Game 3: Johnstown @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 3:45 PM — Hmmm. Long day. My girlfriend Rebecca lives in the Bronx, so I left there around 8 AM, got back home at around 11:30 and tried to take a nap until around 2 PM. It’s kind of hard to do that when you have a cold and your finger is throbbing from slamming it in a door the night before…but hey, I’m a hockey writer, I’ll play through it.

In any event, the big news of the day is the arrival of center Kory Nagy, who was sent down from AHL Lowell yesterday afternoon. Nagy, who turned 20 years old nine days ago, was picked in the fifth round of the 2008 draft by the Devils. He played in one game for Lowell, collecting no points and posting two penalty minutes.

His OHL numbers, to be honest, don’t exactly jump off the page…but I’ve never really seen the kid play other than the last free AHL exhibition games at the practice rink in Newark, so I don’t really have a firm grasp on what kind of player he is just yet.

4:50 PM — Sounds like it’ll be Kris Mayotte vs. Dave Caruso as your goalie matchup.  I wouldn’t expect Dan Collins to play for Johnstown…and Sean Berkstresser is on the 3-Day IR as well.

5:40 PM — Nagy is here and practiced with the team.  He is wearing #21 and is expected to make his ECHL debut tonight.

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Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Dan D’Uva’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: Starting lineups


Coutu Kunes
Kell Nagy Akeson

20:00 left — Nagy gets the start in his ECHL debut.  My sources tell me Nagy can really skate, so hopefully he can bring some excitement to this team…the fans sure seem to have noticed, as nearly 20,000 have showed up.  Wait.  No.  I added a zero there.  Oh…no, no, no…me and my math.  I added two zeroes.  Less than 200 people here for the drop of the puck.  Sweet.

19:25 left — Nagy’s first shift is over, and I like him already.  Good speed, good with the puck, good away from the puck, plays physical. 

18:37 left — A Dave Leaderer one-timer from the left point is stopped by Mayotte.  Leaderer’s got to get that shot a little lower for it to be more effective through traffic.

17:25 left — Mike Knight’s in the box for Johnstown with an interference call on Mike Harder.

14:57 left — Jeff Prough backhands in the rebound from the slot after Tim Kunes skates around a Chiefs defensemen who seemed to just get lost out there.  1-0, Devils.  Kunes and Eves with the helpers.

13:00 left — Kory Nagy with his first professional goal!  A one timer from the left circle that appeared to beat Mayotte through the legs.  Assists to Kell and Akeson.  2-0, Devils.

9:00 left — Johnstown controlled the play for the last minute and a half, and it paid off…Myles Stoesz and his good friend, the penalty box, have become reacquainted.  PP Chiefs.

5:24 left — Troy Schwab in the box for holding for the Chiefs…Trenton on a power play.

3:18 left — Trenton’s power play is just brutal.  Awful.  Johnstown had the better chances, and they were shorthanded. 

2:56 left — And Myles Stoesz and Marc Rechlicz drop the gloves.  After a long square off, Stoesz connected with a bomb and dropped Rechlicz.  Video coming.

2:21 left — Mike Bartlett with a roughing call, Trenton on the power outage again.

Second Period: Trenton outshot Johnstown, 15-7, in the first…

16:53 left — A waved-off icing call produces another T-Devils goal, and another goal out of Kory Nagy, who may not be here very long if he keeps this up.  The puck came out of the corner after Mayotte went to play it, and Nagy absolutely buried a sweet wrist shot off the underside of the crossbar and in.  3-0, Devils.  Kell with the assist.

16:19 left — Mike Harder came in alone clean on a breakaway and…uhhhh…fired a slapshot into Mayotte’s glove from 10 feet out.  Odd choice. 

15:41 left — Scramble in front of the net…Mayotte swimming around outside the crease for who knows what reason, and Scott Bartlett stuffs it in the wide open net.  Mayotte will now swim to the bench.  Shane Connelly comes in and will make his pro debut for the Chiefs in net.  4-0, Devils.

8:54 left — And here it comes.  Johnstown’s on the board, as Matt Robinson buried one of many Dave Caruso rebounds on the night…although this one came after a nice stop.  Robinson was about eight feet out to the right of the net, and put it top shelf over a prone Caruso.  4-1, Devils.

:40 left — Too many men on Johnstown.  Trenton goes on their power play.  Offense a plenty, I’m sure.

14.4 left –Troy Schwab’s in the box for holding the stick, giving Trenton a long 5-on-3.

Third Period: 17:50 left — Aaaaaaaaaaand they did nothing with the 5-on-3.

17:26 left — Mike Harder’s in the room of shame for a trip.  Chiefs with the man advantage.

11:45 left — Jeremy Akeson scores on a bit of a broken play…it’s now 5-1, Devils.

10:28 left — Matt Robinson with something of an unintentional boarding penalty on Scott Bartlett…Bartlett kind of turned away at the last second and Robinson couldn’t let up.

8:14 left — Trenton gets yet another chance at a power play goal after David Schulz gets called for…well, that could have been many things; holding, interference, etc. 

5:55 left — Stoesz is in the box again.  19 PIM’s through three games and only one major.  Yikes.

5:31 left — The puck trickles through Caruso, and Mike Knight jumps in and stuffs it in.  The puck must have been about a half a foot off of the line anyway.  5-2, Devils.

3:40 left — Johnstown pulls their goalie.  Seriously.

2:05 left — And the Chiefs call their timeout.  Coaching this one like Game 7.  Interesting.

1:08 left — Dan Eves takes an interference penalty…

Three Stars:

* Nagy

** Kell

*** Caruso

My vote: Nagy-Kell-Caruso

Final Score: 5-2, Devils

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:


Jeremy Akeson


Shane Connelly


Connelly’s mask


Justin Coutu


Kris Mayotte, in an early candidate for creepiest shot of the year on my part…


Kory Nagy

In-Game Videos:

Fight Videos:

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6 Responses to “Game 3: Johnstown @ Trenton”

  1. chiarams Says:

    I counted 219 total Mike…paint this town Devils…nevermind.

  2. tdevils Says:

    Add a 1 to the front and you’ve got the likely announced crowd…

  3. Trentondevilsfan Says:

    This ain’t nothin’. Next Wed looks to be opposite Phils-Yanks unless both series turn upside down

  4. Shtikl Says:

    Whether you like Stoesz or not, look at the encouragement he gets from the boys on the bench as he walks off.

  5. tdevils Says:

    For the record, the attendance was 1,209. I was 10 off.

  6. titansman Says:

    good thing there was no winning game to discuss.

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