Game 1: North Division Semifinals — Elmira @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 4:55 PM — No definitive word on too much here at SBA.  Everyone seems to think Michael Teslak will get the nod in goal for the Jackals, but nobody will know until either Teslak or Riku Helenius leads the Elmira squad out for warmups…

Same thing with the T-Devils lineup…until I get a sheet from one of the off-ice officials or see the bench myself, nobody’s going to tell me a thing.

6:35 PM — First and foremost, I got drilled in the shoulder by a puck during warm-ups.  Felt great.  But I’m a hockey writer…I should be good to go.

The goalie matchup is Michael Teslak vs. Gerald Coleman.

Helenius was not on the ice at the start of warmups, but did come out after a few minutes.

Mike Wilson is here and taking warmups, and you’d have to assume he isn’t just going to sit around.

Looks like Kevin Cormier is going to take the 10th forward spot.

Charlie Effinger is out there in a new mask.  It’s a plain white one with a cat-eye cage.  His old one was his college mask with the full cage.

6:50 PM — Justin Coutu is the scratch so Wilson can play.  Also out are Myles Stoesz, Scott Bartlett and Nathan Perkovich.

6:55 PM — I know Norfolk sent a couple players to Elmira…good thing Brent Henley didn’t come down after this interesting move in a scrap against Josh Gratton.  I shot this a few days ago at the Spectrum…

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Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: 19:30 left — Outstanding opening shift…they created a few turnovers in Elmira’s zone and put a few pucks on net.  Nice way to try to set the tempo early.

18:20 left — But Elmira comes right back with a good shift of their own, keeping the puck in Trenton’s half of the ice most of the time…

17:50 left — And that carried over into a goal.  Gerald Coleman was down and out of the play, which left a wide open net for Slavomir Tomko…he didn’t miss, despite a nice recovery attempt by the Lightning netminder.  1-0, Jackals early on here in the first.

14:45 left — Real nice pace and intensity to this one early on.  Coleman made a nice glove save on a screen on a shot by Jared Ross…

13:43 left — Jim Henkel gets tripped in the corner by Wes Cunningham, and the T-Devils take the man advantage…

11:34 left — Tony Zancanaro stuffs in a failed wraparound attempt by Jeff Prough to tie the game at one.  The goal came a few seconds after the power play had expired.  1-1 game.

9:46 left — But Prough’s in the box for clearing the puck over the glass in his own zone…

8:44 left — Elmira will have a 58 second 5-on-3 after a Jim Henkel penalty.

7:50 left — Seemed like Trenton was going to be able to kill that one off, but Pierre-Luc Faubert’s first one-timer shot was denied by a great Coleman stop…but he was able to get the rebound and put it home to give Elmira a 2-1 lead.

4:00 left — Jeff Prough is skating like a man possessed out there tonight…he’s showing a lot of energy and passion for the puck.

3:16 left — 3-1, Jackals.  Faubert was wide open for a rebound in the slot, and Coleman made the initial save but again couldn’t get to Faubert’s second effort.  Yikes.

2:30 left — Great chance by Tony Zancanaro on a set up by…Kevin Cormier?  But Teslak came across and made the stop on the tip-in try.


Second Period: Coleman is out for the second period…thought there might be a slight chance Rick did something extreme to shake things up…

16:46 left — Zancanaro got a nice backhanded chance after some hard work in the offensive zone, but Teslak was there again…

15:18 left — Paul McIlveen’s in the box after a scrum in front of the net…kind of a cheap call, but the T-Devils will take it.

14:35 left — Great, great play by Eric Castonguay…he took a shot with the intent of Trevor Kell tipping it home.  Kell did, and we’re at 3-2.

10:00 left — Wouldn’t at all be surprised to see Mike Wilson take a seat for Game 2…he hasn’t looked good at all tonight.

8:45 left — Coleman’s rebound control has been very, very sketchy tonight as well.  He’s been leaving quite a few pucks right out front for some prime chances…

5:36 left — Coleman called on a BS tripping penalty.  He went out to cover a rebound at the side of the net, Elmira’s guy skated into him and tripped over him, and he got called.  Ridiculous.

5:10 left — Unbelievable recovery save by Coleman…Elmira set up a real nice play with a cross corner pass that had him out of it…but he dove back across the crease and made an amazing save.

3:20 left — Elmira worked real hard to get a goal, with Chaz Johnson burying a wrist shot…but the refs waved it off as Coleman got run by Chris Korchinski just before the shot went in.  Johnson, who has a group of fans chanting “Johnson Sucks” at him any time he does anything, punched the glass behind the net afterwards.  Still 3-2.

1:25 left — Trenton had quite a few nice set-ups and a few decent chances, but Teslak is coming up big.  Does Ryan Gunderson ever shoot the puck?


