Pre-Game Update

Matt Dalton’s back for Reading and is in goal for the Royals.  He’s opposed by Dave Caruso.  Dalton wouldn’t have been the difference in a 7-1 game, but he would have been able to have stopped the bleeding and perhaps the game might have been a little bit different on Saturday.

This is another Trentonian game for me…not sure if I’ll be able to post anything post-game, as I’ve got to get up early to go to Nashville for a story on Jerred Smithson.  Either way, stay tuned…

Also, check this out

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8 Responses to “Pre-Game Update”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    Trenton’s got 2 more players than Reading… and they’re tied 3-3 after the first? Wow. Another high-scoring thriller?

  2. tdevils Says:

    Defense was absent in the first…both teams tightened up somewhat in the second…but Trenton got the only goal

  3. Shtikl Says:

    Shooting wide, poor T-Devils. Trailing 3-5 and not much time to catch up. 3 Royals players getting season-first goals tonight, including the goon.

  4. titans04 Says:

    Ugly night. Got what they deserved for sure. The best D in the league from top to bottom wasn’t good at all, who mis-handled the live grenade at the point which led to the ENG? Still on the outside looking in and games like this will leave a mark. Brutal “crowd” good thing we don’t overstate the numbers.

  5. Shtikl Says:

    Could be worse:

  6. LanghorneDevil Says:

    All i can say at this point is not pretty. On the ice or all the green seat surrounding it.

    Off to a flyer – got complacent- got hit – couldn’t bounce back.


  7. Justin Says:

    hey dont worry it was a good game though when it was 3-1 u and when it was 3-3. hey we ended a 6 game away loosing streak tonight and thursday is a tough matchup when we play K-Zoo at the SOV. sorry again for the loss, u guys played pretty good

  8. chiarams Says:

    Hand really scored?

    Jesus. That should count double.

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