Some Killer Comments About Lerg

I promised to bring you Trenton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky’s comments about his newest goalie, Jeff Lerg…so, ummm…here are those.

Mike Ashmore: The first time you saw Jeff Lerg…what did you think?

Rick Kowalsky: “Well, I’d heard a lot about him when we signed him in the summer.  I’d heard a lot of good things from other coaches and people I know in hockey that know we signed him.  Once I did my research on him and was basically told I was going to have him here, what he did in college on and off the ice tells me a lot about his character.  His size always comes into play, but Tony Zancanaro’s a good example of how that can not be a factor.”

Ashmore: Is it more of a factor for a goalie, though?

Kowalsky: “I think the bigger goalies obviously have an advantage automatically.  Now that he’s been here for a little while now, you can see he has to challenge a little more and reflexes are huge for him, rebound control, all that stuff.  He’s got to go that much farther to cover the net, as opposed to Gerald Coleman with the longer legs.  He reads the play well and he anticipates well.”

Ashmore: So what is the timetable to start getting him, at the very least, dressed for games?

Kowalsky: “Well, we don’t know right now.  He knew coming into this that the biggest thing was getting him in and getting him around the guys.  It was just going to go on a day-by-day, week-by-week basis.  We’ll see what happens.  Right now, Dave is playing well and Gerald played well.  We don’t want to disrupt the chemistry of the room, and that’s not to say that there’s been any tension, all the goaltenders have been great.  They’re all good kids, and they’re all professionals.  The biggest thing with Lerg was just giving him a taste of this environment whether it be for this year or potentially next year.”

Ashmore: Is there a scenario in which he doesn’t play this year?

Kowalsky: “I don’t know.  There’s obviously a few more people involved beyond me with this.  Again, we’re just going to progress along and see what happens and go from there.  Nothing’s written in stone.  We may come to a point in our schedule where we can leave a goaltender home, rest him…so we could potentially see a scenario like that.  Things can change.”

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