Lerg Assigned To Trenton; Placed On 21-Day IR

Interesting item in the ECHL transactions e-mail today.  Goaltender Jeff Lerg, who signed with the Devils organization in the off-season but turned his right ACL into applesauce, has been assigned to the Trenton Devils from Lowell.

He was also placed on the 21-Day IR.  Under the assumption that he has to serve those 21 days — I believe he does — that would put him on pace to be eligible to play in the March 2nd home game against Reading.

The knee injury delayed his much anticipated pro debut, as the undersized Michigan State netminder led the Spartans to the 2007 NCAA Championship. Listed at five feet, six inches tall and 155 pounds, Lerg will turn 24 years old a few days after the Trenton Devils regular season ends.

There is no doubting that when Lerg is ready — and perhaps before he’s ready — that this will create a bit of an uncomfortable situation in the Trenton nets; Three goalies for two spots on the roster. Lerg and Gerald Coleman are on AHL deals, while Dave Caruso is believed to be on an ECHL deal. However, I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see some sort of trade made at the minor league level…especially considering Lerg’s speculated return date directly coincides with the NHL trade deadline.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


30 Responses to “Lerg Assigned To Trenton; Placed On 21-Day IR”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    So Lerg should be coming to practice and you can give us photos, right?

  2. titans04 Says:

    By that time the Fat Lady will have long come and gone. Actually she was spotted at SBA back around Thanksgiving. I wonder how this might complicate the banged up Coleman who was clearly given the short straw back in camp when McKenna strolled in. You would be better off somewhere else Gerald you deserved better.

  3. titansman Says:

    how can you say Coleman was given the short straw in camp when he was outplayed and has shown nothing in Trenton to show that he belongs in the A. Interestingly enough though according to the Bob Mckenzie twitter at TSN.CA the Devils have put Mckenna on waivers.

  4. Shtikl Says:

    Throw in this monkey-wrench: Bob McKenzie at TSN tweeted that the Devils have put Mike McKenna on waivers.

  5. titans04 Says:

    where you been titansman – step and and defend the teams accomplishments a few threads down.

  6. titans04 Says:

    In case you missed it, and by the way are they still looking for the breaker to turn the sign on out front? Cause as we were told way back in October it was off while they worked on the ice making equipment.

    Come on we’re standing by waiting for all the positives.

    Here’s some of the 09-10 accomplishments at the 2/3rds mark. Put together by a diehard former STH who at this point couldn’t care less about not seeing more than 1 or 2 games this season.


    2nd worst record in the league

    2nd worst record in the conference

    2nd most minor penalties in the league, most in the conference

    3rd most bench minors

    2nd fewest home victories

    3rd fewest (tied) road victories

    League-worst 1-9 record in OT/SO

    3 for 25 in shootouts this year, opponents are 9 for 24

    Worst record when scoring first

    Worst PP at home (5th worst on the road, 2nd worst overall)

    Outscored 66-49 in second period

    Outscored 47-39 in third period

    2nd worst offense in league

    6th worst defense in league

    Most losses when leading after first

    Most losses when tied after first

    2nd most losses when outshooting opponent

    Fewest wins when outshooting opponent

    Most losses by 5 or more goals

    Team point leader has 31 points (fewest in league)

    2nd worst attendance

  7. JB Says:

    Very well put Titans04. Too bad the Lamoriellos don’t give a damn about any of that as long as they make money some way and get a couple of kids developed in their system for Lowell.

  8. Shtikl Says:

    Well, with a little bit of luck, the AHL Devils will move to Springfield, Hartford, or Albany next season and thus will be out of my misery. Is there a little smiley for dancing-for-joy? No more pro hockey in Lowell! YESSSSS!

