Game 2: North Division Semifinals: Elmira @ Trenton

Series Status: 1-0, Jackals (Best of 7)

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 2:20PM — It’s a solid four and a half hours before game time.  I’m sitting in an empty press box, staring at an empty rink and blasting music I’d be embarassed to describe on my headphones.

Am I so excited to be here after last night’s game that I had to get here super early?

Uh, no.

The Thunder had a 1 PM game that got rained out, and there isn’t particularly much to do in Trenton to kill time, so I figured I’d come here and catch up on some work.

As expected at this time of day, I don’t have too much info for you.  I’d expect some pretty significant lineup changes for both teams.  Would be very, very curious to see if both goalies return after a game like that and with this being a back-to-back situation.

3:25 PM — According to an ECHL press release, last night’s game was the 14th longest in the combined history of the AHL, NHL and ECHL.  It was great to be a part of something special like that…hopefully it sets the tone for the series.

6:00 PM — I’d expect at least two lineup changes, maybe three…

6:35 PM — Now that warmups are underway, I can write about the changes…Nathan Perkovich is in for Jeremy Akeson.  Perkovich will be wearing #24 in his pro debut.  Dylan Quaile is out for Justin Coutu…can’t say I understand that one.  Didn’t think Quaile stood out one way or the other last night.

Riku Helenius is in net for Elmira, and Gerald Coleman will be run into the ground for Trenton.  Charlie Effinger is your backup.

6:50 PM — Bear Trapp is playing.  How great is that?  Kaleb Betts comes out of the lineup for him…

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Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: Your starting lineups…





18:28 left — I noticed this last game too, but has Trenton has always left one of the wings wide open on the rush when the Devils are on D?  Seems like a bad situation waiting to happen if someone gets behind the D…

17:02 left — Slavomir Tomko unloads a low rocket after pretty much skating right into the slot that eluded Coleman.  Awful play by whoever that was going down way too early, sliding across the ice, and taking himself out of the play…1-0, Jackals.

16:20 left — Jeff Prough snatches a penalty from the jaws of a scoring chance with a slash…things could fall apart real quick here.

15:12 left — Jim Henkel just had a clean, shorthanded breakaway and tried to beat Helenius through the legs…but there was nothing there.  Big save.

14:17 left — Super soft goal on Helenius right there…Tony Zancanaro fired a simple little wrist shot that Helenius stopped…but the puck went up in the air, bounced off of the top of Helenius’ mask and went behind him and in.  1-1 game.

10:19 left — Brendan Connolly called for a hook…T-Devils on the PP

9:00 left — Lots of passing, not a lot of shooting on this power play…

5:09 left — Justin Coutu with a kind of borderline boarding penalty…honestly, I’d have leaned in the direction of calling it as well.

4:36 left — Paul McIlveen flipped a little shot on net hoping for a tip by Chris Korchinski.  Coleman made the initial save, and one after that…but Korchinski simply stickhandled around Coleman’s outstretched glove hand and stuffed it home.  2-1, Jackals.

2:34 left — Dan Eves with another nice goal…that’s two for him this series.  He got a good bounce, skated in, and buried a wrister past Helenius.  2-2 game.


Second Period: 17:45 left — Justin Coutu beat Helenius with another softy from just inside the blue line…I don’t know if it knuckled or Helenius just didn’t see it or what…but wow.  3-2, Devils.

15:53 left — A mad scramble nearly led to Trenton’s fourth goal, but Helenius made two big stops…remember, this guy was in the NHL a few months ago.

14:04 left — A nice play on a series of drop passes, the last by Eric Castonguay, leads to a Trenton goal.  Mike Wilson fired home a hard wrister past Helenius with a lot of traffic in front.  4-2, Devils.

9:20 left — Fan favorite Chaz Johnson featured on the kiss cam…

7:10 left — Another nice goal by Mike Wilson…unfortunately, this one counts for Elmira.  Steve Yetman tried a cross ice centering pass, but the puck instead deflected off of the NHL veteran and in.  4-3, Devils.

