Roper Leaves T-Devils

Some sad news to report, as friend and colleague Paul Roper has left the Trenton Devils to take a position with the OHL’s Erie Otters.

Roper was the team’s broadcaster and PR man last year, and did an excellent job in both positions.

The first thing I did every time I walked in the press box last year was make a right, look to my left and yell, “Roper!” at him. I wanted to catch up with what was going on with the team, and how they’d done on the road, and there wasn’t anyone better to talk to about that than Paul. He has a sharp hockey eye and I think he’ll do well in the business.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


3 Responses to “Roper Leaves T-Devils”

  1. devilsfan Says:

    Glad to see the blog active again.
    Good for Roper. Erie is a hockey town- Sherry Bassin is active running the team, the daily newspaper has a beat writer cover the team- 4 tv stations cover the Otters- and he’ll get a spot on an am radio station that is all sports.
    Erie is cheap to live- which will be good because I’m sure they are paying peanuts. He better like snow though- because it doesn’t stop up there on the lake.

  2. Philly Devil Says:

    Great news for Roper and a HORRIBLE day for Trenton Devils fans because HE CARED! He would talk to fans and actually know about the game unlike Chris Hudson.

  3. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Ah, the unending challenge of minor league hockey – find someone really good and they soon move on up. As Al said, great for Paul, and we’ll miss him.

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