Kowalsky Quotes From Last Night

I’d have posted the audio like usual last night…but the NCAA Championship game was on, and there was some pretty…hmmm, interesting language being used by some of the players who were watching the TV.

In any event here’s what Trenton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky had to say last night after his team avoided coughing up a three goal lead and hung on to win, 6-5.

“I was praying we weren’t (headed to another overtime).  That’s playoff hockey.  I thought we outplayed them in the third.  Radoslovich, Eves and Zancanaro just dominated down low.  We probably could have had a couple more.  But they threw a couple through traffic at the end, they’re a momentum team.  They ride the wave.  They’re an emotional group.  They get that goal and they get a little bit of energy and they really come.  We’ll look at the tape, but I thought maybe we got a little passive.  I’ll have to watch the tape before I really evaluate what happened at the end there.  But it was a good test for us.  We gave up a couple goals there and still had to battle right to the end.  You’ve seen a little bit of everything in these two games here.”

“Last night, I thought our best guys weren’t our best guys.  Our skill guys, I talked to them a bit and challenged them a bit and said you’ve got to realize this is the playoffs and you’re going to get keyed on.  Guys like Castonguay, Prough, Henkel, Zancanaro, Kell, Snetsinger…those are all guys that I thought last night, they were forcing pucks and getting rid of pucks and not executing.  Those guys need to execute and work and realize that their names are going to be circled in the other team’s dressing room and they need to step up their level of play and their work ethic, and the skill will come through.  I thought they all were a lot better tonight.”

“The Cohen call, again, I’ll have to look at it, it looked like the guy kind of stumbled more than anything and the ref was on the other side of the pile.  Emotions run high and we were told at the beginning that they were going to call the guy that comes in and hits somebody late, and they were only going to take one guy out of a pile.  They crash the net hard, and we’ve got to be physical on them in front, but to the point where we’re not taking penalties.  That hasn’t been our game.  That scrum stuff after the whistle hasn’t been our game, and it’s definitely not going to be our game now.”

“This time of year, (Coleman) is our guy.  We were concerned last night about how tired he was.  Did he look a little tired tonight?  Yeah.  I’ll have to look at all the goals, but he got the job done.  He’s been our guy all year.  This time of year, unless he tells me or Mike Bronstein tells me he’s not capable, he’s going to go.  I thought he was fine tonight.  But looking back on some of those goals, was it a result of him maybe being a little tired…possibly.  I thought we played, at least for the first two periods, we kept most of the shots from the perimeter.”

“I think after the amount of shots that Teslak saw last night, and this kid’s a first round pick down from the American League, I’m sure there was no doubt in his mind he was probably going to play him anyways.”

On the possibility of Jeff Frazee joining the team in Elmira:

“We’ll see.  That’s going to be an organizational decision and how he’s feeling, and we’ll just go from there.”

“(Coutu) had a bit of the stomach flu and he really wanted to go, he’s a competitor.  He wanted to go last night, and we just thought that with six healthy D, we’d give him an extra day to get some food and get hydrated.  He’s a key guy for us this series, because he can match their physical intensity.  He’s simple with the puck.  And then he comes out tonight and scores a goal, obviously a bit of a fluky one.  He’s a battler and he needs to play.  He’s one of those guys that plays on that edge physically and can really match some of their big guys that go to the net.”

“We got (Perkovich) in the lineup maybe a little quicker than we wanted to, we were shooting for Wednesday, but with the injury to Akeson, we’ve seen him a few days here in practice and he’s a big guy that can skate and has got some skill.  I think he was nervous out there, so he’ll get more comfortable every game.  But as the game wore on, I think you saw that he can bring a bit of a physical element.  I think he’s just got to get used to our system and slide in comfortably.  But from a character standpoint, he’s a great kid.  He knows the Michigan gang we’ve got here…he played with Dan Eves and he knows Tony (Zancanaro) and Jeff Prough.  I thought he was good tonight and he got better as the game went on.”

“(Zancanaro) is the type of guy that steps up.  It’s funny how playoffs are, you always get those guys that during the season are your average guys, they contribute here and there…but this time of year when you’ve got to scratch and claw for every inch of ice and pay the price in front of the net, Tony’s that type of guy.  He’s a heart and soul guy.  I think the fact that he’s feeling 100 percent now is huge, and you can see what he’s capable of doing.”

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2 Responses to “Kowalsky Quotes From Last Night”

  1. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Tony’s a beast out there. A little beast, but a beast nonetheless. And a faceoff whiz. He’s always been a scrapper, but his level of play has really improved.

  2. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    Proud of this club. Now, we have to keep our fore check and not be passive, but not be dumb. In the melee at the end of the game, Henkel took a spear (did not get the numner)…Elmira with the late shots on net..their really an easy team to hate. Never seen a crowd hate a player like they do Chaz Johnson. I was really surprised they got to Riku and hopefully we can get to him while he adjusts from AHL to ECHL (if it really is even an adjustment) Bottom line, he is not used to our shooters and does not know them..so equal ground.

    We must press their PK and not be so passive in our box, their killing us.
    Hopefully we steal two.

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