Rick Kowalsky Post-Game AUDIO

Click here to download and listen to Trenton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky’s post-game chat with…uhhh, me after tonight’s game.  Criticize these guys all you want, but you can’t say they don’t care…so you may need to turn the volume up a bit, as Kowalsky sounded like someone had shot his dog after the game.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


25 Responses to “Rick Kowalsky Post-Game AUDIO”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    And the Genre comes across as “Blues”. Shot his dog, indeed. He needs a day off, can’t stare Death in the face every day. And this team needs a veteran leader to shoulder the yoke, the kids have stopped making sense.

  2. chiarams Says:

    Once Kowalsky’s given up, what’s the point?

    So what if they care a lot – they’re just not a very good team – no spin or sales pitch can tell you otherwise. Bad defense leads to bad goaltending, and zero offense leads to losing against any team that isn’t from western PA.

  3. Shtikl Says:

    And of course Killer will be taking the blame for everything, when he’s just the middleman. Shame is, the people who really should be apologizing to us for this fiasco hide behind the front office doors.

  4. Philly Devil Says:

    NEW JERSEY DEVILS: 3 CUPS, BEST RUN HOCKEY TEAM NEXT TO THE RED WINGS SINCE 1993. Been around technially since 1982 and worked form the basement UP. THE MODEL OF CONSISTENCY! Not too bad.

    The Rangers can’t put a team together because they always want to sign “glitz and Glamour” instead of building aTEAM.

    The Flyers have not won ANYTHING since 1975 and continue to still want to play 70’s style hockey. Also, they have never developed a “good” goalie since that dead drunk driver who does not deserve to have his name echoed. Piss on him and his grave. Wow, the AHL Phantoms have really made a difference to the Flyers championship winning.

    The Isles have bneen mismanaged for decades, but NOW have some nice young forwards with a cripple in net (what’s that 11 years left on his contract) and not even one young D man to speak highly of.

    The Trenton Devils first and foremost are to acclomate players into the Devils system. The Devils graduated very good young players to Lowell.
    Mission accomplished. The t Devs played their heart’s out last year and had a very good roster. Still…did the fans get behind them? NO! SO we get into the playoffs after a horrible injury riddled start and nothing from the fans. SCREW YOU and Scott Bartoli.

    So let’s see…who has a better run team franchise?? Co’mon wax ecstatic for me about how great the Rangers build a team and bring along young talent. If not for a bunch of old (great) Edmonton Oilers the Rangers would still be hearing about 1940. The NYR have to carpetbag other teams’ players because..this just in, THEIR SYSTEM AND BUILDING A TEAM CONCEPT SUCKS!

    Then again, let’s talk about fan support. All of these comments from a bunch of pathetic LOSERS who refuse to chant “Let’s Go Devils” or whatever.

    South New Jersey is DEVILS country. Funny how educated TRUTH always wins out.

  5. titans04 Says:

    Your delussional that South Jersey is Devils country. Explain why attendance is down since the Devils took over? As most have said here they couldn’t careless about what happens in Newark.

    Better yet explain what effort they’ve made to grow the market or even stop the bleeding? Come on Al step away from Lou’s balls for a second and talk facts about what they’ve done in Trenton.

  6. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    South Jersey is Flyers country, period. That’s why I hate the Flyers much more than the Rangers, because they’re always in my face.

    But Al makes a very real point here, the purpose of Trenton is to advance players up the ladder to Lowell. And they’ve done a good job with that especially with the grads this year.

    This, however, is different than the purpose of winning hockey games, or fueling up the zamboni, or cleaning the ice after a monster truck show, or trying to put more people in the seats, or having a competent PA announcer – none of which seems to matter.

    One thing Al – the Devils success in the NHL doesn’t really matter to folks spending money in Trenton or Lowell. They mostly care about winning games. Unless your in Toronto, if the club doesn’t make a push to win games, people tend not to show up.

  7. TrentonHockeyFan Says:

    I’m not sure who Scott Bartoli is Philly Devil, but Scott BERTOLI was a hell of a player, and none of these current guys come close to filling his shoes and that’s a shame.

  8. titans04 Says:

    Said it many times the success they’ve had in the NHL has been great but like TDF says it matters very little in Trenton. The money we spend year after year is to go see the team that plays in Trenton. If we wanted tickets to the NHL games there are plenty available and we would do so.

  9. Shtikl Says:

    If the local fans don’t matter at least as much as the development program, then the Devils should hold all their AHL and ECHL affiliates’ games in private, not-open-to-the-public games at the AmeriHealth Pavilion.

    If they want fan support, let them act like they give a$#!+ for a change!

  10. notimportant Says:

    wow devils got swept this weekend, ai yai yai fire Kowalsky, he isnt helping you idiots. you really suck and you will never make playoffs

  11. titans04 Says:

    Hey douche who was the last coach of the year in the league?

