Game 38: Live Updates


6:45 PM — It’s John Murray vs. Gerald Coleman in goal.  Stay tuned to this thread for updates during the game…

7:05 PM — Just got the list of who’s playing, etc.  Carter Lee, who would be wearing #33, is not on said list.  Jon Howse is out, Dan Eves is still hurt, etc.  Nine forwards, seven D.  Fantastic.  Johnstown’s sheet is signed by Jason Spence, not Neil Smith.


First Period:

18:55 left — Russ Sinkewich is in the box for Johnstown, Trenton gets an early power play after a great first shift…

16:49 left — The power play was pretty tough to watch, as usual…the best chance came just after it expired, when Kyle Kucharski tipped a soft Jeff Prough wrister on net.

16:14 left — Sinkewich back in the box.  He feels shame.  Good impression to make on the new coach, no doubt.

11:52 left — Very, very sloppy game.  Two not so good teams that aren’t being helped by the conditions.  Lots of guys falling in that troublesome end of the ice I was telling you about.  I also noticed one ref keeps cleaning one of his skate blades off as well.  I’ll have to ask how bad it really was after the game.

9:12 left — The Chiefs get their first man advantage of the game when Ryan Ginand heads to the box…

7:12 left — Dan Collins and Justin Coutu take coincidental minors…we’ll be 4-on-4 for a bit here.  Or not.  Took them forever to figure it out…but it’s 5-on-5.

5:18 left — Jim McKenzie’s in the box for the Chiefs, giving Trenton their third power play of the period…

4:58 left — Connor Shields with a hook…and Trenton’s on a lengthy 5-on-3. 

3:32 left — After a terrible first minute or so to the 5-on-3, they got a few nice chances…but couldn’t get the puck past Murray. 

2:50 left — Don’t know how, but Murray absolutely robbed Slavomir Tomko on the doorstep.  And Coleman answers back with a gem of his own.

1:15 left — Justin Pender just limped off after getting nailed in the lower leg with a slapshot…he went straight to the dressing room.

50.1 left — And the Chiefs score.  Tomas Klempa gets the tally.  That’s his first ECHL goal.  1-0, Chiefs.

1-0, Johnstown, after one.  Scoreboard totals have the shots at 10-7, Chiefs.


Second Period:

18:51 left — Trevor Kell with a slash…Chiefs on the PP.

17:59 left — Dave Leaderer makes it a 5-on-3 for Johnstown…

14:45 left — The refs miss an obvious high stick to the face of Jeff Prough…

14:07 left — Kunes and Wilson in the box…two minute 5-on-3 for the Chiefs.

13:05 left — Nice save by Coleman on Bryan Marshall…Marshall was in all alone and Coleman snared the shot with his glove.

10:29 left — Pretty play by Kyle Kucharski to tie the game at one.  On a 2-on-1 with Matt Vokes, Kucharski appeared to fake a shot to get the defenseman to go down…he then waited for the lane to clear and found Vokes for the easy tap-in past the outstretched Murray.  1-1.

8:48 left — Jim McKenzie’s in the box for Johnstown…Justin Pender is back, by the way.

6:32 left — One tough to watch power play over, another one begins…David Schulz is in for a slash.

5:21 left — Trenton gets called for too many men…that was close, it seemed the puck was played when the “extra” man was in the vicinity of the bench, but the call’s been made.  Good thing, too…Trenton’s D-men played a little catch for a while and then a soft wrist shot didn’t even make it to the net.  The power play is still way, way too passive.

4:34 left — Chris Poli scores 4-on-4 to give the Devils a 2-1 lead.  Andy Thomas found a streaking Poli, who skated into the slot and shot the puck around the defensemen and through John Murray’s legs…Murray seemed to challenge a little too early on the play, and he got beat as a result.  2-1, Trenton.

1:48 left — The Chiefs give Trenton yet another chance with the man advantage, this time it’s Michael Couch heading to the penalty box.

Devils lead, 2-1, after two.  Scoreboard lists the shots as 19-14, Chiefs.

Third Period:

14:43 left — It was a relatively uneventful first five minutes to the final frame of this one…but Chris Poli’s in the box for Trenton.  Both teams are a combined 0 for 13 on the power play.  Wake me up after two minutes…

11:32 left — Schulz is in the box again after unnecessarily taking Jeff Prough down after he snapped off two shots on Murray.  PP #8 for Trenton.

