Some Quick Thoughts Before The Goodies…

Before I post any photos or anything from Rick Kowalsky’s post-game media session with a gaggle of reporters myself, here are some quick thoughts from tonight’s 5-4 loss to Reading…

— That officiating crew had to have done the worst job I’ve ever seen in an ECHL game.  I have never, ever seen a “self-icing” call, and yet…with the T-Devils possessing the puck in the offensive zone, a pass from the corner to the D missed the D and went back into the Devils defensive zone and the ref blew the whistle and called an icing.  There were many issues with this crew, particularly early in the game where they missed a glaring too many men call on the T-Devils and some botched calls that led to some center ice faceoffs, but that takes the cake.

— Justin Pender…what could have possibly been going through his head there in the third period?  Andrew Sarauer had just run into Gerald Coleman, and the Devils were going on the power play…but instead of taking it out on Sarauer over the next two nights, he decided to pummel him then and negate the man advantage.  Down two goals and with the momentum having just swung in your favor, you absolutely cannot do that.  I’m all for him standing up for his goaltender, but that was inexcusable to me.

— As for Sarauer, I’m not particularly sure if he was waiting for the Virgin Mary to appear in the net on that 2-on-1 with the empty net with about a minute left or what.  He was inside the circle and still wouldn’t shoot before the play got broken up…could have cost his team at least one point and possibly the game.

— Spoke to Chris Poli in the room after the game.  He said he’s aiming for the three game home series against Cincinnati to come back.  Said he’s been skating and that he feels pretty good.

— Are we sure Kory Nagy got that goal?  Seemed Kyle Kucharski stuffed it in short side without Nagy ever getting to it.

— Dave Caruso will start tomorrow night in Reading.  Don’t be surprised to see Beau Erickson get one of the next two games for the Royals.

— Matt Torti and Scott Bartlett were both still in the building for the game, watching in a luxury suite with the scratched and injured players. 

— You could have heard a mouse fart in that locker room tonight.  Very, very quiet in there after the game.

— Considering that was Luke Lucyk’s first pro game, I didn’t think he did too badly.  I was surprised that he was given the responsibility of working the PK given his inexperience. 

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


2 Responses to “Some Quick Thoughts Before The Goodies…”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Good stuff Mike. I didn’t think Nagy got that goal either. Don’t forget to give Pender credit for the brutal turnover that led to Readings second goal, Coleman came up small on that one too. Pender must have attempted 7 shots or so and hit the net once, an improvement I guess. Not sure what to think about Bartlett and Torti still hanging around, it’s time to move on.

    Suhy was terrible but our PK was worse.

    Like I said before I thought Lucyk was terrible, I tought he handled the puck like a grenade, was often skated right by where he ended up following the guy like a dog. Not sure which Reading goal it was he basically just followed the guy around the back of then net and then came out front which led to an easy goal. Hopefully I’m dead wrong and he ends up being ok.

    We definately showed signs of life on the offensive side of the puck but defense and goaltending were well below average.

  2. South_River_T-Devils_Fan Says:

    Just one quick thought:
    “That officiating crew had to have done the worst job I’ve ever seen in an ECHL game.”

    It is NO BETTER in the NHL…. but those thiongs always balance out by season’s end. To put it another way, sometimes your team is a dog…. and sometimes they are the fire hyrant.

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