Game 72: Wheeling @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 4:45 PM — Have been at the arena for about an hour now…can’t say I’d have minded someone telling me I posted the wrong story on the wrong blog as it sat there for three days or so…but in any event, there are bigger things at hand.

This is the last game of the regular season for the Trenton Devils.  If they win and Cincinnati loses, Trenton is your division champ.  A Trenton win and Cincinnati win gives each team 87 points, and Cincinnati has the tiebreaker and would win the division and get first seed.

A Trenton loss and they’re the three seed and play Elmira without home ice advantage.

So this game…yes, kind of a big deal.

More info as I get it and so on, as usual.  Anyone expecting Mike Wilson to play tonight…don’t, he isn’t even with the team.

5:05 PM — Some of you may have heard that I got to cover my first NHL game at the Prudential Center last night…that is, of course, true.  I’m working on a story on the Prudential Center and wanting to compare it to Sovereign Bank Arena considering all the guys who are playing here want to get there, etc.  I’ve attended many games at The Rock as a fan, but to get an inside perspective and get to see areas where the fans aren’t allowed was tremendous and will be very beneficial to the story.  I also got to talk to Martin Brodeur, Zach Parise and Brendan Shanahan…so that wasn’t half bad either.

Big thanks to the Trenton Devils organization for giving me the opportunity to cover them this season, and of course thanks to Jeff Altstadter and the entire New Jersey Devils organization for letting me achieve one of my career goals.

6:40 PM — David Brown vs. Gerald Coleman is your goalie matchup for the evening…

6:55 PM — Starting lineups





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Around The Division:

Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: If Mitch Ganzak spears Dan Eves in the man parts, and Kevin Cormier isn’t there to beat the crap out of him…does it make a sound?

20:00 left — Decent turnout here tonight.  Hmmm…might it be the appeal of free stuff?

17:53 left — One solid chance for each squad to start out, but no shots on goal as of yet…

17:20 left — Billy Ryan’s in the box for hooking.

15:00 left – Justin Coutu returns the favor with a holding minor…

12:10 left — Dan Eves had a glorious chace on a juicy David Brown rebound, but put it too far towards the middle of the net and Brown threw a pad out and made the stop.  Trenton’s on a power play after Reid Cashman tripped up Eves shortly thereafter…

10:49 left — Tony Zancanaro gives Trenton a 1-0 lead, putting home a loose puck that caromed off the end boards on a point shot by Ryan Gunderson.  1-0, Devils.

6:58 left — Trevor Kell in the box…

55.9 left — Videos posted down below…

39.5 left — Trenton takes a 2-0 lead on somewhat of a wacky play.  Dave Leaderer fired a shot from the right point that got tipped in near the crease.  Immediately after the goal, Henkel went down in the crease holding his face..not sure if he took a stick or the puck got him or what.


Second Period: 14:29 left — Matt Cohen gives Wheeling a much needed man advantage with a slash…

7:36 left — Jeremy Akeson fired a wrist shot off the rush on the right side that appeared to trickle through the arm and chest of Brown…not sure if it had help getting over the line, but it definitely went in, and Trenton has a 3-0 lead.  Jeff Prough apparently tipped it in…

6:41 left — Bryan Ewing takes a silly boarding penalty with his team’s playoff hopes possibly on the line and his team down three…

5:29 left — Make that down four.  Eric Castonguay skated in absolutely uncontested up the right side, stopped just past the goal line, and banked the puck in off of Brown.  That will be all for Mr. Brown, as Curtis Darling is coming in to try and save their season…4-0, Devils.

4:30 left — Another wacky play here.  Leaderer gets caught with a high stick by Tommy Goebel, which the refs didn’t see.  Play stops, the refs convene…and Goebel gets four minutes.  Retroactive penalty calling.  Wild stuff here.

50.5 left — So a puck just nailed the new scoreboard, sending a small part of it iceward bound…

24.9 left — Brad Snetsinger taps in a rebound to make it 5-0.  Wheeling playing like they could absolutely care less at the moment…


Third Period: Not much sense in live blogging the third…

Ummm…2 or so minutes left — Jeremy Akeson scored.  6-0 Devils.

Three Stars:

* Castonguay

** Coleman

*** Prough

My vote: Castonguay-Coleman-Prough

Final Score: 6-0, Trenton

Post-Game Notes: Assuming things stay as is with the Cincinnati game, I will have a playoff schedule with times and dates for you guys…

Pre-Game Photos:


David Brown


Gerald Coleman


Justin Coutu


Curtis Darling


Bryan Ewing


Mitch Ganzak


Tomas Klempa

In-Game Videos:

Coleman save

Brown knocks the net off

Snetsinger near miss

Zancanaro PPG (6)

Fight Videos:

Next Game:


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6 Responses to “Game 72: Wheeling @ Trenton”

  1. red devil Says:

    what happened to Wilson?

  2. tdevils Says:

    He’s back home in Cincinnati…evidently needs to try to get in better shape, also wants to stay with family, etc. Apparently could be available for the playoffs.

  3. Mike M Says:

    How big a piece of the scoreboard fell?

  4. tdevils Says:

    Very small. Seemed like it was some sort of fabric or very thin material. Maybe about the size of two baseball cards put together? Hard to tell from up here…

  5. Tdevilsfan Says:

    It was small, but seemed more solid than fabric from the brief look at it falling. Several comments toward the Nailer bench followed regarding us sending them a bill.

    We also started a “Let’s Go Johnstown” chant that they didn’t appreciate either. Awwww, how cute.

  6. titans04 Says:

    according to the Devils forum ansd somebody sitting at that end it resulted in a brownish area on the display where it hit.

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