So, I owe you guys a few things.  First off, I owe you videos from the shootout from the first Cincinnati game.  Now that I have my new laptop, Google and anything associated with it works again, which it inexplicably did not for the last few weeks I had my old laptop.

So here are those…

R1: Jeff Prough

R1: Dustin Sproat

R2: Jack Combs

R2: Matt Pierce

R3: Tim Kunes

R3: Scott Reynolds

R4: Kyle Kucharski

R4: Maxime Lacroix

R5: Trevor Kell

R5: Mark Van Guilder

R6: Brett Wilson

R6: Hans Benson


OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get to last night’s game.  First off, give the T-Devils credit for putting a decent crowd in the building.  It wasn’t all Royals fans, either.

Second, Trevor Kell is day-to-day and Dan Eves will be out a week or possibly longer according to head coach Rick Kowalsky.  No word on what’s going on with Kell, but Eves got cross checked by Dwayne Zinger during the Cincy series and is believed to have suffered an injury to his ribs.  It is unrelated to his previous pectoral injury.

I always find it odd that Kowalsky seems to be less critical in a loss than he is in a win.  I didn’t agree 100% with his assessment — which you hopefully read in the paper — that he didn’t have a problem as a coach with the way the team played over two periods.  I didn’t think the D had a great game overall, and simple little discipline stuff like Justin Coutu’s boneheaded interference penalty less than a minute into the game are glaring examples of that.

Some quotes from Kowalsky:

“There’s a reason (Reading)’s in first place, they can score.  Look at who scored for them tonight.  They’re not first or second year guys, these are six…look at Labelle, I think he’s been in the league four years.  He’s a mucker who finds ways to put it in the net.  They have a veteran squad, and they’re a tough team to beat.  We’ve played well against them, but they just seem to have our number.”

“We’re going to need some young guys to step up.  Jack Combs has been playing well, I’d like to see him shoot more.  Jeff Prough’s been scoring as of late, he’s a streaky-type guy.  Chris Poli, he’s 100 percent health-wise, but he’s not 100 percent in game shape or timing wise.  Ryan Ginand, I think he’s just starting to get the form.  Hopefully he’s a guy who steps in here, but again, he’s a rookie.  If we’re going to do what you’re talking about (going on a run like they did last year) it’s going to take those guys.”

(When asked if it’s an open competition for the number one goalie spot) “Yeah, for sure.  We’ve got to win.  David was good last night, and Gerald…the first one’s through traffic, but the third one, I think he’d probably want back.  Obviously, the fourth one’s a one-timer from about eight feet.  We need to win hockey games.  You may potentially see a stretch where one guy takes the bull by the horns here.”

All right, what else do I have? Hmmm…

Here’s a few photos from last night’s game…

Andrew Engelage, who I thought looked really strong through the first two periods…

Chris Poli.  For anyone who gets the paper, I don’t write the captions…

Brett Wilson

And finally, if Santa is still employed…I wouldn’t mind some floor seats to Carrie Underwood’s appearance at the SNBC in March.  Just sayin’…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


2 Responses to “I.O.U.”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Looking more forward to Carrie Underwood than any game this season that’s for sure.

    Actually I’m taking one for the team and going under protest, otherwise I would have absolutely no interest in staring at her all night…

  2. Shtikl Says:

    Thanks for the pics and videos! And the injury updates, sorry to hear about Eves and Kell. Don’t look for help from Lowell 😦 Davison was injured Saturday, so if Corrente does make the trip it just means you’re less likely to lose a defenseman to call-up.

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