9:42 left — Johnstown’s penalty box parade continues…Chris Zarb goes in for two minutes.  An 11 second 5-on-3 will ensue for Trenton.

8:11 left — Well, this one got fun.  Somehow, the puck banked into the net for Trenton…a scrum erupted afterwards, and after David Schulz pushed Trevor Kell into John Murray and Murray tried to trip Kell, Kell punched Murray in the mask, which led to a full-scale mess.  Gerald Coleman made it out to the blue line of his own zone before staying put.  HOWEVER, THE ECHL MAY WANT TO TAKE NOTE OF CHRIS ZARB LEAVING THE PENALTY BOX TO JOIN THE FRAY.  THAT HAS TO BE A SUSPENSION.  3-1, Devils.  They have, of course, showed the replay of this 20 times by now.  Still couldn’t tell you how the puck went in…lengthy delay to sort this out, by the way.

Seeing a replay of the goal…Jeff Prough passed from the dot to Kell, who tried to beat Murray short side…the puck kicked out to the slot and went off of one of the many players in the area.  Murray immediately complained…perhaps it was kicked or gloved in?

The penalties are…

71 Fitzpatrick roughing
1 Murray unsportsmanlike (served by Schulz)
9 Kell TRIPLE minor roughing

So the Chiefs get a power play out of this…

Goal credited to Tony Zancanaro…

6:03 left — It’s a 3-2 game.  Johnstown crashed the net hard, and got a goal as a result…Coleman made the initial stop, but the rebound got past him…Sean Berkstresser with the goal.

1:26 left — What a goal that was…John Murray misplayed the puck behind the net and put it right on the tape of Jack Combs…Combs threw the puck to the front of the net and Matt Vokes somehow chipped it in.  4-2, Devils.

Devils win, 4-2

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT

9 Responses to “Game 38: Live Updates”

  1. Titans04 Says:

    Murray looking for his 2nd win in 11 games, you guys know the rest……

  2. Titans04 Says:

    Thought Prough should have gotten 2 for diving at 14:45, went down like he was shot, looked around for a few seconds and got right up. Nice goal by Poli.

    14 shots through 2 periods and that includes 7 power plays. The system on the power play must be prayer based.

  3. chiarams Says:

    Two points is two points.

    Any vids of the fracas?

  4. Shtikl Says:

    Congratulations on the win! Is Kell OK?

  5. titans04 Says:

    Good for Kell. He was under their skin all game long. He drew a couple of pp’s one of them being a crosscheck from Zarb in the back late in the third, Zarb who’s a sackless 6’4 or whatever immediately started calling Kell a p***y on his way to the box. The third goal I thought was the direct result of Kell taking the puck down low and forcing his way to the net and what do you know the puck bounces, in. After that the scrum starts and Fitzpatrick takes the first cheapshot with a few guys already down on the ice he just happens to fall on his knees into the pile. Lots of guys pushing and shoving as Kell gets ushed back Murray hits the back of his legs with his stick and throws a weak ass kick towards Kell while in close, Trevor pops him with a right to the chin and a pretty stiff two handed shove to the face sending Murray flying backwards. Somebody (Couch?) got busted open pretty good in the mouth, not sure from what, I was surprised they didn’t clean it off the ice right in front of where I was sitting.

    DBag Fitzpatrick surprisingly got a crosschecking penalty at 20:00 of the third.

    Ugly, hideous game for the most part, seriously both teams pp’s were disgraceful especially ours imo. Can we try something anything other that Kunes running it with his tail between his legs the whole time. Speaking of tails between their legs ugh # 34 at least make it not so obvious during 5 on 5 scrums.

  6. titans04 Says:

    Pretty funny watching Neil Smith bring a cup of coffee to the bench to start the first and second periods, guess he knew up front the biggest challenge was staying awake.

  7. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Guess Neil didn’t sleep too well on the bus. I thought each team came out strong on their first shift of the game, and that was about it for the first. That third goal is the way they have to play; get in there and get dirty and create something.

  8. 1234 Says:

    wow a win for you, big freakin whoop, you still suck

  9. Shtikl Says:

    Coffee on the bench. Maybe he wanted the cup for later in case he had to charf into it?

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