Game 65: Cincinnati @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 4:00 PM — Not a whole lot going on here right now…will have more later.

5:30 PM — Still not too much going on…but I do know that radio personality Joe Nolan will be filling in for Butch Seltzer tonight.

6:35 PM — Looks like Loic Lacasse vs. Gerald Coleman.  I haven’t seen Lacasse yet, so I’m excited to see what his game is like…

6:50 PM — Brad Snetsinger is out with the ever-popular “undisclosed injury,” but should be back tomorrow.  Sean Erickson will be scratched tonight as well.  Any bets on when Stoesz and Johnson throw down?  Also…do you guys want more T-Devils photos?  I shoot the visiting teams a lot because I feel like I’ve posted pictures of just about everyone on the team…but if you guys want more, then I’ll post more.  Let me know.

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Around The Division:

Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: Good pre-game note from the aforementioned Mr. Roper…T-Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky is going after his 100th win tonight.

Your starters:


St. Denis-Woll
Ehgoetz-Syrocynski-Van Guilder

(Justin Johnson is a scratch…)



15:30 left — Cincinnati looks to be the better team so far…they’re really buzzing around the net and controlling the play.

14:14 left — The Cyclones draw the first power play of the game on a Justin Coutu penalty…

12:13 left — Chris Ferazzoli takes a penalty for Cincy just as their PP ended after a shorthanded chance by Matt Radoslovich.

11:00 left — Trenton takes advantage, with Eric Castonguay scoring on a hard one-timer from the right point.  1-0 Devils.

8:55 left — Nice save by Gerald Coleman after Mac Faulkner drove hard to the net on his backhand and tried to flip one over the former Lightning netminder’s glove…

6:40 left — The refs missed a very, very obvious high stick by Justin Coutu on Chris D’Alvise.  It was unintentional…but how do you miss a guy’s stick blade coming up and popping another guy across the grill?

5:00 left — Ferazzoli had a pretty clean breakaway on Coleman and tried to make a last second move to drag the puck around him, but couldn’t…nice move, nice stop.  Still 1-0.

3:53 left — A nice, hard working shift by the Cyclones pays off with a stuff-in goal from the left side by Mark Van Guilder.  Cincy was just trying to create chances from around and behind the net, and it finally paid off.  1-1 game here at SBA.

2:59 left — Bad penalty by Cincinnati’s Dustin Sproat, checking Jeff Prough from behind and into the boards…two minutes for him.  Prough is OK.

2:23 left — And then Jim Henkel seemed to hook the stick out of one of the Cyclones hands in the offensive zone…also not a good penalty.


Second Period: Sure is weird to see Mac Faulkner out there in a Cincinnati uniform, at least to me…in any event, the second period is about to commence…

19:04 left — Mark Van Guilder just skated off with…not sure if that’s a trainer or equipment man in tow, but the Cyclones goal scorer will be unavailable for a bit.

16:50 left — Van Guilder has returned…looked like he was skating a little funny, so it might have been a skate issue.

15:30 left — Very nice move by Jeff Prough after he jumped to glove the puck to himself in the neutral zone, but he lost control and got tripped up and ended up sliding into Lacasse instead…

12:40 left — Gerald Coleman just skated off the ice, holding a towel to his lower face after a scramble in front of the net.  Charlie Effinger has come in to replace Coleman.  It didn’t look very serious — it appeared may have been some blood on the ice, however, as the ice crew came out with shovels —  but I’ll update you with whatever I get…

12:26 left — Coleman being out more or less led Trenton to taking a penalty.  Effinger made a save on a weak shot, and Cincy swarmed to the crease…Matt Cohen sent one of the Cyclones flying into the net, because Trenton can’t afford for Effinger to get run right now with an empty bench.

UPDATING…just to get into that Coleman play, he did lose his mask on the scramble, and some people in the press box seem to think he may have injured his mouth.

1:54 left — Coleman has not returned to the bench…not too much going on here, just lots of back and forth with a few decent chances scattered in.  Effinger has looked pretty good for coming off the bench completely cold. 


Third Period: If I hear anyone tell me Coleman suffered an “upper body injury” after the game, I’m going to start throwing things…

20:00 left — Effinger has come out to start the third, so it looks like he’ll be finishing this one up.  This game, as all of them from here on out will be, is huge.  Lots of pressure on this kid right now.

15:45 left — Coleman is back on the bench and appears to be holding an ice pack to his face.  He’s also wearing Brad Snetsinger’s jersey, it appears…


11:38 left — Effinger has been making all the saves he’s needed to make, and hasn’t been giving up rebounds.  Seems like Chris Dyment is very aggressive in clearing the crease tonight, he’s been involved in quite a few scrums after the play.

10:57 left — Seems the Cyclones agree with me on this…but what is and isn’t called icing in this league is very interesting sometimes.

10:38 left — Justin Coutu deposits the puck somewhere in row J, and he’s in the box for delay of game…

5:45 left — Coincidental minors to Dan Eves and Mike Salekin have the teams 4-on-4…

4:03 left — The Cyclones score.  Trenton controlled the 4-on-4 before then, but Sproat put one home and this is now four minutes away from being a bad loss from a team that didn’t always seem to have their legs underneath them…

1:46 left — Trenton has taken their timeout…

1:30 left — Effinger’s out for the extra skater…

Final Score: 2-1, Cyclones. 

Three Stars:

* Sproat

** Castonguay

*** Van Guilder

My vote: Didn’t get one…probably would be GWG-Van Guilder-Castonguay

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:


The new scoreboard.  For a minor league board especially, it’s incredibly nice.  Kicks the tar out of the old one, that’s for sure.


The artwork on Ryan Nie’s mask


T.J. McElroy


Myles Stoesz




Loic Lacasse

In-Game Videos:

Loic Lacasse SH save on Matt Radoslovich

Eric Castonguay PPG (22)

Cyclones 3rd period PP chance

Charlie Effinger 3rd period save

Fight Videos:

Next Game:

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3 Responses to “Game 65: Cincinnati @ Trenton”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Lucky to be tied at one after 20 minutes. We didn’t get a decent shot other than Castonguays pp goal. Our defensemen got abused all period, out worked down low and out skated for 20. Quaile and Cuotu were a disaster.

  2. tdevils Says:

    Agree…Cincinnati also seems to really have their legs underneath them as a whole.

  3. titans04 Says:

    We continue to come up small against the other top 5 teams. Out of our 34 wins 10 are against Reading, 5 against southern teams. Only other division team we have a winning record against is Dayton.

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