    Anyway, now that the Checkers are going to be out of Charlotte (because Carolina’s moving their AHL affiliate there), maybe the Devils will kindly terminate their failed experiment as ECHL team owners, leaving a vacuum in Trenton. Pray that the Rangers find someone to pick up the dormant franchise for them and move their ECHL affiliation to Trenton. Wouldn’t that be a zing in the Devils’ kisser? Dream on! 😛

  9. titans04 Says:

    Yes any other flavor of kool aid would be a step in the right direction, the current flavor tastes like crap since day one of this town being painted red.

    It will be interesting to see what market the Devils choose to burn to the ground next at the AHL level.

    Look at the bright side Shtkil they may make the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. Now if nothing else that proves they couldn’t care less about putting a winning team on the ice even at the AHL level.

    Come on Lou’s army lets hear how we’re all wrong here and everything is golden.

  10. chiarams Says:

    Maybe Trenton can become the first market the Devils burn at two levels?

    That’d be a new record.

  11. Shtikl Says:

    After tonight’s loss in Newark, I see people are writing about summoning MacLean to replace Lemaire… Wouldn’t that be interesting? What would they do then?

  12. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    I love all of the rangers fans in here LoL

    FYI before you start complaining about the sign outside…ITS NOT THE DEVILS!!! ITS THE COUNTY/ARENA.

    Ok with that out of the way….

    1. Yes the T Devs are not good this year
    2. The Trenton Titans were also not a good team during the Armstrong/Mckay years. I havent spoke to a SINGLE person who liked those years either.


    1. The Devils SAVED hockey in Trenton. Regardless of how sucky they are atm, ITS HOCKEY! Im just glad I have a team to go watch!
    2. No, the Flyers were not going to purchase the team…They dont even care about the Phantoms.
    3. No, the Rangers were not and are not going to buy the team.

    Titans04 is the MOST biased Rangers fan I have ever seen (Even tho you wont admit it).
    Has the team sucked this year? Yes
    Do I blame all the problems on the Devils? No
    Did I expect more from Kowalsky after last year? Yes
    Is this a team full of rookies? Yes
    Do I think the team will learn from this year and improve? Hopefully
    Is every problem with the arena the Devils problem? No
    Is mud on the seats the Devils fault? No
    Is the sign outside not working STILL the Devils fault? No
    Do the Devils own the Arena? No
    Can they set the prices for the food? No
    Are the Devils simply a tenant in the Arena? Yes
    Can the Devils do more to market the team? Yes
    Do the market the team already? Yes
    Do they mention the T-Devs on MSG during NJD games? Yes
    Do I see ads in the Newspapers? Yes
    Do I hear ads on the radio? Yes
    Do I see articles about community visits? Yes
    Is there more they can do? Yes
    Do they need more promotions? Yes
    Have the promotions been good? For the most part they have been better then some other years

    Is Titans04 a biased Rangers fan that will take ANY negative from the arena or TDevils to complain about Devils management? Yes

    Titans04…If you dont like it..Then maybe you should just move on buddy. If the Rangers bought the team, I wouldnt blame Rangers management for us losing. I have plenty of friends who came out to their first T-Devils game this year and are planning to buy Season Tickets/Flex Plan next year. Im a fan of Trenton Hockey no matter the brand win and lose. Trenton has sucked since the Kelly Cup when our owners alienated tons of fans by not bringing hardly ANY of the winning team back + not hiring Kowalsky to begin with. I saw more fans leave because of the Mckay era than I have ever seen with the Devils.

  13. Titans04 Says:

    Well glad you finally found the time to present the view of those that bow to the logo. No sh*t that they don’t own the arena but you would think as the main tenant they would have made enough noise to have it resolved months ago. Again first and foremost I’m a fan of Trenton hockey, that’s where my money goes. Part of the issue of having all rookies is an indication that winning isn’t a priority, if it was there would be a blend of rookie and older vetern guys. Not having a single vet is a joke. Having a roster filled with undersized soft players is a joke. Not having a single guy that can drop the gloves with any kind of success is a joke.

