Lowell Adds A Fresh Coutu…

Congratulations are in order for Trenton Devils defenseman Justin Coutu…who is now Lowell Devils defenseman Justin Coutu.

As the ten of you who read this likely already know, Coutu has signed an SPC with the New Jersey Devils AHL affiliate and is expected to make his AHL debut.  Coutu was signed by Trenton late last season and has shown marked improvement in both skill and discipline…he was prone to the occasional bonehead penalty as a result of overaggressive play, but seems to have turned over a bit of a new leaf this year and has been rewarded for doing so.

In 14 games this year, Coutu has tallied three assists and 29 penalty minutes.  His most memorable moment with the T-Devils would have to be his goal from Game 6 of the Northern Division Semifinals last year, scored in the waning seconds, that sent the game into overtime and eventually sent the series to a seventh game.

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One Response to “Lowell Adds A Fresh Coutu…”

  1. Shtikl Says:

    My spy says he didn’t skate as many shifts as the other defensemen. He was paired at least once with everyone except Murray. He tried to stick to a simple game and it mostly worked for him. He looked nervous a couple times, he’ll be better once he gets his confidence. One risky move behind the net, but tonight he didn’t get burned for it. Would rather have a little more experience and somebody who’s not afraid to get his nose dirty, against Saturday afternoon’s opponent. But don’t see that happening and still thankful to have a 6th mule in the string.

    At least he wasn’t sitting in Section T keeping Cormier and Kell and Castonguay company. Anyway, the L-Devils won, so he should feel good about his first AHL game.

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