Reading @ Trenton: Photographic Proof That It Actually Happened

Dave Caruso in his new mask…

…and Matt Dalton in his.

Beau Erickson, still rockin’ the UConn lid.

Stefano Giliati

Luke Lucyk.  Uh, also…be sure to read my game story in the Trentonian tomorrow.  Maybe also play some free poker tomorrow.

Kory Nagy

Jared Ross

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


6 Responses to “Reading @ Trenton: Photographic Proof That It Actually Happened”

  1. Philly Devil Says:

    Gerald Coleman has been sub-par all year. Then again he is a cookie cutter butterfly style. The book is out, his glove hand sucks, huge rebounds and can’t deal with players on his porch. Aside from a few bad goals has he really played better than Caruso this year? Coleman spends half of his time on his knees..he is slow. The puck is free in the slot during the first period and he shuffles slowly across. His work ethic must be better and I think Terreri not helping him 24/7 is hurting him. If anyone ever want’s score…come around from the back of the net and just go top self. It’s a disgrace to goaltending. The book is out on Mr. Coleman and it’s now been well read by the ECHL.

    We don’t even have one D man with half of the offensive ability as Gunderson. The lack of discipline with trailing by two goals is unacceptable yet the idiots stand up because they want to see a fight. NOT DEVILS HOCKEY!!

    All year Jeff Prough and especially Trevor Kell have really played well and they should be in Lowell on a for good by March.

    Finally, Mike Harder is such a poor excuse for a vet and brings nothing to the table…NOTHING.

  2. Philly Devil Says:

    Sorry for the grammer mistakes above (I’m so pissed )and I am NOT saying Caruso is a better goalie than Coleman, but GC has not seperated himself.

  3. chiarams Says:

    “We don’t even have one D man with half of the offensive ability as Gunderson. ”

    And unfortunately many of the current bunch share Gunderson’s oh-so-strong defensive skills.

  4. Bob Says:

    wah wah wah, GO ROYALS!!! who is in first place??? not the sucky devils. we will beat them again tonight. keep on suckin trenton. oh yeah by the way, your management at your arena are mean and are aholes. GO ROYALS!!!!

  5. jdb316 Says:

    Philly Devil, I commend you for wanting to see winning hockey. Unfortunately, most attendees of minor league sporting events don’t care whether their team wins – they just want to be entertained. At this level of hockey, that means they want to see scoring and fighting – goals and goons.

    Devils Hockey, while definitely a winning variety, does not get people excited. Look at the NHL Devils. At that level, people certainly do demand a winning product, yet even though the Devils have been one of the league’s most consistently successful franchises over the last 2 decades, their attendance still sucks.

  6. South_River_T-Devils_Fan Says:

    JDB— I agree— I go for the entertainment. Of course I cheer for Trenton but it is more important to me to teach my son about this great sport than any wins or losses. I don’t take wins and losses to heart. The big clubs have the right to plunder the Trenton roster any time they see fit so it’s hard to be emotionally attached.

    My son takes it all MUCH MORE seriously. LOLOLOLOLOL

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