Trenton Devils defenseman Justin Pender has been suspended for tomorrow night’s game against Johnstown.  Not sure if the team will be able to add anyone from Lowell, but I wouldn’t hold your breath there.

Also, plans to attend tomorrow’s morning skate…there was a bit of a mix-up there, so that won’t be happening until later this month.  I’ll check back with you guys before the game tomorrow night.  I’ll be on Trentonian duty, so no live blogging.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


7 Responses to “Sus-Pender”

  1. chiarams Says:

    What was he suspended for?

    Impersonating a professional hockey player?

    How will the Power Play survive without him?

  2. titans04 Says:

    Luckily Lowell needed yet another dman to sit and watch, 2 was not enough tonight. Always gotta have two working the nachos.

    02/03/2010 Andrew Thomas (D) Lowell ADD Signed to PTO

  3. Shtikl Says:

    Yeah, couldn’t find any mention in the Florida press or blogs about what he did to earn a suspension, not a bit like the AHL beat writers who complain about everything the Devils do. I’m almost afraid to ask what happened, he doesn’t seem to be kind to jump into a fight. Since the suspension is an automatic, it seems to be the ref’s call so probably he got the wrong guy as usual.

  4. Shtikl Says:

    As if there were nachos to work. The Rock was a dead zone last time, only one of the fried food stands was open.

    So the Lowly Dweebs stole Andy Thomas, the NJ-Dweebs have been running with 6 D-men since they sent Corrente down, possibly they’ll suck up another player or two after tonight’s game because the Big Debbies claim to have “the flu”.

    Don’t suppose ChrisLam actually lifted a finger to speed-dial a pair of live bodies for tonight’s big tilt against the Chiefs, eh?

  5. titans04 Says:

    We pay good money to be the Lamoriello’s power bottom. Shame on us, with any luck we can slip to last place in attendance to match the situation in Lowell.

    I know Kool aid crowd everything is going as planned.

  6. chiarams Says:

    Chris is too busy servicing pops to make sure his job is secure.

    At least during the Doug McKay era we could go and abuse the coach at the arena. If nothing else, that made the $19 ticket prices seem worth it.

  7. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Ah, McKay, there’s a memory. At least the folks in Lowell get to see a decent team. to this point, with some exceptions, we’ve been disappointed most nights. But hey it’s the Chiefs, so there’s always a good shot, and they did take care of Florida last time out.

    And if not there’s always the chance Neil Smith spills his coffee on himself.

    Y’know what rings in my head still? Way back at the STH preseason event Rick talked about picking up where they left off last year. We all thought he meant the second half turnaround and the exciting playoff series – turns out he must have meant it literally; as at the end they were completely out of gas and spent. If that’s what he meant, then he was spot on.

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