Does It Get Any Better Than A Game 7?

There is absolutely no reason that Sovereign Bank Arena shouldn’t be packed tonight.  Trenton Devils fan or not, hockey fan or not, sports fan or not…the words “Game Seven” should resonate with anyone. 

There is nothing more intense or pressure packed…win and you advance, lose and you go home.

For the second time in the history of the arena and third in the history of the franchise, Trenton will be involved in a seventh and deciding game.

Tickets ARE available and start at just $13.50.  Follow this link to get yours, or come to the box office before the game starts at 7:05 PM.

Whether it be Elmira or Trenton, come on out and support your team.

Prior to last night’s Nailers-Cyclones contest, there had been just 13 Game 7’s in the 21-year history of the ECHL.

Tonight’s will be the 15th.  Here’s how the others played out…

Previous Game 7’s in ECHL history

May 5, 2008 Reading 1 at CINCINNATI 6 Division Finals
May 18, 2007 DAYTON 4 at Florida 3 (OT) Conference Finals
May 3, 2007 Cincinnati 3 at DAYTON 5 Division Finals
May 22, 2006 Fresno 2 at ALASKA 3 (2 OT) Conference Finals
May 6, 2006 Bakersfield 2 at FRESNO 4 Division Finals
Apr. 22, 2006 Long Beach 3 at BAKERSFIELD 4 Division Semifinals
Apr. 19, 2006 Idaho 2 at LAS VEGAS 6 Division Semifinals
May 16, 2005 TRENTON 2 at Alaska 0 Conference Finals
May 3, 2003 Cincinnati 2 at ATLANTIC CITY 3 Conference Finals
May 13, 2001 Peoria 3 at TRENTON 4 Conference Finals
May 30, 1999 Richmond 3 at MISSISSIPPI 4 (2 OT) Kelly Cup Finals
Mar. 31, 1992 Roanoke 2 at GREENSBORO 6 First Round
Apr. 12, 1989 CAROLINA 7 at Johnstown 4 Riley Cup Finals

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5 Responses to “Does It Get Any Better Than A Game 7?”

  1. chiarams Says:

    “There is absolutely no reason that Sovereign Bank Arena shouldn’t be packed tonight.”

    No reason except:

    It’s a Tuesday night.
    Two days to sell tickets.
    The big Devils play tonight.
    The Flyers play tonight.
    Phillies/Mets/Yankees all on tv.
    Other craptacular TV (American Idol).
    Shitty weather.

    300 butts in seats. Announced 1296.

  2. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Local baseball may be a washout due to the weather.
    Local NHL action definitely bad luck (just like last game).

    Tuesday night definitely a problem.

    Trenton Times has above the fold article which is nice. Note it continues on page B3 and not B4; an increasingly common mistake as apparently proofreaders aren’t in the budget anymore.

    Trentonian had nice coverage on back page after Game 6.

    Don’t know if they’ve had time to do any radio spots.

    Hopefully will draw more than the last one but not banking on it.

  3. Off-Ice 21 Says:

    Come on, if your a Trenton fan and have been for a long time (despite any friction with the team name change), is it really asking so much to come on down and watch a hell of a game? Mike is right, nothing beats a game 7 in any sport, but in hockey the intensity is multiplied by ten. It’s too early to even care about baseball, and for those Flyers and Devils fans, DVR the game, tape it for later, or watch it between periods at SBA.Two days is plenty of time to get tickets. The attendenance is pathetic and there is no exuse for it. Reading had over 5,000 people at the Soverign Center on a Sunday afternoon when the team was way out of the playoffs. It’s like the locals don’t care that this team started 3-12 or whatever and now is beack to life, and been back to life for a while. On the other hand, the organization could do a better job of drawing people in like having a $3 ticket night or something. Cincinnati did that consistantly this season, trying to draw fans.Anywho, Devils 4 Elmira 2 with an empty netter.

  4. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Cincy reduced tickets to 10 bucks. It worked….something to consider.

    J-Town has some nice deals and price rollbacks for season tickets next year and veteran discounts; great move.

    Those things might not get us back to 5k a night, but they won’t hurt either.

    Our boys definitely deserve the support…

  5. Shtikl Says:

    Yes, they certainly do deserve more than “1,360” — were there really 1,000 people working the game or hiding behind the closed concession booths Sunday night? Do they include the ushers, the staff, and both teams’ scratches in the attendance figures?

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