A Few Notes…

Jeff Prough struggled during the ECHL’s All-Star Game Skills Competition. His 1-for-6 showing in the Accuracy Shooting competition was the worst of the six participants, and he couldn’t score on Idaho’s Richard Bachman in the Breakaway Relay contest.

Also, a Trenton Devils goalie has received some ink in the New York Daily News of all places…but it’s not who you’d think.  Check out this link for a story on emergency backup goalie Anthony Felice.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


11 Responses to “A Few Notes…”

  1. hockeyman Says:

    he sucked in the skills competition, just so awful. no wonder you only have 1 guy in the All-Star game. i bet he will get no points tonight. devils are just so awful. ha what happened monday?

  2. Shtikl Says:

    Did you watch? Prough shrugged it off, he’s quite a trouper. Had a lot of practice dealing with adversity lately. Wish there were something the fans could do to cheer him up. But the team has to do it alone, eh?

  3. titans04 Says:

    Doug McKay checking back in under a different name.

  4. Gardien Says:

    The story about Anthony Felice gave me a friggin’ headache. ‘Permanent reserve role’, eh? Guess it helps when CL is your old buddy, regardless of how far away the guy lives, or the level of his skill.

  5. Shtikl Says:

    Link to free B2 video for tonight’s ECHL All-Star game:


    Grr, you have to sign in.

  6. chiarams Says:

    And yet it’s not on the NHL Network.

    Lots of empty seats considering Ontario is one of the ECHL’s premier franchises.

  7. Shtikl Says:

    Ah, it’s on NESN tomorrow at 3:30 PM. Little did I know, I didn’t have to watch it live tonight. 😉

    Say, nobody’s bid on Jeffy’s sweater yet:


  8. chiarams Says:

    The jerseys are sharp. Not that I want one, but they’re not as god-awful ugly as some of those in the past.

  9. Shtikl Says:

    Mike, I hope you’re going to interview Prough about his trip. A goal and an assist — the goal making it “Crazy 8’s” — and maybe he got himself noticed by the powers-that-be.

    I like the orange sweaters better than the white ones, but the sweater to get is the one with the T-Devils logo on the orange background, the one that really clashes. 🙂

  10. tdevils Says:

    I will try to talk to Jeff after tomorrow night’s game. He can be difficult to track down, as he’s often working out for a long time after the game…he actually used to do it just outside the locker room on a mat, which was always awkward when you had to walk around him to go in the room, but I guess he does it inside now.

  11. Shtikl Says:

    It should be worth the extra effort, but he’ll be jet-lagged tonight. Ask him about how he got robbed mid-way in the 2nd. Fun game to watch, a lot more like real hockey than the AHL game where everybody was showboating. A penalty for each side, overtime and a shootout.

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