    There is no question the Berman’s were going to Dinah out the original 10 lease but cut all possible expenses AfTER delivering a championship to Trenton. In comes the the Devils with basically unlimited resourses compared to the Bermans and blowing smoke about painting the town red etc. in the end their grand plan turned out to be betting on rolling out the logo in q Flyers market while also cutting every possible expense not related to the players.

    They haven’t even been able to maintain the attendance numbers that were there when they took over, they couldn’t even stop the bleedirg. Are you really suggesting there’s a real marketing plan in place here?

    Again if seeing the logo on the ice is good enough for you that’s great the numbers continue to suggest you’re in the minority. Think about the people that never missed a game up until the past couple of years, they’re gone and at least a few of them are huge Devils fans but the crappy hockey has chased them away.

    The Devils have shown no interest in growing the fan base just like all the AHL marktets they’ve killed off; Trenton is no different

    Are you also enjoying the things like the PA guy that continues to well not be any good. How about Labelle scoring for Elmira. How about them not even making an effort to put guys pictures up for introductions. Some of these guys have been here since late October. diid the digital camera break or is it the county’s camera?

    I don’t blame Rick or the Trenton front office the decisions are being made by Chris a guy who’s track record smells worst than a landfill.

    At last count we were what about 2k below the league average in attendance? Something to be proud of.

  14. chiarams Says:

    “The Trenton Titans were also not a good team during the Armstrong/Mckay years. I havent spoke to a SINGLE person who liked those years either.”

    I’m a single person that liked the Armstrong team. First year at least. Second year not so much, but it’s night and day compared to this year’s team.

    As much of a trainwreck as the McKay year was, I’d take that over the Devils running things. Pretty scary when you lament the “good old days” of Doug McKay.

  15. Section 106, Row F Says:

    Wow….all this negative energy….and a laid up goalie to boot. What were they thinking? WHERE DO THEY FIND THESE PEOPLE???

    True – McKay sucked the life out of the team…damaged Bertoli’s prowess and took shots at his leadership. That was the beginning of the end. It took a miracle to keep the Titans alive.

    But let’s face it, Lou & Sons bought in cheap. Albany was sick of the Devil’s Organization antics. Flyers were moving on, Islanders lost interest.

    However, I do fault Kowalsky and Williams at some level. There are quite a few talented INDIVIDUALS on this T-Dev team, but they cannot play the game alone. The coaches need to find what talents work best together and exploit those into a cohesive push for the remainder of the season.

    The arena could help too. Send down Stacy, Holly and Samantha from Lowell. Better yet, get our OWN local ice-crew girls(like Titans used to have) instead of the teeny-boppers that can’t throw a t-shirt beyond the front 4 rows. Get some promotions out there and ADVERTISE.

    Spend a dime….make a dollar


    Failing that…..
    (damn, we need html in this blog so I can post links)

  16. tdevils Says:

    I fully support the idea of ice girls.

    As for the team, they’re all essentially the same player. Undersized, somewhat skilled forwards. No variety. Hard to get them to play as a team when they’re not built to be a team.

  17. tdevils Says:

    All young guys, too. No veterans. No one to lead them on the ice…Kowalsky and Vinny can only do so much.

    The bigger younger guys have vanished, to an extent. Kucharski…Wilson…where did these guys go? Even Combs has fallen off big time.

    As for the D…Leaderer and Thomas are probably the best of the bunch, there. Murray, when he’s here, too. Tomko’s been a disappointment, Kunes is a Gunderson clone, and Pender can’t hit the net. Coutu plays physical but often takes ill-advised penalties. Geez, maybe Lucyk’s the best of the bunch…never really notice him one way or the other.

  18. titans04 Says:

    and to take another swipe at the Rangers theory, we had no problem going to all but 4 Reading away games, and maybe missing a total of 3 AC games during the Flyers years. Also enjoyed going down to Flordia for the finals, one in our group even went to Alaska twice in 10 days WHILE they had Rangers season tickets. So again the theory that we’re just angry Rags fans holds no water.

