Game 38: Post-Game Notes

— First and foremost, let’s talk about the ice situation tonight, shall we? 

“In warmups, we didn’t know if we were going to play, to be honest,” said Chris Poli. 

“As you could see, there was some dirt impacted.  We got home early Sunday morning, and there was still dirt from the monster trucks, and we were thinking ‘how the hell are we going to have a game?’  But they did a good job.  It was a little soft, but to be honest, it played pretty true.  The reality is, it was the same for both teams.”

It was an embarrassing situation all across the board.  And it couldn’t have happened on much worse of a night.  Quite a few of the Devils higher-ups were in attendance, and according to some people I spoke to at the arena, there were quite a few people extremely unhappy with the situation. 

Not only was the safety of the players an issue — Rick Kowalsky commented after the game that many players were simply falling for no reason in the first period — but the fans were literally left in the cold for as much as 20 minutes while the arena crew was cleaning the dirty seats.  The ice surface itself was dirty looking and was an embarrassment to the fans who paid to see a game played on it.  In walking around the concourse, one angry fan expressed his displeasure and his intention to write both Lou Lamoriello and Jeff Vanderbeek.  I’m sure he’s not alone, and it’s hard to blame him.

— Secondly, Chris Zarb should be suspended for his role in the post-goal brawl in the third period.  As soon as things started to escalate when Trevor Kell and John Murray got into it, Zarb opened the door to the penalty box and came charging into the fray.  I highly doubt that’s allowed.  And if is, it shouldn’t be.

— Moving on…outside of a mindbendingly horrendous first period for both clubs, that was a good win for the Trenton Devils.  Granted, it was against the worst team in the league, but two points are two points.  The power play was still atrocious, and that’s something that Kowalsky addressed after the game.

“At times, with our puck management, we just seem to be fighting it,” Kowalsky said.

“A lot of guys…Tim Kunes mishandled the puck a lot tonight, Tomko made some bad decisions.  We actually took some guys off tonight.  It’s going to come down to who’s working and who’s getting it done.  Guys have trouble understanding that when it’s not going your way, you just have to keep it simple…move it around the perimeter and shoot, get it to the net.  Even the one we scored, Trevor Kell attacked from the goal line with not much of a play.  Tony Zancanaro crashes and knocks it out of the air.  There’s no pictures on the box score.  It’s a power play goal.  It’s simple.”

That’s a great line by Kowalsky, by the way: “There’s no pictures on the box score.” 

— Neil Smith’s coaching debut was a story right up until 4 o’clock, when the focus shifted to the ice surface issues. 

“I think Jason Spence had a lot to do there,” Kowalsky said.

“It’s tough, I think, to come in as a coach and all of a sudden change everything.  I saw him patting a lot of guys on the back and talking to a lot of guys over there.  So I’m sure he was more trying to instill some confidence in guys.  They worked hard tonight, they really did.  But we didn’t really see too many adjustments systems-wise as a coaching staff.”

Poli had similar thoughts.

“I just listen to what Rick says, he’s supposed to pick up on that stuff,” said Poli with a smile.

“They had the same players, it seemed to me.  Systems wise?  No, I didn’t really pick up on anything.”

— There were some Devils front office members in the locker room after the game, including Grant Marshall.

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13 Responses to “Game 38: Post-Game Notes”

  1. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Wonder if any of the front office types had any comments on the horrible PA announcer or way-way too loud music….At least the players came through in front of the brass.

    Murray is a tool also; that last goal was instant karma. During the scrum Coleman was at our blue line waiting for Murray; I would’ve loved to have seen that.

  2. titans04 Says:

    The fact that any of this caught anybody off guard in front office is absurd. The trucks and ice racing tear up the ice, the trucks leave our end of the lower bowl filthy. Um why would it take until 6:20 to clean off the seats which were still done half assed at best. They wiped the seating surface off but the back of the seat in front was filthy, same deal as last time, seriously is it that difficult? More likely a case of nobody cares enough to make enough noise to the arena manager to ensure they at least can clean the place up. Pull the STH database and make sure at least those are done – how long could that possibly take?

    Guess we should have gotten a penalty because the rookie behind the mic announced Howse was in the starting line-up and I believe he even said Howse was wearing # 20.

    Nice to see Rick call out Kunes he was beyond dreadful again on the PP.

  3. Shtikl Says:

    Great quote by Kowalsky. Thanks! Too bad B2 doesn’t do highlight clips.

  4. JohhnyR Says:

    That fight after the goal….could’ve called 3rd man in penalty on Shultz as the Chiefs literally ganged up on Kell….Murray kicking like that…back of the legs no pads…..he should’ve been run off the ice ! Unsportsmanlike conduct ?? for starters…..
    nice to see the T-Devils get the W…

  5. JW Says:

    Who else from the Devils front office was there?

  6. notimportant Says:


  7. titans04 Says:

    Elementary schools closed in Reading today?

  8. notimportant Says:

    really your fan base closed years ago so suck it

  9. notimportant Says:

    also who said i liked reading or any team in the american conference answer me that moron

  10. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    Kelly Cups Won
    Trenton: 1
    Reading: 0

    Number of Sheep touched in their nono spots
    Trenton: 0
    Reading: Too many to count

    And good luck catching up? We are 10 points out of first….4 out of second…

  11. notimportant Says:

    hey loser im not a reading fan jeez. so those stupid things dont bother me, jeez im actually a stingrays fan SO SUCK IT HARDER. i meant in the conference jackass

  12. titans04 Says:

    some life you’ve got going trolling another teams board, brilliant.

  13. notimportant Says:

    only the sucky ones like the devils

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