Post-Game Quotes And Photos

After recent comments that I don’t talk to players after games, I had some motivation to go the extra mile after tonight’s game.  So first, let me give you Rick Kowalsky’s post-game thoughts as usual.  But check further down for quotes from Jack Combs, Gerald Coleman and Tony Zancanaro as well…


“You get behind…the guy walks off the wall and makes a pretty good shot, the first one’s a rebound that a guy bashes in.  We talked about staying patient.  We got our legs towards the end of the first and started finishing some checks.  I thought the first power play, we moved around pretty good.  We didn’t get it at the net enough.  But we talked about building off that.  It’s game management.  There was lots of hockey left.  Hopefully we’re growing a little bit as a team and realizing that obviously we know we can come back.  We’ve done it in late stages of the third period.  We just talked about playing a patient game.  By the end of the second, I think they had a couple shots, but I think we held them to two shots in the second period and put a fair amount of rubber on them.  We were patient and stuck with the gameplan and it was good to see after getting down 2-0.”

“I just think right now with this group, just getting that first goal was huge.  We had talked about second efforts and getting better support on the puck, and that’s a prime example.  If Vokes doesn’t get on his horse right away, they probably get to that puck.  It was a great play to hit Combs there, and he doesn’t score, but if he isn’t skating right away on that play, Teslak probably eventually finds that puck or they get to it.  We talked about that.  The power play, again, it’s not pretty when we’re moving it around, but it’s a one-timer that goes off Combs leg or arm, it doesn’t matter.  After the second, we just talked about the importance of getting to those nasty areas and getting the pucks to the net.”

“I don’t know that it’s a message (for young guys to step up), there wasn’t an ultimatum laid out there.  There are just guys that have scored at their college or junior levels.  Ryan Ginand’s another one who had two for us last night.  Hopefully they’re getting some confidence, we scored seven last night and five tonight.  What I do like, is both games we tightened up defensively.  The third in Elmira last night, we kind of got on our heels a little bit, but they’re a good team and they come at you pretty good.  But tonight, we didn’t give up a lot after those first two goals.  If we can get some of these guys some confidence with putting the puck in the net, it’s obviously going to make us that much of a better team.”

“We talked about a fresh start (in 2010), and other than if we could have put one of those in over in Johnstown, we’d have points in every game since (the pointless streak).  We’ll take it, and we’re definitely not going to get too high on our little stretch here.”

“(When Coutu took a stick to the face) it went right through his lip.  I don’t know if it went through his lip and he bit his tongue, but there was a hole in his face somewhere there.  But he’s a competitor, he came back.  He missed the power play, which he wouldn’t have been on anyway.  That was a big point in the game.  Ironically, he was the one who high-sticked someone in the Reading game to give them a power play.  I was just glad that somebody saw it, because he was bleeding all over the bench.  Obviously, that’s a huge point in the game, too.”


“It’s a lot of fun.  Our team’s starting to play a lot better.  Even the last couple of games I’ve played in, the team’s played pretty well.  I’ve been struggling a little bit here and there.  For me, it’s just the confidence as far as doing everything I can.  The team’s playing well, and I know Rick and Vinny and a lot of my teammates are behind me, so today’s a good day.  It was a little rough at first, but the team played well and it gave me confidence.  I just got better as the game went on and didn’t have to make a lot of saves.  For me, it’s a good game to get a win and build the confidence up and help the team win a game.”

“Everyone’s kind of buying into the system.  It’s so tough, because we didn’t have a lot of guys from last year, so they have to learn a new system, and not a lot of guys are used to a more defensive system.  Once you play the system, it works.  If you look at last night against Elmira, they’re an unbelievably skilled team, and we just shut them down and we got more chances than they did until the third period.  For us, it’s playing the system.  We’ve been doing that lately, but we hadn’t been scoring goals.  Now, we’re doing that, and guys are getting confidence and everything’s start to click again.”

“(On if there’s a friendly competition between he and Caruso) Definitely.  We’re a pretty good team here, we’ve got a lot of good guys.  Me and Dave are roommates on the road.  I saw the writing on the wall, I wasn’t playing very well for the time being, and he was playing really well.  It’s getting down to playoff time where we need to win games, and I understand fully if Dave gets on a streak and we start winning games, I’m just going to be there and work hard in practice.  We have a lot of games, some three-in-three’s and some road trips, so I know I’m going to play games.  It’s not like I’d sit there and not play.  Last year, I played a lot of games.  If he does run with it, that’s the decision.  I’m just going to be there, work hard, and hopefully I get the job.”


“We’ve been struggling most of the year, so it’s good to beat Elmira, a really good team and then these guys are in eighth place in the conference, so it’s good to get those points.”

“Sometimes you get those lucky bounces.  I scored a goal on him in the playoffs against Elmira last year, so you’ve just got to get it on net sometimes and you get lucky.  I was just trying to throw it on net.”

“It’s always good when you get the chemistry with certain players.  We’ve all played with each other a lot, we play three lines and one extra forward, usually.  So you’re playing with everybody, so it helps out.”

“We’re just getting pucks on net more.  We’re keeping our game simple and we’re getting traffic in front, and I think that’s the biggest thing.”

“We had the momentum from last night, and it’s always good to get a win at home, but I didn’t know that stat (that they’d lost seven straight at home).”


“We have some injured guys who are a big part of our team, and we’ve been struggling to score goals, so all the guys in our lineup need to step up.  We’ve done a really good job of that over the past two games.”

“The first goal, we were in the five on three.  I was in front of the net.  Kunesy shot a shot through and it hit me right in the skate and went right through the five hole.  I got pretty lucky there.  Second one, we had a great shift, a couple good cycles.  Puck went to the point.  He shot it, and I just went to the net and got a good stick on it and it trickled over the line.”


Justin Coutu (pretty sure a different Coutu photo will be in the paper tomorrow)

Justin Pender

Michael Teslak

Brad Theissen

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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