Game 32: Post-Game Thoughts

— To be clear, Dave Caruso is NOT the reason Trenton lost that game.  In fact, he kept them in it.  But, in a one goal game, the second goal he gave up is a glaring one.  And I do think he was outplayed by John Murray.  Murray made some absolutely dazzling saves, and he simply was not going to get beaten low.  His legs were amazingly quick, and he made a few saves he had no business making.

— There’s been a lot of criticism of both Rick Kowalsky and Vince Williams, and I think a good part of that is misguided.  Rick and Vinny can’t hold these guys hands out there and help them find the back of the net.  This is a young, inexperienced team that’s essentially learning the pro game on the fly for the most part.  It shows.  But ultimately, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the players, in my opinion.  Rick will rarely call out guys by name, but some of the guys on this team have been very disappointing.  Where’s Kory Nagy been?  Kyle Kucharski’s been inconsistent.  Brett Wilson hasn’t brought much after a strong start.  Tim Kunes has cooled off, too.  Even Jeff Prough is struggling.  Someone needs to step up.  With that said…

— This team badly, badly needs a veteran presence.  Badly.  If it’s Jim Henkel, it’s Jim Henkel.  In my opinion, it should be, but that ship seems to have sailed if he hasn’t returned by now.  But if it isn’t, they need someone who can step in and essentially serve as a third coach.  While I don’t doubt Killer and Vinny’s skills as coaches, I think that given the makeup of this team — loaded with young guys — they could greatly benefit from playing with a veteran or two on the ice during games as opposed to practices.

— Both Chris Lamoriello and Neil Smith were in the house last night.  Lamoriello was in the locker room post-game.

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3 Responses to “Game 32: Post-Game Thoughts”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    Rot starts at the top. Coach is in the middle.

  2. titans04 Says:

    Glad to know Rick’s not disappointed, so what if the people that pay to watch this crap are I guess. Seriously counting on a guy like Ginand to provide consistant offense, he was without a job a couple weeks ago. Pinning big hopes on Vokes to carry the a big share of the load, he’s shown not a single sign of being that kind of player. In fact he may lead the team in missed grade A chances.

    Great questions Mike as always, you keep somehow forgetting that Henkel retired, they just forgot to tell him that until right before camp opened.

    Year after year this becomes less enjoyable to go through, last season they pulled a rabbit out of the hat by stealing Coleman who came in with a lot to prove and Prough unexpectedly caught fire. This year Coleman gets the shaft in Lowell and shockingly his play here hasn’t been very good, funny how that works. There are no signs that this team can turn anything around for an extended period of time heck they’ve won 2 games in a row how many times this season.

    Seems pretty obvious by everything that’s gone on here since they took over the org couldn’t care less about wins and losses, they just want to “develop” players. Speaking of which, are they counting on Kory to bring any offense based on his numbers in Jr, they’re getting exactly what he’s done of those years on the offensive end. Guess we’ll just settle for his reliability. Based on the history of most of these guys I’d say maybe the coaches and Lou Jr are the only 3 people that are surprised at where we sit. Those of is that know nothing felt we were in big trouble when somebody went underground to leak the camp roster. Clearly a violation of what the org stands for.

    At the top of the failures which this season are numerous, “retiring” Henkel was the most classless move and a slap in the face to the very few of us that still actually cared going into this season. More disturbing is how they went about telling him he was retiring. Granted with all the grade A talent on this roster his playing time may have been very limited. Can’t argue with the leadership that Coutu brings along with Zancanaro. Exactly what is it that #7 brings??

    Wake me up when the season is over, actually it’s been over for weeks….in reality it was probably over before it started.


  3. titansman Says:

    exactly how did Coleman get the shaft in Lowell. He was out played by Frazee and Mcekenna and sent down. Granted he certainly has not played to the highs of last year. If he cant suck it up and play here maybe he just doesnt have the mental make up to be a top notch goal tender, but to say he was shafted, nah, wrong.

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