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June 4th Update

June 4, 2009

** Obviously, I haven’t posted anything on here for a long time, mainly thanks to be swamped with Trenton Thunder work.  So I really haven’t had any time to think about whether I’ll return for the 2009-10 season…that is, of course, of the Trenton Devils would have me back.

I honestly don’t know whether I’ll still have my job with the paper, or whether I’ll be able to pursue and subsequently land a different job in the industry either, but if I’m in the same position I was last season, I’d likely return in some capacity.  Just not sure I’d be able to cover as many games.

** The T-Devils have a Season Ticket Stimulus Plan, in which they’re giving away a bunch of great stuff if you either purchase or renew your season tickets for the 2009-10 season.  Check that out here.

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