Game 6: Post-Game Notes

First off, thanks to everyone for the kind words about the Trentonian gig.  I’ve covered 661 pro games all over the place over my seven year career, but I’ve never written on deadline before, never written for a daily before and never had to write a game story for the next day before.

So, while I’d need to work out a few kinks in how I went about things, the game story you’ll see online and in tomorrow’s paper should be decent.  Obviously, I shoot for better than just decent, but I always look back at my work and think of about 20,000 thing I could/would change regardless.

Anyway, you don’t care about that.  You care about the game.

First off, I got some really good pictures before the game…better than usual.  Don’t know why I can’t do this every night.  Sometimes I’ll just shoot and shoot and shoot and get nothing.  So here are those…


Dave Caruso


Gerald Coleman


Kyle Kucharski


Tony Zancanaro

Next up, here’s some audio from Dan Eves and Rick Kowalsky.  Click on their names to download and listen.  Neither file is too big, so it’ll only take a second.

As for my thoughts on the game…well, I thought it wasn’t as close as the score indicated.  I know the power play didn’t actually score, but it was much, much better than what it had been over the past few games, where there didn’t seem to be too much of a system in place — or a system that guys were actually following.  The puck possession was impressive.

Thought Justin Pender struggled out there a bit.  He made some bad decisions and looked a step off at times.

Was nice to see Myles Stoesz get on the scoresheet for the right reasons.  He got an assist on Tony Zancanaro’s goal, and actually got a breakaway when he was coming out of the penalty box.  Now, if he could just stay out of there…

Justin Coutu has shown a lot of improvement from last season.  I still freak out every time he misses a delay of game penalty by an inch when he clears the puck off the glass, but he’s become more disciplined than he was last year and seems to have become more sound overall.

Gerald Coleman had a really strong game.  He got tested quite a few times, and the only goals he gave up were rebounds he had no chance on.  Those are the kind of performances they’ll need from him to keep this team in contention for a playoff spot.

Dan Eves and Trevor Kell both had strong games offensively, I thought.  Eves said after the game that he didn’t get the second goal — it was initially credited to him — and that he went to the referee to get it changed.

Johnstown…wow.  I hear their hockey operations are on a pretty tight budget, and it shows.  I wonder if their new affiliation with the Wild will lead to a bit of a roster overhaul, because it would seem they need it.  Kris Mayotte was regarded as one of the best goalies in the league last year, and he flat out hasn’t looked good either time I’ve seen him this year.  Thought the hook was a little early tonight, but if you listen to the audio with Rick Kowalsky tonight and other nights, you know that he thinks there’s some magic to the goalie change.

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One Response to “Game 6: Post-Game Notes”

  1. TDEVILS Fan Says:

    Thanks for the photos …… to see ones of other players as well –
    Excellent quality .

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