Do You Believe In Miracles…

…I certainly do, because that game finally ended.  The referees pretty much took away any opportunity that game had to have any flow whatsoever, and the defense on both sides was pretty brutal.  It’s funny…I was sitting next to a scout tonight, and he was remarking pretty frequently about some of the same guys I’ve been critical of.

Really, there’s not much to say about that game.  Thought for sure it was going to go into overtime, but Trenton really took over in that last stretch and got a well-deserved goal from Dan Eves to win it.  Matt Vokes’ empty-netter to seal it really was a great microcosm of how things were going Trenton’s way towards the end…that puck just kept rolling and rolling.

I think most of the questions surrounding this team are around things other than tonight’s game.  What’s up with Kevin Cormier?  When are the guys who are hurt coming back?  What’s the deal with Jeff Lerg? 

Cormier does exist.  The organization would likely prefer I not mention this, but he was there.  Because he’s not officially with the team, however, Cormier was not allowed to speak with me after the game.  Not his fault, not my fault.  It is what it is.  To his credit, Rick Kowalsky acknowledged Cormier’s existence on Earth as well.

“All his stuff is going to be off-ice, right now,” said Kowalsky, meaning that he will not be joining the team any time soon.

“Hopefully next week, he will technically be assigned to us.  From a conditioning standpoint, we’ll see where he’s at.”

Injured players?  Let’s go one-by-one with Rick…

Trevor Kell: “We had a bit of a setback with Kell, which is unfortunate.  As of this morning, he was playing.  He’ll be out this weekend, and after that, I don’t know.”

Kyle Kucharski: “Kucharski is indefinite right now.”

Justin Coutu: “Coutu is indefinite.”

Chris Poli: “He’s doing better.  I don’t want to say we’re hoping for next weekend, because with the week ahead of us, these guys are going to see some doctors.”

Gerald Coleman: “Out of that whole group, Coleman’s the only guy who’s healthy right now and able to go.  Coleman missed all of last weekend, and when we have those afternoon games, we don’t have ice, so we can’t skate.  We wanted to give him the full week.  Caruso had pretty solid back-to-back starts.  Coleman will play at some point this weekend, but we haven’t made a decision yet on tomorrow night.  He’s healthy now.  He had a good week of practice.”

And the college championship winning goalie?

“Lerg was a guy that we signed in the summer, and he had an unfortunate injury late in the summer that forced him to have surgery,” Kowalsky said.

“He hasn’t played a game since March, so we made the decision, now that he was healthy, to bring him in.  He’s by no means in game shape.  He’s only been on the ice, prior to being here, a week.  We wanted to get him in here and get him around the guys and allow him to experience the pro atmosphere and get him to experience practice at the pro level and see the pace and get a feel of shots from guys at this level.  When the time comes for him to come off the IR, we’ll look at the situation.  But this is more just from an organizational standpoint, getting him in here and letting him see what we’re all about.  He’s a great kid.  He’s anxious to play, but we’re going to patient with this and give it some time.”

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One Response to “Do You Believe In Miracles…”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    Bonne chance, Kevin Cormier! Vous nous manquez très! Dépêchez-vous au jeu et jouez bien pour les diablotins!

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