Third Period: 18:07 left — What a goal by Dan Eves!  Eves was getting hooked and hassled, and fought off the defender to bury one past Teslak.  3-3.  Amazing effort.

12:30 left — Don’t get me wrong, there’s nobody here, but this crowd is loud and into it.  Jim Henkel just had two nice chances off the rush, and it’s getting louder as the game goes on…3-3

11:20 left — Jeff Prough gets cross checked in front of the net, and Trenton gets a HUGE power play here.

9:08 left — 4-3, Trenton.  Crazy pass to Zancanaro from Prough, and Zancanaro buried it.

3:45 left — The ever popular Chaz Johnson just clanked one off the post…the Jackals are buzzing here with time winding down…

2:58 left — Play has briefly stopped to fix one of the stantions separating the glass panels…

1:04 left — Goal TENTATIVELY scored here by the Jackals…

1:04 left — NO GOAL, THE REFS GOT TOGETHER AND CHANGED THE CALL.  Chaz Johnson cut hard to the net, running into Coleman and knocking his mask off…the puck trickled out and Faubert buried it, and the ref signaled goal.  But they got together and made the right call.  4-3, Devils still.  Elmira’s goalie is pulled.

58.4 left — Well, that one counts.  Chaz Johnson tips one home and it’s 4-4.


Overtime: ECHL playoff overtime hockey is, as you’d expect, 5-on-5…

19:19 left — Elmira came out with a strong shift to start out, cycling nicely…

18:55 left — Putrid turnover by one of the Jackals…nice tape to tape pass to Jim Henkel, who fed Eric Castonguay for a chance in the slot.

17:00 left — Snetsinger fires one off of Teslak’s mask, leaving a big rebound in the slot…but Brendan Connolly made a huge play to break it up.

16:17 left — Derek Couture skates off with an apparent injury… 

12:58 left — Elmira making turnover after turnover in their own end here…Trenton’s buzzing now.

10:08 left — Elmira had a 3-on-2 there, but Coleman stayed low and made the stop, his 42nd of the game.

8:38 left — What a great game here in Trenton.  The people who did show up are getting their money’s worth.  Elmira has 46 shots, Trenton 38…the Devils have been the better team in this overtime period so far, no question about it.

5:28 left — Trenton is just firing everything and anything at the net, and it nearly paid off there, as one trickled through Teslak and just short of the goal line…

4:35 left — Faubert raised his hands as if he’d scored…unfortunately for him, he didn’t…puck must have somehow stayed out on a play where Colesy was out of it after the first chance.

4:02 left — The refs called a penalty, and they pretty much had to…Dan Eves with a trip.

1:45 left — They killed it off…



Double Overtime: Snetsinger leads the team with 8 shots, Castonguay has 7, Henkel has 6…

Akeson hasn’t returned from being hurt early on, no word on him…

19:05 left — Elmira comes out with another good shift to start a period, controlling the puck the entire time…

16:46 left — Korchinski ripped a wrist shot in Coleman’s chest…he looked behind him, but it stayed in his pads.

13:32 left — Kaleb Betts breaks up a wide open Chris Dyment point slapshot…

10:08 left — Jared Ross flips the puck over the glass, T-Devs PP

7:52 left — Elmira kills that off.  Trenton has 56 shots, Elmira 52.  Not as many good chances this period, but still…what a game.

5:48 left — What a sequence!  Brad Snetsinger came in on a fairly clean breakaway and went backhand, trying to lift it over Teslak…he didn’t.  That led to a 3-on-1 the other way, and Coleman made a big stop.

2:21 left — On Trenton’s 59th shot, Tony Zancanaro had a great chance, but Teslak stopped his low wrister.

1:47 left — Elmira calls their timeout.  Interesting choice right there.

14.5 left — Jeff Prough denied on a tight wraparound attempt…


Triple Overtime: Wheeling beat Cincinnati, 3-1.  They take a 2-0 series lead…

This is the longest game I’ve ever seen in person, and also one of the best.  Unbelieveable.

17:05 left — A few long shots for Trenton so far, but not too much else…

14:36 left — Korchinski had another golden chance, skating in relatively uncontested on Coleman…who made his 56th save of the game.  Shots are 65-60, Trenton.

7:32 left — We’re still playing here.  Tony Zancanaro had Teslak swimming in the crease, but couldn’t corral the puck and lift it over him…

5:39 left — Third longest game in ECHL history…

4:40 left — Second longest game in ECHL history…the longest is 121:24 on May 5, 2000.  Louisiana @ Greenville.  3-, Greenville.