  12. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Well, it really doesn’t seem to be about the fan support. Otherwise the FO would be given more leeway to spend some money. It’s not about being “boring” or “having no personality” either as some suggest…it’s simply about developing kids to play at the next level. That means they play. And, they make mistakes. One veteran guy with some chops would really help, I totally agree with that. Not even with the hockey stuff, but the off-ice stuff and learning how to be a pro. These kids are learning that too. They’re here to learn the system and those that earn it, move up and play a familiar system. From a hockey standpoint it makes perfect sense.

    It’d sure be nice if they did more to actually get people in the building; it’s another example of the (NJ) Devils’ winning on ice ways not translating to off ice excellence.

    Speaking of off ice; has anyone at the newly christened Sun Center noticed the sign outside still doesn’t work?

  13. titans04 Says:

    I agree with the exception of the personality comment, from the haircut and shaving requirement to the color of their sticks everything about the players is controlled by the org. To me that’s way over the top and basically ensures that their one personality is the one they’re given from above and everybody gets it.

    The exception Cormier who is more of a loose canon and where has that got him the last two seasons? He’s “in Lowell” but not at any of team function sans the first one after veing banished from Trenton. He’s not even listed on the game night programs nor listed as a healthy scratch – that’ll teach him. Luckily he has a brother named Patrice.

    I’m not defending his hockey skills but explain how a guy they gave a two year deal to in the off season is nowhere to be found.

  14. notimportant Says:

    who cares Kowalsky sucks this season idiot. better coaches are out there right now. how about all those teams in 1st place in their division. devils suck ok. there is only 1 major devils team that people give a crap about and that’s the NHL team. i see you play tomorrow, i bet you are gonna loose again because you suck so bad

  15. tdevils Says:

    First off, I love the fact that the comments have finally taken off here…granted, it’s taken a season and a half, but so be it.

    This is not Rick Kowalsky’s fault. At some point, I’ll break out the quotes I got from John MacLean in Newark…but I remember asking him if he and Rick were in contact about the guys on the Trenton roster, and he said not really…he stayed more in contact with Chris Lamoriello instead.

    All minor league decisions seem to go through Chris. I thought that to begin with, but that only further cemented that line of thinking for me. So I don’t understand why people are blaming Rick.

    Saying South Jersey is Devils country is laughable…if that were true, PEOPLE WOULD ACTUALLY SHOW UP TO THE GAMES. It is Flyers country. Are there Devils fans in South Jersey? Absolutely. But to say it’s definitively Devils country? No.

    And as far as the sign outside of the arena not working…on its own, that’s ultimately not a big deal. But is it indicative of a much larger issue given everything else that’s been plaguing the franchise? Absolutely.

  16. Mike M Says:

    Good to see others throwing reality into this conversation.

    The only team that comes close to claim country in New Jersey is the Yankees & even then its fragmented. (Although the sudden number of Giants fans claiming to now bleed Jets green is PATHETIC IMO)

    I’ve been a Devils fan for over 20 years & its just reality that the other 2 fan bases are going to be around in equal or greater #s depending on what side on 195 you live on. No reason to take it personally, or get into juvenile arguments over it. Every fan base has its share of idiot fans & I choose not to engage them because its clear that’s all they appear to live for.

    I think Minor Leagues more than anything require a ton of gimmicks & marketing to attract the casual fan and family, because at that level you’re competing with movies theaters, restaurants, ETC. Teams like the Blue Claws & Thunder do an EXCELLENT job promoting themselves while being developmental and not necessary winning (yeah, I know the Blue Claws won the title this year, but a whole lot of people at those games couldn’t name a single player and they’re well attended).

    I don’t know if or when the Devils are ever going to get this. Plenty of fans continue to be frustrated with how the NHL team markets itself off ice. Just existing in not enough & while winning helps, it certainly isn’t all you need. I would say they’ve improved there since the Pru Center opened, but they could do whole lot better. Take the Lowell game the other week, they just sent out a email the day of, how about trying to sell it since it was announced over the summer?

  17. Gardien Says:

    I just can’t understand why the attenance issues have become an ‘NHL team loyalty’ argument. Aren’t we HOCKEY FANS? I tell people all the time that I’m a hockey fan FIRST, then a Flyers fan. I also tell them that I go to more Devils and Rangers games because it’s a fun trip on NJT. I have a friend playing in Philly, but I haven’t been to many games there this year. I guess what I’m trying to say is, come watch the games for the pure enjoyment of of the sport. Hockey players are arguably the toughest, most athletic….uh….athletes on the planet. Isn’t that reason enough to be a fan?

    I also happen to be a lifelong resident of the Trenton area. So, come Hell or high water, I’m going to support MY Trenton teams. I go to Thunder games, though I’m not a Yanks fan. I could care less who the hockey team is affliated with. I just consider myself really lucky that there’s PRO HOCKEY in my town, and that I don’t need to drive a four hour round trip to get my fill.

    So, if you’re a HOCKEY FAN, then I’ll see you at the arena(cheering and supporting, I hope).

  18. chiarams Says:

    Unfortunately, Lou & Co. either underestimated (or simply didn’t give a crap about) the impact that the change from a unique identity to the Devils brand. Sure the Titans were a bleeding fanbase, but I would bet the farm that had they not rebranded, the attendance would be higher, even though the product on the ice would still be a soft, undersized, defensively challenged, offensively inept club.

