Harder Makes It Easier For Devils In 4-2 Win

(Cyclones PR) CINCINNATI – The Trenton Devils battled back from a 2-0 deficit and netted four unanswered goals to claim a 4-2 win over the Cincinnati Cyclones on Wednesday night. Gerald Coleman turned in 37 saves to register his fifth win of the season and Mike Harder had a goal and a pair of assists to pace the Devils.

The Cyclones built a 2-0 lead near the midway spot of the first period with goals 35 seconds apart. Dustin Sproat fired home his sixth goal of the year from the slot past Trenton netminder Gerald Coleman at 8:01. Brett Robinson and Jason Jozsa had the assists on the score. At 8:36, Mike McLean grabbed a rebound and shoveled it past Coleman for his third score of the year. Ryan Del Monte had the lone assist on the score. Trenton would answer with goals from Dan Eves, his fourth at 9:10 and Brett Wilson, also his fourth-at 19:22 on the power play. Cincinnati doubled up the Devils on shots in the opening stanza, 12-6.

Trenton scored the only goal of the second period to take a 3-2 edge into the second intermission. Mike Harder, the 13th year forward, slotted his second score of the year at 15:38 while on the power play. The Cyclones dominated play in the middle frame, having three power play chances and collecting 18 shots. The Devils made the most of their lone man-advantage chance and five shots.

Trenton extended the lead to 4-2 at 18:37 f the third, when Jeremy Akeson worked a two-on-one with Tim Kunes and converted his third score of the season. Cincinnati nearly doubled the shots in the period at 9-5. For the game, the Cyclones outshot the Devils, 39-16.

Gerald Coleman picked up the win with 37 saves to improve to 4-1-2, while Robert Mayer absorbed the loss, turning aside twelve shots. Mayer drops to 2-2 on the campaign.

The defeat marked the first time since February 9 of last season that Cincinnati had a two goal lead and could not hold it for victory.

Cincinnati is now 6-5-1, while Trenton is 5-6-3. The Cyclones head to Toledo for a Friday game against the Walleye. Faceoff is at 7pm, with the pregame show airing at 6:30pm. The game can be heard on 1530 Homer – The Sports Animal and http://www.1530Homer.com.

Tickets for the 2009-10 Cincinnati Cyclones season are now on sale. The Cyclones Sales Department can be reached at 513-421-PUCK, extension 3. Selected Friday night games are carried on 1530-AM Homer, while all 72 regular season games can be heard on the club’s website at: http://www.cycloneshockey.com.


27 Responses to “Harder Makes It Easier For Devils In 4-2 Win”

  1. chiarams Says:

    C’mon Mike – share with everyone the amazing PR piece that the Devils sent out:

    Cincinnati, OH – Mike Harder had three points including the game winning goal as Trenton scored four unanswered goals to win in Cincinnati, 4-2

    That’s just awesome.

  2. Shtikl Says:

    They had a similarly brief one-liner for the previous game, which became a long, detailed write-up within 24 hours. Maybe somebody’s laptop copy of Dreamweaver was eaten and they have to file the long story from the main office. (I’m trying to be optimistic.)

  3. chiarams Says:

    We had some far more amusing thoughts regarding Tuesday’s PR on the T-Devs board.

  4. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    If they can post a short one, they can post a long one. Thanks to Cincy for the timely story. Mike, bet you’ve been waiting all season to use that headline πŸ™‚

  5. titans04 Says:

    Leave Mike alone he’s busy honing his PA skills for the next home game. Sure seems like at least the first two choices have abandoned ship already this season. Appears that Keith figured out within the first 4-5 games he was wasting his time. Butch was great in his one game return. Anybody know if he’s going to take back over for the rest of the season?

  6. tdevils Says:

    I actually botched that headline…one too many its in there. Fixed it.

    As for the PR’s…I honestly have no clue what the deal is. I will say that the team never sent out a release acknowledging that their captain was called up to Lowell, so I think they’re very hamstrung in regards to what they can and cannot do. As far as when they can and cannot do and send, I don’t know.

    To be 100 percent honest, and this isn’t being critical of anyone…but it would be beneficial to get the release out on the same day in order to have a chance to get it in one of the local papers. Out of sight, out of print, out of mind…

  7. titans04 Says:

    The loss of Paul and it’s negative impact are more and more apparent by the day. In the past they’ve always been able to announce the call-ups/signings etc in a timely manner. Hell somehow Paul had the website updated with the game story before we even got home from the arena. Still think most people are waiting for the Henkel signing to be announced.

