Post-Game Trans-Rick-pt

Transcript?  Transrickpt?  See what I did there?  No?  OK then.

Moving on, in lieu of posting the audio — not that the only reporter there had his thumb over the mic slot on his new recorder or anything, which would make it very difficult to hear — I’ll post a transcript of my chat with T-Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky from after tonight’s game.

Mike Ashmore: Seemed like it could have gone either way after two periods, but it really got away from you there in third…

Rick Kowalsky: “Yeah.  I liked what we did offensively.  Four out of their five goals were gimmes.  I don’t know why we can’t put it together.  It’s so frustrating.  Guys go out and forecheck good and get pucks to the net and we score some goals, and then…with the exception of Bouchard’s goal…blatant turnover for a breakaway, a two on two where the guy’s on top of our defenseman.  I don’t know what our defenseman’s looking at.  The guy slides back door on either the first or second one.  Just frustrating.  We didn’t play a bad game tonight.” 

“I thought there were some passengers and some guys lost their focus.  I don’t know…21 games in, the rookie thing, you can’t use that as an excuse anymore.  We’re getting healthy, and the guys who figure it out will play and the guys that don’t are not.”

Ashmore: Do you feel like it’s some of the younger guys who are hurting you right now?

Kowalsky: “Well, I just think at times there are guys who have letdowns.  In the first period, Tony Zancanaro, the guy walks around him.  Come on, that’s Tony’s game.  One thing you never have to worry about with Tony is his defensive play.  Pender’s standing on top of Kronschnabel when he gets that goal, and I know it’s not that hard of a shot and it’s a quick bang-bang play, but if you have any awareness, you’ve got a stick in a lane on him or something.  I’ve got to watch it all on tape tonight yet, but it’s frustrating.  We did some good things, and they did what was asked of them offensively.  You can’t give that team chances to score, easy chances to score.  They’ve got some skill over there, so that’s what I think was the biggest difference.”

Ashmore: Seemed like the discipline wasn’t really there at times in the third; Pender took the instigator there when you guys clearly would have had a power play…

Kowalsky: “Well, I don’t know why we have to get down two goals to get mad.  Why can’t you do that in the first period?  I didn’t see the Eves hit, I’m not even going to get into that.  There were some questionable calls tonight, but what else is new?  Five minutes on Eves, is that because the guy’s down?  I don’t even think the guy was in position to make the call.  But whatever.  At the end of the day, we killed it off and actually scored on it.  But do you have to be shorthanded to be ticked off?  Do you have to be down two to be mad?  Why can’t you be mad when the puck drops, there’s another team in your building.  We just can’t seem to get all that going.”

Ashmore: When you’re playing three straight against the same team, how does losing the first one affect the final two?

Kowalsky: “It’s good and bad.  Hopefully we’re ticked off tomorrow. We’ll be in their building, and they’ve got a good team over there.  We still got two chances at them this weekend, and it’s similar to a playoff series.  It should just be a matter of systems, there should be no secrets out there.  We’ve seen them enough, and we’re going to see them again.  We’ll go over some stuff tomorrow, but it’s just a matter of who wants to do it more and who wins the battles, who limits their mistakes and who plays harder.  That’s what it will come down to and that’s how the game should be played.  If you execute and both teams play hard and don’t make the obvious mistakes that we made tonight, you’ll have a good hockey game.  Whoever capitalizes and takes advantage of special teams and stuff like that, that’s usually what makes the difference.”

Ashmore: Are you anticipating any changes in the lineup tomorrow?

Kowalsky: “I’ve got to think about it tonight, yeah.  Caruso will go in net.  Yeah, we’ll make some changes.  We’ve got a lot of healthy bodies here now, or we’re starting to get a lot of bodies and we have the ability to pull guys out.”

Ashmore: Is that part of the reason as to why Bartlett and Torti were let go?  I don’t want to say it was cutting the fat, but what was it that you guys were doing with those moves…

Kowalsky: “We’ve been feast or famine.  Two weeks ago, we had seven D and nine forwards and now we’re starting to get healthy and some of these guys have been hurt and not playing much…we have more decisions to make now.  This is a bit of a tryout for some of these guys, so it’s a good chance for us to evaluate them and make more decisions here.”

Ashmore: Is Combs still coming over?

Kowalsky: “Yeah.”

Ashmore: He’s definitely coming?

Kowalsky: “Yeah.”

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