Caruso, Kowalsky Quotes From Wednesday


“I wasn’t (anticipating coming in) at all.  You’re always ready.  I just wanted to make sure I played calm and was watching the puck.  That was the biggest thing.  Just make saves for the team.  There’s actually a lot less pressure when you come in like that.”

“You can’t really get concerned about the score or whatever.  It could be 10-0 or 1-1, you’re just trying to make that next save, and that’s the most important.”

“This is a big win, but every win is big.  Every win is important for this little run.  We’re just trying to set this up to hopefully get in the postseason, that’s our goal.  Just play our game.”

“(Friday) is a new game.  We have to get back to the drawing board.  We really didn’t play our hockey until the end of the second and the third period.  We’ve got to talk what we didn’t do well in the first and second and try to build off of what we did in the third.  We made a lot of mistakes, we had a lot of odd man breaks in the first two periods and that’s what really cost us.  When I came in, it was a different team.  It was easy to play, it was the easiest I’ve had all year.  It was nice, they played very well.”


“I don’t think Nick Vitucci’s going to be happy.  The first period, you’ll have to call the league on that one, I don’t know what that was.  16 minutes in power plays…whatever.  Enough said.  Second period, we were creating a lot, but the odd man rushes were just out of control.  I feel bad for Colesy.  I didn’t pull him because of his play, I pulled him because his teammates abandoned him.  That’s not our game, it never has been.  We couldn’t stop the bleeding.  Inbetween periods, all we simply said was to play our system.  We need to get a high man in the offensive zone and not cheat on pucks and take chances.  We never gave up an odd man rush the entire period, we continued to get chances, and we obviously capitalized on them.”

“I was thinking about (pulling Coleman) before.  But like I said…maybe the Peralta goal, he might have been able to get, but other than that, the 5-on-3 blast and then the 3-on-2 that’s tipped between the legs…as a goaltender, you don’t know if that’s going to the far side or not and it sneaks through his legs.  Every goal was an odd man rush.  It was more just to wake the guys up on the bench.  You said it, I’m a big believer in it.  It’s just one of those things in hockey that seems to work.  That’s why I made that decision.  Caruso comes in and he faces 2 shots after that.  Obviously, the third, we continued to play well offensively and expose them, and tightened up defensively.”

“The biggest thing was, line after line, D pairing after D pairing was doing the same thing.  It wasn’t that they weren’t working, it’s they were taking chances that were uncharacteristic of us and nobody was stopping the bleeding.  They had a couple partial breakaways, then they had a couple that almost could have been breakaways.  It’s the ones that they didn’t get…as a coach, you count those, because they’re taking that risk and you’re putting yourself in that situation, whether it’s a D-man jumping into the rush, or it’s a turnover or it’s a guy not backing somebody up.  That’s what (the discussion at the bench at the second period stoppage) was about.  Maybe we got a little better as the period went on.  Obviously, the third period is what we should have done through two.  The first, you can just wipe that off the map.”

“We just talked about (Friday’s game).  We’ll show video tomorrow.  You know they’re going to be better.  They’ve got a good team over there.  They’ve got a good mix.  We’ll look at the tape and take the good out of it, but definitely emphasize what we did wrong and make any adjustments.”

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5 Responses to “Caruso, Kowalsky Quotes From Wednesday”

  1. LanghorneDevil Says:

    Friday warm-up. Looks like Kell back in for cormier. Tbc

  2. Titans04 Says:

    Yep. Don’t understand not dressing Cormier over Kutcharski especially with what hapened late last game. Neabus another high pim guy is dressed tonight as well. Guess time will tell. But this far into the season I shouldn’t be surprised. Hooray the sign is working out front jst in time for the concert season.

  3. Titans04 Says:

    Just pathetic on the almost endless powerplay 13 mins in.

  4. Titans04 Says:

    Can’t wait to hear the excuses for taking the first 40 mins off. Toledo makes it look easy on the 5 on 3 and we easily piss away another. Hey we’re consistant tonight not a single ounce of urgency through two periods. Pathetic.

  5. LanghorneDevil Says:

    This is not pretty. Yet it is still up for grabs. Scrappy, little if any puck control. If not for Caruso could be a lot worse – worryingly Caruso has shown more desire to attack than the forwards have!

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