Fourth Overtime: Brad Snetsinger leads the team with 11 shots.  We’re a minute and 24 seconds away from setting the record for the longest game in league history…

18:36 left — Yes, this is the longest game in ECHL history.  Yay.

15:11 left — 141 shots on goal combined is a new record…

13:50 left — Josh Aspenlind beats Gerald Coleman on a rebound.  Jackals win, 5-4.  The remaining fans gave a standing ovation to all the players.  Shots were 75-70, Trenton.  Teslak made 71 saves, Coleman 65.

Three Stars:

* Josh Aspenlind

** Tony Zancanaro

*** Michael Teslak

My vote:

Final Score: 5-4, Jackals, 4 OT.

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:


This is pretty much the only way you’d know it was the playoffs…


Effy’s new mask


Riku Helenius


Michael Teslak


Matt Cohen

In-Game Videos:

Zancanaro first period goal (1)

Faubert first period 5-on-3 PPG (1)

Kell second period PPG (1)

Fight Videos:

Next Game:


Game 2, NDSF — vs. Elmira @ SBA, 7 PM

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


18 Responses to “Game 1: North Division Semifinals — Elmira @ Trenton”

  1. titans04 Says:

    For whatever it’s worth Corms says it’s time to separate the men from the boys, hopefully that means he gets the nod over Stoesz. Unless they both dress and Rado and Bartlett sit.

  2. Jordan W Says:

    How’s the crowd? I’ll be around this weekend so I’m thinking about coming tomorrow night.

  3. tdevils Says:

    The crowd is very, very light. Getting a ticket won’t be a problem.

  4. Jordan W Says:

    Thanks! That’s a shame, I was hoping the playoff games would draw some more fans to the building.

  5. tdevils Says:

    No chance, at least not for the first round…they didn’t really have time to get the word out, etc. But even if they did, I can’t imagine it would be any more full than it is now…

  6. titans04 Says:

    Well we’ve seen this turtling act before. How you allow the puck to be put in the back of your net twice in 8 seconds. You would think after the first gets waved off we would be ok. Um no. Off to OT after getting badly out played in the first 60. Hopefully we steal this one and regroup for tomorrow.

  7. chiarams Says:

    I’d sit Leaderer over Wilson – he’s been more awfuler tonight.

  8. tony Says:

    Hear any thunder score? No announcement here at the arena

  9. tdevils Says:

    4-3 mets

  10. Mike M Says:

    Lets set the record for longest game, then win it.

  11. Tdevilsfan Says:

    Well one out of two….sucks more than Johnson (who really is a first order tool).

    Nice to be there for the record longest game though. 114 tried to keep the place buzzing. I don’t know how those guys play so long without just falling over.

    And now the Ducks win in the shootout; I hate the Ducks. Overall a fun night with a disappointing ending. Here’s hoping they can pull one out tomorrow.

  12. chiarams Says:

    If you can track down time on ice and/or faceoff stats, I’d love to see them.

  13. devilsfan Says:

    Just got home- what a game, although I felt Elmira was the better team.
    Castonguay was out of it tonight. had to be at least a negative 3. I totally disagree with your assesment of Wilson- he’s slow and smooth,very well positioned most of the night in my opinion.
    A fair amount of Elmira fans in the house and a couple of groups of Reading fans as well. Nice touch by the Devs to break out chip bags for the kids after the 3rd overtime. I know my kids appreciated them.
    Zancanaro clearly the best devs player- he’s absolutely awesome on face offs.

  14. titans04 Says:

    Losing Akeson really hurts the 2nd line that’s been so key for us down the stretch. Henkel and Castonguay were -3, Kell even worse at -4. Horrible game for that line.

  15. Choices, Choices, Choices… « Mike Ashmore’s Thunder Thoughts Says:

    […] ended up getting to cover the longest game in ECHL history, as the Devils eventually fell to the Elmira Jackals, 5-4, in four overtimes. Had I missed that, […]

  16. thunderbaseball Says:

    Keep in mind I said what I said about Wilson 30 minutes into a 126 minute game…he got better as the game went on.

  17. devilsfan Says:

    Understood on Wilson. What’s the deal with him anyway? Hasn’t played in a few years. Looking to get some publicity for his training business in Cleveland?
    Coleman made some nice stops in the game. Will be curious to see how the goaltending job unfolds here if the Tdevs advance.
    Attendance wise- minor league sports in general don’t draw well for whatever reason. I’ve been to a few Somerset Patriot playoff games over the years that were 50% full at best, even in years where they were drawing very well. I was not surprised to see a small crowd- it’s Easter weekend as well.

  18. chiarams Says:

    Playoffs are tough – not much time to sell advance tickets and no group sales.

    Even in the Titans years where they drew 5-6k regularly, crowds under 2k were the norm in the first/second rounds.

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