5:49 left  — Dan Eves is in the box for Trenton.  Seems he wasn’t too happy with the call.  Unfortunate call for them, no question.

4:03 left — Elmira will have a 14 second 5-on-3.  David Leaderer’s in the box.  Sniff…sniff…sniff…this reeks of tie game.

2:31 left — Connolly helps the T-Devs out with a nice, super obvious cross check in front of the net.  We’ll be 4-on-4 for 29 seconds, then a Devils power play.


Third Period: 18:41 left — The goal judge got a little excited and assumed that Brad Snetsinger would have buried that little stuff in try with Helenius out of it…but he didn’t.  But Trenton does get a power play…

18:32 left — Matt Cohen came very, very close to scoring there…but Helenius covered it up.

17:54 left — Ryan Gunderson shoots and the puck goes in, imagine that…he threw a little floater at the the net from the blue line that hit either Trevor Kell or one of the Elmira D.  5-3, Devils.

Kell got credit for the goal…

9:17 left — 6-3, Trenton.  Matt Radoslovich with a pretty basic wraparound goal.  I hope Michael Teslak enjoyed his rest, because there’s no doubt you’ll be seeing him for Game 3.

7:37 left — This one isn’t quite over…Korchinski put one home for Elmira, and it’s now 6-4, Trenton.

6:23 left — Definitely not over.  Elmira’s fans are back into it as Benoit Doucet makes it a 6-5 game.

5:09 left — And now Trenton’s shorthanded.  Oh my.  Matt Cohen’s in the box.

3:00 left — HUGE freaking kill right there…

1:28 left — Chaz Johnson with a moronic play, cross checking one of the T-Devils up high…looked like Coutu.  He got called for it.  Stupid, stupid play.


Three Stars:

* Matt Radoslovich

** Chris Korchinski

*** Tony Zancanaro

My vote:

Final Score: 6-5, Devils. 

Post-Game Notes: Series tied 1-1.

Pre-Game Photos:


Elmira starting goalie Riku Helenius


Craig Switzer


#98 in your programs, but #1 in your hearts…Chaz Johnson


Mike Wilson


Nathan Perkovich

In-Game Videos:

Fight Videos:

Next Game:


Game 3, NDSF — @ Elmira, 4/15

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


8 Responses to “Game 2: North Division Semifinals: Elmira @ Trenton”

  1. Jordan W Says:


    Good to see someone besides me is checking this!

  2. Brian Says:

    Go Trenton! Thanks for all your work Mike! Its much appreciated!

  3. red devil Says:

    Hopefully Trenton will get some more “Ws” 🙂 Keep up the good work and pics!

  4. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    One Comment: Perkovich looked great out there!

  5. chiarams Says:

    Definitely didn’t look out of place and pretty much cements Bartlett’s place at the nacho stand.

  6. Jordan W Says:

    I was at the game tonight, very nice to see a win.

    What’s the deal with Johnson? Why do we hate him so much?

  7. Jordan W Says:


    I’m also wondering what the rules are regarding adding players during the post-season. Now that Lowell is eliminated, can they send down players to help Trenton on the playoff run? Is there a limit to the number of people they can send? I heard Frazee might be coming.



  8. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Johnson is a world class cheap shot artist in the mold of his jackass coach. After last nights game he went at it with a couple fans with threatening remarks; which is typical. So is trying to climb the glass to go after the mascot. Just a complete tool. I noticed he switched sides on the bench for the third period…..

    Roster for playoffs is 23. You can bring in college or (IIRC) junior players w/o them having played for you during the season – otherwise anyone you bring down from the A has had to have played 5 games for you. Frazee qualifies; Bergfors (just to throw a name out there) doesn’t as he hasn’t skated here. There’s more to it, but that’s the main gist.

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