Devils On Brink Of Elimination With Game 4 Loss

(PR) The Trenton Devils continued to struggle in First Arena as they succumbed to a 3-1 loss to the Elmira Jackals in Game 4 of the North Division Finals Thursday night, 3-1.

Brandon Roach opened the scoring for the second night in a row with a power play goal, as the defenseman blasted a shot from the slot to give Elmira a 1-0 lead with 4:10 left in the first.

The Jackals tacked on another power play goal off a feed by Roach to Brendan Connolly, who tipped in the puck at the side of the net for his second of the playoffs at 7:31.

Jim Henkel finally broke the Devils’ scoreless streak at 112:50 with a power play goal 3:33 into the third period, a laser from the near circle. The Devils had plenty of other chances in the third period, but fell short as Pierre-Luc Faubert picked up an empty-net goal at 19:41 for the 3-1 Elmira victory.

Jeff Frazee made 22 saves in his first game for Trenton since October 30, while the Devils were 1-for-4 on the power play.

The Devils will face elimination in Game 5 of the North Division Semifinals against the Jackals Saturday night, with the puck drop scheduled for 7:35 p.m. Fans can listen to the online audio webcast by logging onto

21 Responses to “Devils On Brink Of Elimination With Game 4 Loss”

  1. Tdevilsfan Says:

    No doubt a killer. The tank may just be empty, unfortunately. They’ve been in “we gotta win” mode for a looooong time now.

    They may be the St Louis Blues of the ECHL – fight like hell to get in, then have nothing left. But we’ll see (on both counts).

  2. JB Says:

    I know it’s a very different sport, but this team’s season reminds me of the 2006 Thunder. They started that year 1-13 but ended up winning their division. But then the flaws that killed them at the start of the season (in that case, a horrific lack of clutch hitting) reappeared once the playoffs began, and they lost in the first round to a team they had no business losing to, putting a very disappointing blemish on what should have been a very satisfying season.

    Same thing with this T-Devils team. Weak defensive play, shaky goaltending and lack of clutch scoring were the story in October and November. Those problems went away the rest of the regular season, and they made the playoffs. But once the playoffs started, those flaws returned and now they’re one loss away from getting eliminated by a team with inferior talent and (on paper, anyway) inferior coaching.

  3. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    Well I am on the other side of the arguement I guess. Bottom line, the chips are down and no I am not giving up (but what I feel does not matter). If the boys lose this series, I am VERY PROUD of this team. TO come from where they did is an amazing thing and this is the first PRO playoffs for a lot of kids on this team. I’m not surprised.

    Unfortunelty, we’re making a FLAT OUT BUM look good in net. Teslak is a joke and it sucks because we are not putting the puck in the net.

    Whatever, win or lose..I’m proud of them and thank them for a great season.

  4. Jackalfan Says:

    I don’t think you Devil fans know very much about the Jackals. I spoke to someone with your organization who said the Jackals were more talented, had more depth, and were faster and stronger. “The Devils only hope is for Frazee to carry them on his back”

    I rest my case

  5. thunderbaseball Says:

    Sure makes it easier when you get a few players sent down who didn’t play a single game for you…not BS at all, nope.

  6. Shtikl Says:

    <> T-Devils fans don’t care about numbers on paper. We just want the T-Devils to hang on and win. Even if it means they win ugly. They’ve been beating “better” teams this year. We think that’s because, somewhere inside where it counts, the T-Devils are better.

  7. chiarams Says:

    “I spoke to someone with your organization who said the Jackals were more talented, had more depth, and were faster and stronger. “The Devils only hope is for Frazee to carry them on his back””

    Well I read on a message board that the guy that waxes Chaz’s unibrow said that Chaz said that a couple of the Jackals said that they think Trenton’s better.

    I rest my case.

  8. CapCityDevil Says:

    He’s right that the Jackals have more depth, the thing is that the half of the Jackals roster haven’t even played in Elmira for more than half the season. The ECHL really needs to re-think their rules on playoff eligibility so that players who actually played on the team can be eligible, rather than Elmira picking up loose scraps from everywhere. If you build a roster with the best players from Elmira and Trenton that actually played 30+ games for their respective teams, no question Trenton would be better on paper.

  9. ElmiraJackalsFan Says:

    The Jackals have added only a few players to the roster for the playoffs. The majority of the team has been with the Jackals for most of the season.

  10. Jackalfan Says:

    We’ve added Quick and Helenius from the AHL. And if it wasn’t for Helenius you wouldn’t have won any games…

  11. titansman Says:

    well…if it wasnt for giving up a last minute goal in game one, and a lucky goal in the fourth overtime after Trenton outplayed you the whole overtime periods the series would be 2 to 2. Thats just plain stupid to say.

    The comeback starts tonight.

  12. titans04 Says:

    The rules are the same for everybody, can’t whine about them now. We’ve shown nothing since game 2 and we’re handed that game by a sieve performance by one of those guys you’re complaining about being sent dowm. IMO it’s more about Coleman being bad and Henkel/Kell and Castonguay playing at a stellar -23. Anybody know if there will be any Snetsinger or Prough sightings tonight?

    The Fat lady is all set to take to the stage unless we get an effort that we haven’t seen yet this series.

  13. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    Funny how these Jackals fans come out of nowhere all of a sudden. Ask yourselves this question Jacko## fans, if the Devs were up 3-1, would you see us on your site? Teslak is not even 5th in the Flyers sytem for goalies and the Flyers goaltending issue in the minors and a broad is borderline horrendous. So that is a correct staetment and he’s beating a very young team with most players i their first PRO playoff series. Congrats you probably will win the series, but I really think the ECHL should have a rule that you have to play a min of 20 games to be put on a playoff roster.

    Whatever, it is what it is…proud of the team and my ass is certainly not going anywhere. These Jacko## fans remind me of the cowards that sat down in section 103 the first two playoffs games. Why were you not here when you lost in game 2?

    The boys have not played well and they made Teslak look great. Coleman has not been solid since game 1. This is not about Frazee either, it’s up to the hoarses to put the puck in the net.

  14. JB Says:

    Perhaps the whole inexperience thing just reared its ugly head. Perkovich got called for a double-minor in OT, giving Elmira a lengthy power play.

  15. JB Says:

    And the T-Devils win on a power play goal in OT! We’ll see you tomorrow night!

  16. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    Frazee better star, Coleman was sent home early and some think it’s to get ready for game 6. Frazee is better than Coleman and he gives a different look. Meaning, Coleman is cookie-cutter butterfly where as Frazee is more stand up, more agile, better glove hand and more unpredicatable. We gotta go with Frazee.

    Surprise goon Sgroi is back…hope he is taken off on a stretcher.

  17. Shtikl Says:

    Sounds like it was Stoesz who took the worst of that exchange tonight. I’m glad playoff overtime goes more than 5 minutes, Frazee is pretty handy with breakaways but not as comfortable with shootouts.

    They live to play another day! CONGRATULATIONS, T-Devils!

  18. tdevils Says:

    Who the hell would have thought this conversation would even be happening in…say, November.

  19. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    Yes, Jeff does need to get better in shootouts..he did well in that legendary World Jr’s Championshiop three years ago. However, that is for another day. Sgroi is a true career goon.

    Hmm, where are the Jack^% fans? Guess their picking their spots.

  20. titansman Says:

    comeback step 2 tonight

  21. titansman Says:

    comeback step 3 tonight

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