POLL: Which Feature Do You Want Monday?

I’m going to start unveiling the features I got out of my trip to Wednesday’s AHL game in Newark between Lowell and Hartford on Monday.  Pick which one you’d like to read; it’s between Eric Castonguay, Matt Cohen or Myles Stoesz. 

And also, in an unrelated story and just to make it official…the Trentonian has picked me up for six more games.  Three more in January, and three more in early February.  I miss the live game update aspect of this blog, though…which I don’t do during Trentonian games out of respect to my employer. 

T-Devils willing, I would consider bringing someone on to live blog games when I’m on the Trentonian payroll.  Haven’t thought that far ahead yet, but the more content on here, the better. 

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


One Response to “POLL: Which Feature Do You Want Monday?”

  1. Philly Devil Says:

    I like Myles but I can’t choose between EC and Matty. Both are great people.

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