How Could Things Get Worse? Easy…

…the Trenton Devils could lose one of their best defensemen, of course. Chris Murray, sporting one of the coveted “A’s” on his sweater for the T-Devils, has been summoned to AHL Lowell. This will likely mean the return of Justin Pender, who was benched last game by Rick Kowalsky.

Murray tallied just three assists in nine games for Trenton, but did have a penchant for putting the puck on the net, recording 23 shots on goal as well as a plus-five rating.

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One Response to “How Could Things Get Worse? Easy…”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Clearly he was needed in Lowell for the off day, no way he could have played tonight and then headed over. Big thanks for nothing there Lou Jr.

    Interestingly they actually played the coaches pre-game interview before the game. A couple points of interest.

    – Rick was very frustrated with Fitzpatricks hit on Poli with 1 second left against JTown and he went to open the bench door. He thought one of his guys should have went after Fitzpatrick but nobody on the ice had the ability to do it. He put Murray out for the last faceoff on purpose but told him not to do anything stupid. (just a thought – the org is choosing to not dress anybody that could send anything remotely close to a message) There’s a whole bunch of forwards we could do without so that they could carry a tough guy, plus whoever it is would bring just as much offense as the next guy.

    – He’s frustrated by the loses but he and Vince were reflecting back over the past couple days and realized that 8 of the 10 forwards they’re playing are rookies. So they can’t expect to much and need to be patient. (lovely for those of us that pay to watch the failing experiment). Sit tight not much is going to change apparently. Again no need for a guy like Henkel. So now they’ve identified that there’s minimal experience up front but so what…

    – Murray would have matched up well against Elmira and will be missed.

    Pointed out again Vokes coming up small on some opportunies, seems to be a theme here. Also mentioned Prough fanning on a backdoor opportunity.

    – just gotta figure out a way to put the puck in the net.

    Looks like we caught a break with johnson and gallant scratched for the jackals. Prough puts the T-Devils up 1-0 early and then 2-0 with his second of the period.

    Again I don’t really blame Rick and Vinny for much but I would think he could make the call and bring in a guy that could actually drop the gloves.

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