Seven Straight Home Losses

I’ll have my post-game stuff posted tomorrow from this latest mess.  I’m out and don’t have my laptop around, so it’ll have to wait.  A big point that Rick Kowalsky made after the game is that this team had plenty of chances, but they’re just not finding the back of the net right now.  And it’s simple, but he’s right.  They had plenty of real quality chances, but couldn’t find the back of the net.  Murray looked absolutely amazing at times for Johnstown.  Caruso let in a stinker and it turned out to be the difference.  Something I focused on in my Trentonian story, which you can read online in a little while — I’ll post the link when I see it — is that another goalie stood out in a T-Devils game, and it never seems to be the guy wearing the T-Devils jersey.  It’s part indictment of the Trenton goaltending, and part indictment on the Trenton offense, in that they tend to make some goaltenders look a little better than they actually may be.

But, in any event, I’ll have Rick’s quotes and some photos and so on for you tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay. 

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14 Responses to “Seven Straight Home Losses”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Look at the bright side there were only 7 home games on the schedule over that time period otherwise the number would be higher. Hopefully Chris Lamiorello enjoyed the effort and can bring some of the stink of this team back to daddy. The Lamiorello duo has sure put some quality teams on the ice since they took over. One half of one season to be exact. Hopefully they can send us a few more reliable prospects who will thrive in the T-Devils sweater.

    Anybody know what the sth gifts are, somebody in our section was joking about it being some kind of photo thing/pad and pen? They were laughing so hard I coudn’t understand everything he was saying.

  2. JW Says:

    I didn’t think Caruso let in a stinker at all. He looked a little shaky at times, but he also made some huge saves. The second Johnstown goal was a crazy deflection, not much he can do about that.

  3. titans04 Says:

    Um the 2nd 1 was brutal practically from the corner behind the endline and it deflected in off Daves left skate. He played very well last night but with no offense to speak of it turned out to be the difference.

  4. tdevils Says:

    Agreed. Didn’t think Caruso played poorly at all. In fact, I think he’s cemented himself as the goalie who should be getting the bulk of the workload right now.

    But, he can’t give that goal up. If someone scores from behind the goal line in the corner, and it doesn’t go off of anyone in front, that’s ultimately his fault.

  5. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    Second goal was pathetic, come on. Darn shame as he kept them in it otherwise. Here’s a concept for Rick to pass on to the boys: if the goalie is sealing everything off down low, try shooting high.

  6. JW Says:

    How was the second goal pathetic? A centering pass was thrown in front and it hit off of something and went in before Caruso even had the chance to move. There was absolutely NOTHING he could have done.

  7. titans04 Says:

    It went in off his own skate, it didn’t “something” there was nothing anywhere near him. Again he didn’t stink up the place like the others but that was a bad one.

  8. JW Says:

    It definitely hit something in front, not Caruso himself.

  9. tdevils Says:

    Therein lies the problem when an opposing player scores a goal at this place. If you miss it, you miss it. No replays. We don’t get replays up here, for the record, either.

  10. Joe Ferraro Says:

    Instead of all this back and forth nonsense on something that is meaningless, why don’t you ask Caruso next time you are with the team and interviewing one of the players? He can probably tell you exactly what happened.

  11. tdevils Says:

    It’s not always as easy as you think to get guys in there. Granted, I should do that, but my general plan is only to talk to players after wins. More often than not, a lot of guys don’t want to talk after losses.

    In terms of getting players after games, and even Rick, the media is on their own. If Rick doesn’t come out (and he always, always has) I’m screwed. And I’m still learning some of these guys’ faces, so without anyone on staff to help me out and get players, it can be difficult to get who I need sometimes.

    I will say that hockey players are the best at helping out the media. I can stand in a baseball locker room for a half an hour and nobody will approach you, but the “who do you need” is pretty common iin a hockey room from one of the players.

  12. tdevils Says:

    And furthermore on that point, a lot of guys start working out once the media is allowed in the locker room, and many of them are unavailable even if they wanted to talk. It’s not the best setup.

  13. Shtikl Says:

    Do they let you in to off-day practices?

  14. tdevils Says:

    They do…at least they did last year. They used to send out a weekly release that would detail the practice schedule, so it was easy to know where they’d be and what time. Now, I don’t know.

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