  8. thunderbaseball Says:

    Sorry to comment with two names, but I have switch between this one and the “tdevils” one to update the respective blogs accordingly.

    I loved Roper and think he did a great job and is continuing to do a great job in Erie. And I think Dan is doing a great job as well. I just know firsthand how much your hands can be tied there, and I honestly believe the team is announcing and releasing exactly what they’re being told they can.

    Dan’s a good guy, so I hope everyone understands the situation and gives him a chance to succeed — well, as much as one can succeed with the T-Devils — in the new gig.

  9. Shtikl Says:

    WHAT Henkel signing? Should I be jumping for joy? Should I? Should I? Oh, please, please, please, please, please!

    Next time youse get to do a story highlighting a particular player’s contributions to the win, you can make all those allusions to his hot hands, his patient teamwork, and how good he is with the stick… er, maybe better not…

    And is Mike going to be the PA guy too? Oy vey! Cue Rammstein’s “Ich Will!” eh?

  10. Tdevilsfan Says:

    So the Powers That Be are saying to just post a one sentence summary and then the full deal after enough time has passed that no one cares?

    If it’s an oganization thing, why does Lowell seem to release game summaries in a timely fashion?

    Somebody’s certainly doing a sucky job here.

  11. Shtikl Says:

    Wonder who that would be. The Austin-Powers-That-Be, perhaps? πŸ™„

    Hey, Jon Howse activated off IR today, and nobody was recalled to Lowell! That’s good, eh?

  12. chiarams Says:

    If we’re getting excited about Jon Howse, we’re totally effed.

  13. titansman Says:

    way to celebrate a win.

  14. titans04 Says:

    The entire fanbase is thrilled with the win, all couple hundred of us.

    I can’t imagine what the possible reasoning would be to control things like player signings box scores etc. It’s just a continued pattern of even the simpliest things not being done. Just like tdevilsfan said what’s the point of a two line game recap that might be followed up by a more detailed one at a leter time. Hell the first Cincy game ended at 1:00 Weds, it’s not like they can even blame it on travel after the game. It’s just weak but also just more of the same. At least twice in the last 4 games when we went by to pick up a roster the sales table was un-manned. Keith Jones and Butch have left the organization, the PA guy at this point still thinks it’s the Titans. The extent of the marketing is hawking 3 dollar discounts – to the few STH holders that exist. Very creative.

    For what it’s worth I don’t even blame Jim L. in any way shape or form. While there’s no questioning Lamoriello success at the NHL level their ability to run a minor league franchise is nill. Their AHL affiliate hasn’t made the playoffs in 10 years. Look at the markets they’ve been in and what happened during their stay. Somebody please defend that track record. Frankly all I care about is Trenton, don’t give a crap about what logo is on the sweater never did never will. All the BS talk about painting this town red, please tell me what they’ve done to promote this team? They assumed just parking the Devils logo in town and people would come running. Could they have been more off base? This is Flyers country whether we like it or not.

    How about the wonderful promotional schedule we’re looking at this season. Thankfully as a stimulus package winner we’re guaranteed 3 of everything. What’s 3x’s 0 anyway? Usually I could care less about that kind of stuff but with the attendance the way it is exactly how are they (the Lamoriello’s/ownership) planning on drawing in anybody outside the STH’s who have already commited the money?

    Dead last in the league in attendance and that’s not going to change, blame the weekday games if you want but tell me how come the weekend games have been a joke too?

    The team on the ice, not great but not terrible, pretty much a .500 team the way it sits. I don’t think a .500 team by itself is not much of a draw on it’s own. The marketing plan appears to be word of mouth and reaching out to existing ticket holders, the only plus to that plan is it doesn’t cost a penny. They made a huge mistake on turning Henkel away if nothing else he would have brought a few more people in.

  15. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    Are you kidding me? Not only is Henkel supposedly our savior when it comes to scoring goals…but now he would have been our savior to attendance? Next you will hear how if only the government had hired Henkel he could have cured cancer!

  16. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    If the folks running the thing showed the type of effort the team usually does we’d be drawing more than 800 folks a game, and that’s a fact.. It’s true also that they’ve done little to push the team, they had a great opportunity to woo some Titans fans when Bertoli’s number was retired. Great they got them in the building for one night; I would not have objected to them offering those folks a steeply discounted ticket plan for the balance of last season. They would’ve seen the best hockey in town since the KC year, and maybe some would’ve done a partial plan this year.

