Post-Game Audio

To be honest, I’m pretty exhausted and have to get up pretty early for a long day tomorrow as well…so here’s post-game audio from…

Dan Charleston (850kb)

Ryan Ginand (1.3 MB)

Rick Kowalsky (1.6 MB) (Updates on Caruso, Poli)

Talk amongst yourselves, kids.  And enjoy how the beat writer tries to recover after his first question in the Ginand audio…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


10 Responses to “Post-Game Audio”

  1. asfasf Says:

    WOW A WIN, more not to come

  2. Shtikl Says:

    C’mon, Mike, tell us how Coutu and Pender did. Good enough to get by without Stoesz?

  3. somersetdevsfan Says:

    Attended my first game this year. Glad to see that while it was not a large crowd there were more people than any game I attended last year.

    Coutu’s fight was more a wrestling match. Pender was tied up and never really got going- both would be rated draws.

    That said Johnstown was a bad team. Poor tendng and not much defense.
    I thought Coleman played great in the 2nd period, numerous close in shots faced.

  4. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Currently, last night rates as a large crowd. Coutu is willing but not terribly able. Pender… comment.

    J-Town is definitely bad, but it was nice to get some goals up there regardless of opponent.

  5. BigDevsFan Says:

    What is up with Pender? does he suck that bad or is he hurt? What is the line on him?

  6. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    I haven’t seen anything good most of the year. Another big guy that plays small in the Jay Pemberton mode. Luckily for him Tomko is worse.

  7. soclose Says:

    Any word on Stoesz and Nagy. I know you are not a fan of Nagy but wondered if you’ve heard when these guys could be coming back to Trenton?

  8. tdevils Says:

    Ha. They come back when Chris Lamoriello determines they’re needed. With the way information travels in Trenton, I could be at the arena for hours and not know one of them showed up…so you guys will probably know before I do.

  9. Shtikl Says:

    Could be on the bus already, but not likely. Sunday 1/24, Lowell’s scratches were Castonguay, Cohen, Flynn, and Murray, that’s 1F and 3D. Could maybe look to get Murray back, but don’t bet on it. In case Newark returns Davis or Palmieri, there could be one or two more spare forwards soon. But there’s no roster limit in the AHL and no restrictions on IR slots. So Lowell could keep everybody they have now for the rest of the season. Not what you want to hear, I know. Sorry.

  10. Section 106, Row F Says:

    I…er……uh….hope it doesn’t feed Kowalsky’s ego too much. This was a good example of how an animated coach can inspire a team. We need to see more of this….

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