Morning Skate Notes

It’s nice to actually have legitimate notes and observations from a morning skate instead of making a useless post saying there’s no news or re-writing something I read off the transactions wire, etc.

I’ll have quotes from my chat with Rick Kowalsky in a minute, but this first…

The lineup tonight will be the exact same as it was Saturday night.  Kevin Cormier, John Wessbecker, Kyle Kucharski and Trevor Kell all skated, as did Jeff Lerg.  Dave Caruso got the majority of the action, while Gerald Coleman and Lerg split a net for most of the time.  Lerg is still sporting his Michigan State mask…we had a ten minute chat for something you’ll see a little bit down the road.  Maybe a feature, maybe a Q&A…depends on how things go for me in Nashville on Thursday.

There’s your first look at Lerg in Devils colors.

All the extra skaters; Cormier, Kell, Kucharski and Wessbecker, stayed on the ice after the skate was over to work with Vince Williams and Lerg.  To me, Kell seemed the closest to coming back…but he apparently is still a little ways away from that.  Luke Lucyk and Justin Pender both practiced with the forwards, so they’ll both be in those spots again.

When I spoke to Lerg, he anticipated coming off the IR today, but I wasn’t able to check with Kowalsky to see if it was actually going to happen…my hunch is that it isn’t.

Let me get to work on transcribing the audio from my chat with Rick…but if you have any questions about today’s skate, feel free to ask me in the meantime.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


One Response to “Morning Skate Notes”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    Thanks for the photo! He’s for real!

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