    I would’ve been a happier fan had Henkel been re-signed, especially with the BS way the whole thing went down. Rather than rejecting a savior, think of it as another way the place is being mismanaged.

    Are we even getting STH gifts this year?

  17. thunderbaseball Says:

    I think there is something to the Henkel point. Every team at this level seems to have that fan favorite guy who you can sort of build around. The T-Devils still have that, to some extent, with Tony Zancanaro.

    Minor league sports can be difficult for some fans to follow, because the players are always moving up and down and there’s no continuity. That’s why people loved Bertoli and that’s why people loved Henkel. You know if you showed up at a game, they’d be there and you could cheer for them. Guys like that are valuable both on and off the ice…so there is something to the Henkel point.

  18. chiarams Says:

    “If the folks running the thing showed the type of effort the team usually does we’d be drawing more than 800 folks a game”

    Aside from when Reading brings 400 fans with them, has there been a night with 800 actual butts in seats this year?

    I’d love to see the actual breakdown of the tickets sold/comps – how many STH are actually left – I’d guess it’s in the 300-400 range. The other 800-900 tickets that make up that “1200” attendance number on Wednesday nights are going to A1 Limo and other “sponsors” that are getting dasher board space for next to nothing. They all obviously show up dressed in green.

  19. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Yes, I would say that there have been 800 actual people there for some games (not including the Reading game). I’d also say I’ve never been the best at guessing numbers of people in the stands (and yet I still enter an attendance guess on the theory even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile).

    I’m actually an optimistic person, and for the last few seasons have sometimes rolled my eyes at titans04’s pessimism. But with the way things have fallen off a cliff this season, I can’t see how anyone, ANYONE, can look at the way things are going and think it’s all just fine. Short list in no particular order:

    No ticket books – noted as a symptom, not a disease itself
    Promotions? What promotions?
    Record shattering lows in attendance; weekends are worse than even last year’s weeknights.
    The PA announcer fiasco.

    (as an aside, Lowell fans this year get actual programs at games, and entice folks with promo giveaways, and they draw flies too – so don’t tell me it’s purely a Devils thing as I’m not sure I buy that unless their sweet deal leaves room in the budget which is possible)

    That’s all new this year. The big ingame promos are the channel 10 morning show (really? REALLY?!?). Sorry, but I’d rather have the pretzel giveaway or even the free antifreeze; guess those folks looked at the ROI and went…”nah, I’ll pass”

    You want positives? Sure:

    Free NJ Devil tickets. Love it; easy sell for me as I’m a Devils fan but any hockey fan should love getting into an NHL game for free, especially now that mass transit is a viable option to get to Newark. I’ve jumped on free Flyers tickets before – hate the flyers, love watching hockey; can always (quietly – it is Philly after all) root for the other team.

    Scorch continues to be a positive and the sole off ice source of real entertainment. He does an awesome job.

    The actual team itself. No, they’re not playing record breaking hockey, but they’re a lunchpail bunch that doesn’t quit if things start badly. They are not the problem and even though I question Kowalsky sometimes, he’s not the problem either. Considering the guys from here playing regularly in Lowell, I’d say he’s done his job well.

    Not to get all hippy trippy, but bad vibes spread like swiine flu, and they’re flying around like I’ve not seen before. People have said “the place is dead” the last couple years but I’ve never bought it because our sections have often been pretty full and almost always noisy. That started to change last season and the pace has really picked up this season.

    I love watching live hockey, and I’m passionate about hockey in Trenton – that’s why I’m so p/o’d at what’s going on. I wish more people still cared as much.

  20. Shtikl Says:

    You’re going to love this. Justin Coutu signed a SPC with Lowell this morning. The good news is, unlike what the NJ-Devs have done with Corrente — i.e., make him sit and watch like a broom in a closet — Coutu will play tonight.

    Glad to have the help but oh, what is this going to do to the T-Devils??

    At least you still have Andy Thomas.

    BTW, since Zubrus probably has a broken leg, Lowell won’t be getting its spare forward back soon. 😦 😦 😦

  21. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Thanks for cursing us on Thomas, appreciate that……that would be the biggest blow possible to the defense at this point.