    While I will never understand why Flyers/Rangers fans in Central Jersey won’t support a AA Devils team, those folks have spoken with their wallets and won’t come to the arena, unless of course there’s a jersey retirement.

    Some would have you believe this isn’t a problem and that all is well – I don’t understand that mentality and wonder how anyone that’s attended a game at the SBA/SNuB Center in the last two-three years could think all is well.

    I’ve supported Trenton hockey for the 9 years I’ve lived in the Delaware Valley, but this season I can’t bring myself to make the drive north to games. I simply won’t spend my money to watch Lou & Co. ice a group of players that isn’t a team, but just a holding place for three or four guys to get called up to Lowell, supported by the cheapest guys they can find to impersonate minor league hockey players.

    $140 (plus free parking) a season for top level D-I hockey at Princeton, or $500 (plus $180 parking) a season for bottom of the barrel garbage hockey?

    Yeah – tough choice. Wake me up when Lou & Co. have completely torched the Trenton market and someone who gives a crap comes in.

    Until then, I’ll “support” the team on paper, but I’ll be damned if I’m putting one red cent into Lou’s pocket.

  19. tdevils Says:

    I think the level of support is what’s in question as well. I am a hockey fan, no doubt…I’ve seen games in 16 different NHL arenas, a handful of different AHL, ECHL, EPHL, NCAA and USHL arenas and so on. There are teams I like and teams I don’t.

    While — and people can choose to believe this or not — the fact that I’m a Rangers fan has zero effect on how I do my job and that I’d actually enjoy ripping them to some extent for the ridiculous prices they charge at Madison Square Garden…I personally wouldn’t wear anything with a Devils logo on it. But I’d wear a Titans jersey.

    Granted the Devils/Titans switch doesn’t explain how attendance has gone down every year…I still believe that’s more the novelty having worn off than it is anything else, but I think that they didn’t understand the market they were in and didn’t think it would have the effect that it did.

    Also, someone mentioned the gimmicky stuff, and that’s a great point. I’ll go see a team if they’re wearing a special jersey. I’ll go if there’s a stupid promotion. I’ll go if some local celebrity or someone from the parent club is there signing autographs. You don’t have that option in Trenton.

  20. Section 106, Row F Says:

    Attendance has shot the T-Devils in the foot because they cannot figure out the formula to win games. Win a game, and more seats sell…get a streak going, and watch what happens! (if….IF a streak can happen).

    The team is a collection of individual talent. In “previous season specs”, they’re all pretty impressive. But putting 2 puck hogs on the same line doesn’t work, and the defense hasn’t been able to gel.

    Offensively, these players just don’t drive the net. Successes come when they pop 40+ shots per game. But this team has become far too complacent laying out on the boards. Taking shots has become far too infrequent and the score keepers know it. Digging for the puck is at an all time low since hockey hit Trenton. This is a direct reflection of the players morale.

    Defense is horrible. Again, individually, they play ok…and historical reference doesn’t tell the story. but put Thomas and Tomko on the ice together, and they fall all over each other. Thomas looks like a frustrated forward that got dropped into a D line for not taking enough shots. Tomko was SUPPOSED to be a heavy hitter…but it looks like he had fruit loops instead of wheaties for breakfast. Drop the “disciplined play and throw down a few gloves to get the hockey fans that do show up excited about the game.

    All of this really does boil down to coaching. Rick and Vince should have enough insight to match decent lines this far into the season. Sure, you see them experimenting, but when they DO find a line that works, they separate them to see if the individual players can spread the inspiration around. Find what works and exploit it.

    But wait, there’s more……

    As a final thought, marketing hasn’t done it’s job. When ticket sales are this low, promotions draw crowds. Drop a dime or three on some advertising with local radio stations and papers. Give all entrants a couple of game pucks, hats or t-shirts. Heck, bring back the t-shirt cannon and reach the places where people sit with what they DO give away.

    Want to boost morale? Want to sell some tickets? Try some new ideas!

  21. Titans04 Says:

    Well said but the genious in Lowell at the direction of daddy has told Trenton to cut every possible expense not associated directly to the players. That’s all they care about like somebody said yesterday and is also a Lowell sth they should play the games at the practice rink in Newark, they might as well be private.

    Even the dunkin donuts stand isn’t even open anymore during the hockey games. Probably the busiest concession of the all now what are we going to do to stay awake?

  22. Shtikl Says:


  23. chiarams Says:

    Not even sure winning hockey would bring the crowds out.

    They played great hockey the 2nd half of last season and aside from Bertoli night and the last game of the season (3,000 STH redeeming their unused tickets), they still drew pretty poorly.

  24. Shtikl Says:

    Oh, I meant shots as in Jello Shots, and did a dope-slap as I hit the post button. At least the Jello Shots would numb everybody’s pain a little.

  25. Section 106, Row F Says:

    04, good point…

    and to counter that…

    the unsold items at the team concessions are already paid for….

    and they aren’t making any money for anyone….

    so would the team really spend anything if they gave some away to draw better attendance?

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