  19. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    Its still valid….LoL

    1. They were the Trenton TITANS, not the Trenton Flyers. Im sure there would be people upset if it was called as such. In fact I knew people who went to games who didnt even know they were affiliated. The fact is when you rooted for the Titans, the Flyers had nothing to do with it. They sent us players…they called some up…but they didnt own us…we werent named after them…of course you didnt have a problem.

    Now we are the Trenton DEVILS, OWNED by the New Jersey Devils….Of course you ranger crybabys have a problem with it. Of course the rivalry between the two orgs is much more intense than Rangers-Flyers or Devils-Flyers.

    Enjoy your cup in 94….Ill enjoy mine in 95, 00, 03. Enjoy complaining about the older years…Ill enjoy the old AND the new…I enjoy watching the players develop. Do we suck this year? I never said we didnt. Do we need vets on the team? I never said we didnt. For the most part I AGREE with your statements about the TEAM. But your statements about the arena and how the Devils are ruining attendance, the arena, the world and so on is what I dont agree with.

    Attendance Problems –
    1. I SEE marketing…Like it or not, its there. Can it be improved? Of course Does it need to be improved? Of course.
    2. The Economy getting better would of course help
    3. A better team on the ice would also help

    I agree with you Titans04, it needs to improve. It has gone down every year, EVERY year….We are in a tough transition period and tough economic period. Rumors ive heard garuntee stability in keeping the team in Trenton..So hopefully a better team will help draw people back in,

  20. tdevils Says:

    The Rangers and Devils, really, have very little to do with this. I wouldn’t care if this was an unaffiliated team…they might be better off that way, actually.

    Given the fact that players not on an AHL deal on most ECHL teams are free to sign a PTO anywhere, but not with Trenton, that may play a role in their inability to attract quality veterans. Doesn’t explain why they didn’t retain the ones they had, but hey…

  21. Section 106, Row F Says Says:

    Morning Rant:
    Don’t blame the economy….you come off sounding like Obama. Next you’ll blame Bush for being the namesake of this league and team’s hockey style.

    Blame the county for selling out to yet another despondent bank. Blame the management for contracting the concession thieves – $5.50 for a hotdog? No choices or variety in food and not a decent cup of coffee or bag of chips in the building? The one stand that should have stayed open AFTER the game is sadly gone. Guess they had better places to dunk their donuts. Give out t-shirts, pucks, bobble-heads and caps….you’ll fill seats…guaranteed.

    OK…back to the team. Allow me this comparison, and stay with me here: In any business, if staff or a shift repeatedly has performance problems, do you solely blame the staff? No, you look to the MANAGER for solutions and that manager shoulders the blame.

    Gee, in hockey, that position would be the coaches. Let’s face it gentlemen, Kowalsky let the “Coach of the Year go to his head, and Williams just likes wearing the suit. They show very little leadership, involvement or emotion. Can you blame them? HELL YES!

    Rick, get your hands out of your pockets and DO YOUR JOB. Vince, unfold your arms and DO YOUR JOB. And mark my words….if you reverse roles and swap poses…..Chuck-A-Puck will have a whole new meaning. The souvenir stand is right behind me.

    Each of you showed promise as players under the Titans banner, so we KNOW you have it in you. DO YOUR JOB! I DOUBLE DEVIL-DAWG DARE YA!

  22. titans04 Says:

    it’s the “system” – and it’s working flawlessly.

    You can beat the Rangers deal to death it never has in 7 years made one bit of a difference. It’s only about what happens on the ice in Trenton that matters most. As I’ve said before you can’t question the success the devils have had at the NHL level, but there is also no questioning the markets they’ve killed off in the minor leagues to go along with a long history of crap hockey and no playoffs (over 10 years at the AHL level) and soon to be 2 out of 3 here, unless you’re blindly holding onto they have plenty of time to turn it around this year. What’s they’re longest winning streak of the season so far?

