Perhaps Their New Year’s Resolution Was To Score More Goals…

The optimist will tell you that the Trenton Devils beat a very good team tonight, winning over the Elmira Jackals, 7-4.

The pessimist will say that they did it against a team that saw their number one goalie get called up, a team that was a skater short, and a team that was missing its biggest enforcer (Gallant) and most skilled pest (Johnson).

But a win is a win.  And however those wins come, that’s what the T-Devils need to do in 2010 to dig themselves out of the colossal hole they dug for themselves in 2009.

Jeff Prough scored twice, as did Ryan Ginand.  Justin Pender scored in his return from the press box, and Chris Poli and Tony Zancanaro put markers on the board as well.  Dave Caruso — note the back-to-back starts, by the way — made 32 saves in the win. 

Does Gerald Coleman get a chance at redemption at home against Wheeling tomorrow?  Or does Caruso get starts on consecutive nights?

Looks like this one got ugly at the end, too.  A shocking development against Elmira, for sure.  But Justin Pender fought Mike Sgroi and Jack Combs put on the foil with Joe Grimaldi in the final 40 seconds of the contest.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2 Responses to “Perhaps Their New Year’s Resolution Was To Score More Goals…”

  1. BigDevsFan Says:

    Why was Pender in the press box? He always seems to score points. Why was he on the 3 day IR a week ago, was this just a way to make a roster spot for a send down?

  2. JohnnyR Says:

    GREAT NEWS !! Glad it happened against Elmira !
    Pender and Sgroi mixed it up ?? Hope Pender held his own…
    Way to go T-Devils !!

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