Breaking Down The Breakdown

— Stay tuned for audio and/or quotes from Everblades goaltender Barry Brust and Trenton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky.  I also have video of all the shootout attempts, including Ryan Ginand’s controversial final round effort.  I took a ton of Everblades photos tonight, so look for those as well.

— According to one player I spoke to after the game, the ice was actually worse tonight than it was on Wednesday.  He told me that while it looked better, it was much softer.  Softer ice = not good for skating. 

— Apparently, the zamboni flat ran out of gas during the second intermission, hence why it needed to be pushed off the ice.  It also led to some spotty ice conditions at the start of the third.  It was a very interesting scene to see the T-Devils go to head out onto the ice for the third period and Gerald Coleman stop dead in his tracks because the zamboni was still out there and ice was still wet.

— To be honest, I thought the Devils played pretty well.  I don’t understand why this team always comes out so flat for the first 5-15 minutes of the game, but it is what it is…can anyone tell me the last time this team scored first at home?  But outside of that rough stretch — and the Devils got their first goal during a period in time in which I didn’t think they deserved it — they played well.

— There was a significantly different look to the power play tonight.  I think they abandoned it late for whatever reason, but it was very aggressive and looked a lot like what Florida was doing…with all that movement and crisp, creative passing, you were left wondering when they were going to score, not if they were going to.

— Questionable officiating tonight.  Not a shocker there.  Not a crew I was familiar with, either.

— Nothing can be reviewed in the ECHL, far as I know.  That includes shootouts.  Having watched my own video of Ginand’s attempt, there’s nothing that definitively shows me that puck went in.  Brust himself, and you’ll see what he said later, definitively told me it wasn’t close. 

— I got a lot of visits from Everblades fans today as a result of my podcast, and I appreciated that.  Stay tuned to this blog long enough, and I’ll have a very neat giveaway for you guys that I stumbled across on my way out of the arena…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


3 Responses to “Breaking Down The Breakdown”

  1. titans04 Says:

    As much as I try to talk myself into setting the bar at hoping to be entertained, just doesn’t work for me it’s about wins and loses. I thought they did move the puck around on the pp better but at times it looks like the 4 corners in basketball just pissing away time looking for the perfect play. They have nobody up top that looks for a shot and when they do it rarely ever gets through, that alone is a major handicap. I thought Kunes and Tomko did more harm than good on the pp again tonight.

    Funny how all the other teams have guys that make the shootout look easy while we can’t buy one with only Kunes prayer being answered tonight.

    Glad Eves is back.

  2. titans04 Says:

    Maybe somebody should drop the gloves in the first minute of the game to wake everybody else up. Eh, nevermind we don’t have anybody to send that message.

  3. chiarams Says:

    To answer your question Mike – 12/4/09 – against Reading – in their last 9 home games, the visiting club has scored first. Of course they lost that game 5-4, so does it really matter?

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