Making Moves

The Trenton Devils did make some moves today, including one player coming off the IR and another heading to Lowell.

Defenseman Justin Coutu has been activated off of IR.  You may remember that head coach Rick Kowalsky told me that Coutu was out indefinitely.

In addition, Jeff Prough has been summoned to AHL Lowell for the third time this season.  Further killing the depth at forward is Trevor Kell being placed on the 7-Day IR and Kyle Kucharski heading to the 21-Day IR.  Kucharski was walking around the locker room after the last home game with an envelope containing MRI results under his arm. I’m guessing those results weren’t good.

Trenton plays two straight on the road in Johnstown before coming home on Sunday afternoon against Wheeling.  They essentially have to sweep the Chiefs to stay in the hunt for a playoff spot.

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4 Responses to “Making Moves”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    Prough had his first AHL shootout opportunity in the game 2/17, shot right into the goalie’s crest though. Was on a line with Casty and Robitaille, didn’t get a lot of ice time but at least he wasn’t called up just to sit in Section U and keep Stoesz company.

  2. JohnnyR Says:

    Ok…how committed is the parent club to trying to get the T-Devils into the playoffs ?? at a time like this shouldn’t Lou and family be sending a few players down from Lowell to help Trenton make a serious run at the playoffs ? Why deplete the team now ?? Makes me pause before spending money on a ticket to Sunday’s game with Wheeling ! I’m serious…Hockey is only entertaining if the home team has a chance to win…They want attendance to go up ?? put a contender on the ice !! Scorch tossing a few more shirts into the crowd WON’T put my butt in a seat at the Sun Bank Arena….Good for Jeff …bad for the T-Devils.

  3. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Shtikl – any injuries up there? Glad he’s playing. I understand having some depth the roster up there but we could use some help from the serial nacho servers up there. If they continually rotated guys in the lineup I wouldn’t complain. I said the same thing when the Phantoms did it.

  4. Shtikl Says:

    AHL teams don’t have to give out information on injuries. Sorry. That frustrates me, too. And I can’t listen to the radio on home game nights so if Mike O’Brien did divulge any information, I missed it. 😦 This would be a good time for somebody who knows MOB to poke him and ask! I would guess you’ll get Prough back soon, but nobody else.

    Goalie Jeff Frazee was a scratch tonight. So… Tony Felice was the EBUG. :O I asked around, nobody would tell me anything except that Tony showed up at 5 PM tonight. I guess something happened during morning skate, no idea what or for how long. Man the lifeboats!

    Prough was a scratch tonight. Jeez, that blows chunks! I hope he was healthy! Captain Gionta came off the scratch list tonight and played well, maybe Jeff will be en route to Johnstown tonight, safe journey to him and I hope he tricks the hat next game for you.

    Matty Cohen was a scratch too, but I think he may have been “healthy” since Matt Taormina was back and scoring up a storm, bless him! But Davison got dinged tonight and didn’t play the 3rd period, so possibly Cohen will get some ice time tomorrow night. Flynn was pacing the concourse, I tried to sic the chiquitas on him 🙂 ’cause I saw they had Stoesz corralled at the nacho stand. 🙂

    Stoeszy could be perfectly healthy, he did make the trip to Norfolk and Hoishey. But for all I know, he could have one of those “upper body” injuries (e.g., bell-ringer). Nagy was also scratched, don’t know his status either. I think they announced Corms as a scratch, too, no idea where he is. Whatever’s wrong with Halischuk doesn’t prevent him from sitting in the stands, but I’m sure he’d rather be skating, poor kid.

    I understand that Trenton can’t afford good replacement players, so the fans get screwed twice over whenever Lowell calls up a body. Like I said, give ChrisLam some snail mail and tell him you’re not happy. He prob’ly won’t listen, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take…

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