Cormier Added, Lee Lost

I was able to post this to my Twitter account last night, but couldn’t access the blog until this morning…

The Trenton Devils have released forward Carter Lee (pictured, left) and received forward Kevin Cormier. 

Lee, a native of Brick, NJ, was brought in by Trenton after being let go by the Johnstown Chiefs.  After posting a 0-1-1 line in four games for Johnstown, Lee managed just one point — a goal — in ten games for the T-Devils before being let go.

Cormier officially re-joins the T-Devils after having actually returned to New Jersey several weeks ago after spending some time back home in Canada for reasons unknown.  Better known as Corms, he’s played in 12 games between Trenton and AHL Lowell this season, posting zero points and 26 penalty minutes between his two stops.

While the addition of Cormier should satisfy those who enjoy the possibility of some heavyweight fisticuffs taking place, it may not be such a wise idea for head coach Rick Kowalsky to mess with a lineup that seems to have been clicking lately.  It’s also uncertain as to what kind of physical condition Cormier is in after being away from the game for several months.

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9 Responses to “Cormier Added, Lee Lost”

  1. Off-Ice21 Says:

    Need a guy like him in the lineup going up against tough physical teams like Elmira and even Wheeling. They were pushed around quite a bit in that Wheeling game. Took them long enought to get a TG back in the lineup. I always say every team needs one and it’s worth taking a risk with the linep chemistry and what not. Corms also adds some punch offensively as well, he’s not just a meathead enforcer. How isn’t Killer steaming yet from the treatment he’s getting form Lowell? Not for nothing, I would make a fuss to whoever is involved about guys not coming back to Trenton to play after being “called up”. Whatever, hopefully this doesn’t mess up the chemistry of an already hot team, I doubt it will.

  2. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Blech. Subtraction by addition. Brings some beef in theory, but I’ve seen little to impress me. Fortunately for opponents he doesn’t seem to have the wild elbow of his brother.

    Would love for the kid to redeem himself though. Here’s your (latest) chance Kevin.

  3. Shtikl Says:

    Whatever it takes, as long as the team plays well together and the fans show up to appreciate it.

    I’m sorry it didn’t work out for Carter Lee. Would have been a nice story, another Brick kid sticking, but not looking good for this year.

  4. I want real hockey in Trenton Says:

    Off-Ice21, what is Killer going to do? Complain to the press? Threaten not to come back? It’s not like he’s got AHL teams or even other ECHL teams knocking down his door to sign him.

  5. Off-Ice21 Says:

    He can call up to Lowell and say that it is a one way street right now and he needs some guys back who aren’t playing. It’s very simple: ask whoever is in charge up there what gives with guys being called up to sit when they could be playing in Trenton. Explain to him that this trend is unacceptable, and there should be more of give and a take situation. I don’t care about owners, managers, or anything else, the coach can step up and do this himself. It’s simply unacceptable that any pro team has to play a game with 11 forwards and 5 defenseman. Also, Killer was the coach of the year last year remeber? What ECHL team wouldn’t want him to coach with a resume like that?

  6. Ashmore Says:

    The problem with said scenario is that Chris Lamoriello runs both Lowell and Trenton…

  7. Shtikl Says:

    Sock puppet.

  8. I want real hockey in Trenton Says:

    Off-Ice21, he was coach of the year last year and couldn’t get an AHL job. Killer’s been in the organization long enough to know what the deal is with the Devils. If a better opportunity had come his way, I’m sure he would have jumped at it. So why didn’t an AHL team or even another ECHL team come calling?

  9. Off-Ice21 Says:

    Who knows and who really cares? My point here is that your full of it when you state that that no one in the ECHL would be interested in hiring him. Sure, he’s still young and whatever, but he has many contacts both with players and coaches. It’s early in his ECHL coaching career so give him some time. Food for thought: if he ever escapes the graps of the ridiculous Devils organization, you don’t think Mike Haviland wouldn’t help him out? He did in Norfolk. Those guys go back, and you got to beleive that someone who crossed paths with Killer would throw him some work.

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