed the occasional defensive lapse instead of highlighting them.

This was a strong team effort.  12 different players registered points, and Matt Vokes led the way with a hat trick…yes, the official scoresheet says he only got two goals, but there was a lot of discussion in the press box during the game and a little bit in the room afterwards that he got the first goal that was credited to Jeff Prough, who had a nice game of his own with four points.

Can this team carry the momentum of the third period into tomorrow’s game against Toledo?  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out…

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