Win Chris Beckford-Tseu’s Stick

There’s a report out there that the Florida Everblades are set to lose goaltender Barry Brust to the Houston Aeros.  So that would mean that Chris Beckford-Tseu is likely to be between the pipes when Florida hosts Trenton on Friday and Saturday night.

Now, the last time Florida played Trenton, they were at the Sun National Bank Center.  After one of the games, a broken Beckford-Tseu stick was sitting in the trash can, waiting to be thrown away.  A few players were chatting outside the locker room, and I asked them if it was OK if I took it and gave it away, and they agreed.

So that’s how I have it.  And now, you can have it…if you, uhhh…want that sort of thing.

It’s a new-style Reebok goalie stick, and is badly broken in two places on the paddle.  It’s held together by the top layer, and cannot stand on its own…although I suppose you could reinforce it with some tape.

To win the stick, send me an e-mail to mashmore98 AT with the subject “Stick Giveaway” and predict how many combined saves Beckford-Tseu will make on Friday and Saturday against Trenton.  Closest to the actual number wins.  In the event multiple people get it right, I’ll do some sort of tiebreaker.


Do not post your answer in the comments!  E-mails only!

As an aside…uhhh, yes I get that this is a Trenton Devils blog.  And I’d love to do stuff like this with Trenton Devils stuff.  I’m honestly not sure what happens to the broken sticks and other stuff they don’t use anymore.  I’m hoping to check out a morning skate sometime next week, so maybe I’ll speak to Dan D’Uva first and then Rick Kowalsky and see if maybe we can set some sort of regular contests up.

10 Responses to “Win Chris Beckford-Tseu’s Stick”

  1. Mike M Says:

    Last year at the Devils Draft party in June, they sold used equipment from all 3 clubs: Sticks, Gloves, Jerseys, etc . They even had some Titans & River Rats stuff. I’m looking forward to the next one.

  2. tdevils Says:

    A lot of Trenton guys use leftover stuff from the NJ Devils; gloves and so on. I hope nobody walked away from that thing thinking they got legit Gionta or Langenbrunner gloves. Probably just game issued stuff that they never wore that was laying around. If you look closely at a lot of T-Devils photos, you can see various names stitched into the gloves.

  3. Shtikl Says:

    Aww, was hoping to see Brust take some more penalties. Beckford-Tseu will be a new experience for most of the T-Devils, hope they have a good book on him.

  4. tdevils Says:

    The stick was probably broken when he wrapped it around the post after finding out he wasn’t going to be playing in back-to-back games in Trenton…seems whatever team he’s on goes out of their way not to play him. They signed Ryan Mior, an IHL goalie, to play over him in Rochester.

  5. chiarams Says:

    CBT was a dreadful signing by Florida/Rochester – 2 years of horrifically bad goaltending.

    He’s an ECHL lifer.

  6. Shtikl Says:

    The kid’s not very popular in Rochester, I think he was 3-14-1 last season and not much better this year. Back in December, the starting goalie got hurt and one report says the crowd booed the backup goalie (guess who?) when he came on. Maybe there’s more of a story to the broken stick…

  7. Mike M Says:

    The legit stuff was sold in a separate corner than the average equipment. game jerseys as well. Honestly I didn’t bother with it because it was behind a table and you had to ask someone for pricing.

    However, on the other end they had piles of used stuff, including lightly used wood sticks $20, composite $50.

  8. chiarams Says:

    “The kid’s not very popular in Rochester”

    Putting it mildly.

    Mior’s signing pretty much sealed CBT’s fate there.

  9. tdevils Says:

    Well, they could have signed Jason Smith…

  10. MFH Says:


    Jersey boys coming to town
    Behind The Glass
    By Michael F. Hornung
    Posted January 27, 2010 2:34 PM
    That’s right The JERSEY Boys are coming to Southwest Florida, not the actors from The Broadway Show but the TRENTON Devils. The way the Devils have played this season, the actors in the musical might give the Blades a better fight. The Devils must be thrilled just to get out of Trenton, N.J., for a few days; they will get to spend almost a week in late January in Southwest Florida. This has to be the highlight of their schedule.
    The Blades have looked pretty good in 2010. Right now, the Blades are fifth in the American Conference with 50 points and winners of their last five games including the last two at home.
    TRENTON, on the other hand, is 11th out of 12 teams in the conference. The DEVILS have only 37 points. They are 4-4-1-1 over their last 10 games, but are actually playing some “decent” hockey of late for this bunch.
    Lets’ take a look at special teams, The Blades are 14th in the ECHL in PP at 16.3 while Trenton is 19th at 13.4. On the PK the Blades are second in the League at 85.1% and Trenton is eight at 82.6%.
    The edge in every hockey category at this time goes to the Blades. The Blades can afford to play physical hockey this series and should be all right killing the Devils’ inept PP.
    BARRY BRUST (9-2) has been stellar the last few games and was voted the GOALIE of the week in the ECHL. On the other hand the DEVILS goalie situation is horrible with two sieves, CARUSO and COLEMAN, between the pipes.
    Bottom line, BLADES should blow out TRENTON in two of the games. Trenton may keep one of the games to within 1-2 goals.
    There is no reason whatsoever that the Blades should not get six points in this series. Anything less would be a disappointment. I would anticipate Trenton to “try” to throw the body around tonight to intimidate the Blades. Don’t think it will work. Blades should be able to score 2-3 PP goals tonight and cruise in the third.
    Hopefully the Blades will be able to string another three games to their five-game winning streak before going back on the road.

    See Ya at The Barn,


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