Post-Game Quotes


“(Ginand) came in close and made two or three nice little moves there.  The puck stayed under me and that’s pretty much it.”

“It wasn’t in.  It wasn’t over the line.  I don’t even think it was on the line.”

“It was a little bit slow for me.  That first period, there really wasn’t much action.  We did a great job.  The second period, they came at us and they attacked us.  They responded well to us scoring a goal.  It was a weird game overall.  There really wasn’t that much work, and it seemed like when there was, there were some pretty decent chances.”

“Sometimes it’s easier (to play on the road) than at home.  You don’t have much to do.  A different bed every night gets tough, but it’s not that tough.  It’s probably the volume of the games that makes things tough.  I’m lucky, I haven’t been on the full road trip, so I might be fresher than some of the boys, but the boys have done a good job of battling hard and fighting through that sluggishness.”


“We played a pretty good hockey game tonight.  They have a skilled team, a veteran team.  We talked about not turning the puck over and forcing pucks.  I thought they came out pretty good, obviously the power plays contribute to that.  We got into a little bit of penalty trouble early.  After the second half of the first period, I thought we settled down and I thought we kept it simple.  We established a forecheck and got some pressure early on, late in the first.  I thought we were good through the game.  If I had one thing to critique, it would be from the ten minute mark on, we let up a little bit on our forecheck.  It wasn’t overly bad.  We had some chances.  But it was a good hockey game.  I thought both teams played well and it was good defensively.  We get tired at the end of a shift and we turn the puck over, and I think it was Morrison who made a nice play to Baker…it was a goal scorer’s goal.  He fans on it and I think Colesy was getting set for a hard shot from a guy like that, and it found its way in.  I have no issues with the way the guys played.  I thought it was a good game against a good team.”

“We really restructured (the power play).  I changed the way we set up.  We worked on it on Thursday.  Obviously the personnel and the combinations have changed and we really snapped it around well tonight.  They’ve got some guys who can block some shots, but we got some chances.  I liked the way we moved it around with some urgency.  I think it looked better than it has.  I’d like to see some more shots from up top though, those guys have to get the puck to the net a little more.  But overall, I was happy with the way we moved it around once we got setup.”

“If (Brust) had it on his pad, it was the only thing…it was right on the line.  You see it in the video, his whole body goes into the net.  I didn’t see him lift his pad after.  I don’t know.  I don’t know how the refs stands there and sees that whole thing go into the net and he kept sliding, sliding, sliding.  It’s not like he squeezed it well outside the net as he was backing up…as he was backing up, he squeezes that top leg if you will.  Maybe it is on the goal line, I don’t know.  He asked the linesman…what’s he going to say from the blue line?  We’ve got to live with the results again.  We would have loved two points tonight, but we’ve got to stay positive, keep our heads up and come out just as good, if not better.”

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7 Responses to “Post-Game Quotes”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Sorry but the fact that Rick seems so content with the results is disturbing. They again didn’t play a full 60 minutes and how about that FL has a handful of talented veteran guys that come up big, what a novel idea. Clearly it’s not about winning games here but more about teaching the system and being happy with the results as long as they play well for the majority of the game. I like Rick but if he thinks that’s good enough for the majority of very few people that still show up I think he’s sadly mistaken.

    Mike ask him how leaving the ice on the short end 26 times vs 13 wins is acceptable, as a player he would not have said anything other than it sucks. The koolaid has taken everything that made him a great player at this level and turned him into the Iraqi information minister.

  2. JB Says:

    Titans04, I’m sure Rick still has the “fire” that he had as a player. But he also wants to keep his job. And the Devils order their coaches (and players) to focus on the system and be automatons who play their specific role in that system. If Rick went Glengarry Glen Ross on the team, overturned the post game spread and started dropping f-bombs every fifth word, he’d be shopping his resume the next day. The Devils don’t want their people showing emotion like that and caring about something other than their precious system.

    I’m sure the losing of the last four years kills Rick and Vince inside. But they also want to pay their mortgages and put food on their families’ tables. And last I checked, I don’t see any other ECHL, let alone AHL, teams knocking on their door to sign them. Even after last year’s successes, they couldn’t get another gig.

  3. notimportant Says:

    WOW U LOST IN A SHOOTOUT, hahaha ur gonna loose tonight to, DEVILS SUCK

  4. tdevils Says:


  5. Off-Ice21 Says:

    notimportant, Thanks for adding intelligent hockey comments. You have problems if all you do is diss this team over the internet. Get a life dummy.

  6. tdevils Says:

    More or less what I said, but much more intelligently. Yes, if you can’t at least be constructive, take it elsewhere. I can easily block IP’s.

  7. Shtikl Says:

    Wow, and here all along I thought it was just Killer giving us some true post-game comments!

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