Looking At The Big Picture…

While you all anxiously await a Trenton Devils goalie tree that features such luminaries as Nicolas Lareau (no, I’m not actually going to break another one of those out for a little while), I figured what better time than 2:45 AM to look at the ECHL’s American Conference standings…

1 – South Carolina, 73 points (16 games left)
2 – Cincinnati, 70 points (19 games left)
3 – Elmira, 59 points (22 games left)
4 – Charlotte, 60 points (22 games left)
5 – Florida, 60 points (18 games left)
6 – Kalamazoo, 59 points (23 games left)
7 – Toledo, 59 points (20 games left)
8 – Wheeling, 56 points (19 games left)

9 – Gwinnett, 55 points (21 games left)
10 – Reading, 54 points (22 games left)
11 – Trenton, 47 points (21 games left)
12 – Johnstown, 36 points (21 games left)

Can Trenton make the playoffs?  At first glance, sure.  It seems very doable, as they’re nine points back of Wheeling with two games in hand.  However, to put it into perspective, they’re only three points further away from getting the three seed, of all things, than they are the eighth…they’re 12 points back of division leading Elmira.

Say Wheeling gets half of their possible points over the last 19 games…that would, of course, be 19 more points, giving them 75.  Not an unrealistic assumption, yes?  Trenton would then need 29 points out of a possible 42, which would give them 76 for the season.

So let’s say — and there’s obviously a variety of ways they could get there — that they’d need to go 14-6-1 to make the playoffs.  Does anyone honestly think they can do this?  There’s no sarcasm there…do you honestly think the 2009-10 Trenton Devils can win two out of every three games for the last 21 games they have to play?

Eight of those 21 games come against the three other teams also currently out of the playoffs.  

Ten of those 21 games are at home.

Long story short…if Trenton has any hopes of making the playoffs, their magical run needs to start right now.  Based on my math, they have a possible 13 points they can give away out of 42.  Friday and Saturday, against the worst team in the entire league, is not the time to spend those points.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


5 Responses to “Looking At The Big Picture…”

  1. chiarams Says:

    I guess you’re one of those glass half full sorta guys.

    With all the 3 point games that will be involved, I’d guess they need 35 points to make the playoffs (seriously, I typed that without laughing hysterically out loud). That’s 17-3-1.

    They’ve won 19 games in their first 51, but need to win nearly as many in a third of the games.

    Last one out turn off the lights.

  2. JohnnyR Says:

    Do the T-Devils have a chance ?? I dunno….hell let’s just send anyone that could help Trenton up to Lowell !! The Prough move ticks me off…good for Jeff, bad for Trenton….How can trenton win games without goal scorers ?? And if Stoesz is just riding the pine in Lowell, shouldn’t he be in Trenton to give the team a real enforcer ?? I’m tired of watching Trenton get pushed around….
    I love attending the T-Devils games but this lousy front office stuff may just make me want to spend $30.00 bucks somewhere else….
    Listen up LOU !!

  3. Shtikl Says:

    Print that in a business letter format, put it in an envelope and snail-mail it to:

    Chris Lamoriello, General Manager
    Trenton Devils Hockey Club
    635 South Clinton Avenue, Suite 407
    Trenton, NJ 08611-1831

    And if you’re a former STH, who didn’t renew because of the quality of the product on the ice, make sure you tell them so.

  4. Section 106, Row F Says Says:

    Prough is up in Lowell? Damn…and they take take take and never send anyone down to replace…Yeah, we could use Stoesz, another forward and a few returns off our own IR. At least Coutu is back.

    Mathematically, T-Devs could pull off a last minute kerchunk into the playoffs. Reading has looked horrible lately (Elmira is spanking them purple tonight) and the T-Devs just pulled off another 2 opoints against the Chiefs…hmmm.

    Glass half full? hmmm….more like “THE DAMNED GLASS ISN’T EMPTY AND THAT FAT LADY AIN’T SINGIN’ YET”

  5. LanghorneDevil Says:

    Perfect night for the devils. Devils win and Gwinnet,Reading and wheeling all lose in regulation.

    Lets hope it continues tomorrow

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