  23. chiarams Says:

    3 games. In November.

    Most consecutive regulation wins – 2.

    They’ve scored either once or been shut out in 5 of their last 11 home games.

    Must be their nerves – playing in front of such raucous crowds is a daunting task.

  24. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    It’s all pretty much been said, but as a Devils fan I’m extremely disappointed in the resources the Devils have failed to put in here. It was an uphill battle to begin with to grow the brand, they needed to do more and instead have done less.

    Just ask Ginand, who had to look up on the jumbotron and see his name spelled GinaRd.

    Ads in the paper, ads on the radio…obviously not working. How about actually exploiting the Devils tie-in, have some ex players make an appearance.

    If you want to be really bold, cater to the Flyer fan with an ex Flyer. Seemed to me they attempted to do that with the original PA announcer this year but that lasted about a week. Had they crafted a plan, they could’ve come up with something and gone down to the Spectrum last season and used it as a carrot to get some Phantoms fans to come up. Because really….Philly/AHL fans coming to see Devils/ECHL hockey? Not a big take rate there, honestly.

    My problem with Rick has been the same it’s always been…he often says the same things, says ‘we need to do blah blah blah’ and little seems to change on the ice. Although it’s hard to play physical when one of your most physical guys is 4 ft tall.

    The whole thing is just…depressing.

  25. tdevils Says:

    I still contend this is not Rick or Vinny’s fault. They play the hand they’ve been dealt. But they aren’t the dealer…

  26. tdevils Says:

    And as far as the Devils tie-ins go — which were, by the way, promised when the team was purchased — you can’t blame the arena on that one.

  27. chiarams Says:

    Per Mercer County’s website from May 2007:

    “We are proud of our whole organization and we can make that statement no better than putting our logo on the jersey,” Lamoriello said. “We have a total commitment to Trenton and we plan to stay here. Trenton’s fans are very passionate hockey fans and it’s going to be our goal to increase that.”

    “Lamoriello added that the Devils’ organization is looking into possible promotions such as autograph signings by New Jersey Devils players at Sovereign Bank Arena, holding Devils’ preseason games in Trenton, and other events.”


  28. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    We had one preseason game, and one Devils Alumni game, IIRC. Maybe 2 preseason games?

    I don’t remember ever having former or – God forbid – current players coming down the NJTP.

    I was excited about that stuff; seemed to me to be no brainers in growing the fanbase – one of the stated goals. They were clearly out of their market penetration area (IOW: Flyers country) but close enough that, oh, I dunno, an apperance by Ken Dayneko say, would still draw people. It’d also be something that, IMO, plain old hockey fans would be interested in. Now even had this been established practice it would be tough getting any current players down here this year with the condensed schedule – unless they were out for injury yet still able to get around.

    For God’s sake even sending down a NJ Devils jersey for auction once in awhile would show they remember we’re here.

    It wouldn’t shock me at ALL if the TV broadcast mentions of Trenton & Lowell were initiated by Doc. He’s just such a hockey nut and always has had an affinity for the minor leagues.

    I don’t know what happened, and I don’t really care, all I know is it hasn’t happened. The whys and wherefores don’t matter; certainly not to the empty seats. It’s true the attendance numbers have always gone in one direction since day one; but the decline has accelerated since the Devils bought in. I knew some Flyer fans weren’t coming back due to the name. Fine. They haven’t added near enough new people nor kept a lot of the folks who showed up initially.

  29. tdevils Says:

    Honestly, an appearance by Doc and/or Chico would be great as well. Bring them up, have them broadcast with Dan for a few minutes, etc.

    That idea took me…what? Two seconds to come up with? Come on…

  30. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    I would be so thrilled with either. And both have Flyer connections even. Met Chico at a book signing and he was great, talked and listened to everyone, asked about Trenton (this was early in the T-Devils existence) and was really great with kids. He was here as a coach during the alumni game.

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