Trenton Devils Opening Night Roster Announced…

…by the league, not by the team.  But considering how tight lipped the Devils are with most of their operations — they comically had just three names listed in the ECHL Training Camp Rosters release when every other team had a full roster — this is hardly surprising.

In any event, here’s the roster as of right now:

Trenton Devils

David Leaderer, D; Matt Torti, D; Andy Thomas, D; Justin Pender, D; Trevor Kell, F; Dan Eves, F; Scott Bartlett, F; Kyle Kucharski, F; Jeff Prough, F; Tony Zancanaro, F; Jeremy Akeson, F; Justin Coutu, F; Gord Burnett, F; Mike Harder, F; Tim Kunes, F; Matt Vokes, F; Dave Caruso, G; Nicholas Lareau, G; Myles Stoesz, RW.

Injured reserve: Chris Murray, D; Jon Howse, F; Chris Poli, F.

Also, just to clarify something…any issues I had with returning had nothing to do with the team.  As far as I know, the organization has always wanted me back to cover them…which is nice.  It’s nice to have your coverage appreciated like that.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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