    I’m always happy to see guys get a chance at the next level, wish it wasn’t an injury but it often is. I wish Justin well and hope the PA announcer in Lowell pronounces his name correctly (there I go being snarky again…)

  22. titans04 Says:

    TrentonPwnedFlorida you continue to bring nothing to the table no matter what others say, please defend what’s going on, tell us what the big org has done right here in Trenton. Remind us how everything is heading in the right direction. And if you don’t think Henkel makes this a better team on and off the ice you’re insane. A first line guy that shows up every night, rarel if ever misses a games other than the birth of his daughter, will not take a call-up and actualy knows how to fill the leadership role. Happy with Harder over Henkel are you? Regarding attendance if nothing else he brings in close family and friends which at this point anything over 5 bodies would be noticeable on any given game night.

    Asked you this before on other forums as well defend their handling better yet overall success of their minor league franchises over the past decade.

  23. Shtikl Says:

    Looks like optimist vs. pessimist, the philosophical differences are too deep to resolve in the comment section of a blog, for sure. I’m a natural pessimist.

    At least you both watch the T-Devils. The players really need the support.

    Re Thomas, always glad to recognize talent when it emerges πŸ˜‰ but honestly, at this point I’d rather have some AHL regulars come out of mothballs for Lowell and let the T-Devils have at least a chance at a decent season. I remember the 2002-03 Lock Monsters had something like 58 different players come through the revolving door, that was a horrific year and I don’t want to sit through a repeat. Coach’s worst nightmare.

  24. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Have they ever pulled someone not in the org since the Devils came in? I don’t recall. Would be great for us but if I were a player here I’d wonder why I didn’t get my shot, especially since the only upward route is Lowell. Part of life down here is being able to find bodies to fill in, it’s just the way things are. We constantly got screwed by the flyers calling people up to the Phantoms and they sit for a week and come back down, meanwhile we played three games….

  25. chiarams Says:

    I think we all want to be optimists, we’re just begging for a reason to be optimistic.

    Given the front office turnover, the lack of any real element of excitement in the building, the lack of a “face” of the franchise, ticket/parking/concession prices which I’m sorry, just aren’t in line with what AA hockey (especially in the current economy), the lack of promotions, and the *perceived* lack of safety in Trenton (did I miss anything?), what’s there to be optimistic about?

    Put a fork in them, fold up shop, go dark for a year, and come back with a new (non-Devils) brand. Obviously hockey can work in Trenton – they just need quality people that can capture that spirit again.

  26. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Safety isn’t an issue. Larry the Cable Guy drew very well, and Jeff Dunham sold the place out both in October. These are not people that draw solely from within Trenton’s borders. So, that’s one off the list. The rest? It all starts with the attendance. 3,000 bodies in there and it’s a lively enough place to make you think you’re at an event rather than a morgue (and no turning up the music doesn’t fix that).

    I’ve been a Devils fan since 1985, and I’m thisclose to believing it’s just not workable. Were they to magically turn around and throw marketing money at turning it around I might be swayed to change my mind. But in reality….when things start going this way it’s hard imagine them changing. Had they stopped the bleeding at 3k a game I honestly think the future would be much brighter. It’d be enough revenue to show potential trinket sponsors the expense is worth it (I honestly don’t think they just decided no promos on their own), it’s enough to print real STH ticket books, it’s enough to not have to go to a Philly TV station that probably couldn’t ID Scorch if you put him alone in a lineup to sponsor something. Guess the Build A Bear is gone too? Not good to assume, but it’s hard not to at this point.

    But let’s be realistic…we just go to the games. Working there and seeing people not come back, not renew, and not seeing a lot of help coming from upstairs…it’s human nature to just collect a paycheck and/or decide to move on. Even in a bad economy where a lot of people are hanging on to jobs they don’t really like because it’s money coming in. I’ve worked places where morale is spit. People leave, and those that stay are just putting in time. But hey, as long as hockey’s here, sign me up.

    I used to dread Reading’s bus loads. I liked it this time, because it livened the place up, and because as a rival Reading plays hockey, not that abomination Martinson coaches up in Helmira. it was a good night of hockey.

  27. chiarams Says:

    I agree that safety isn’t an issue, but I definitely think there are many people that are turned off at the thought of going into Trenton. For those that have to head back to PA via the toll bridge, Ferry Street isn’t exactly the most warm and welcoming street to drive down at 9:30 at night.

    The office turnover wouldn’t be a problem if they were consistently filling those spots with new quality people. I don’t think any of the younger folks take positions in Trenton thinking “gee, I really want to work at the AA level for the rest of my life” – the issue is that when quality people have left to bigger and brighter things, the (later years) Titans/Devils haven’t brought new blood in.

    As far as morale – I guess I’m of the “when given lemons, make lemonade” mindset. If you can’t make the best of your situation, move on.

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