Game 52: South Carolina @ Trenton (Scott Bertoli Night)

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 4:20 PM — Trevor Kell and Justin Coutu are both out tonight, and Trenton is a man short. Tim Judy is in.

Matt Radoslovich had a skate issue last night and was not injured, and therefore will play.

Warmups are scheduled to start at 6-ish, the Scott Bertoli ceremony at 6:30, and the game around 7:05.

6:15 PM — The Trenton Devils players are wearing special black patches on their jerseys to commemorate the evening.  Jonathan Boutin is your starter for the Stingrays, Gerald Coleman for the Devils.

I have tons of pictures, but my first priority tonight is the ceremony, so those won’t be up right away.

6:20 PM — Brett Piscopo’s got a nice video planned for the ceremony, and a longer version for intermission…I know the whole staff has been working hard on this, him included, so I’m sure it’ll look great.

6:35 PM — Looks like the ceremony is about to start…

7:15 PM — Nice ceremony, now Bertoli’s #19 is officially retired.  I’ll have much more on that throughout the evening and later tonight, with photos and video and whatnot.  But I’ve got a game to cover, and will have some thoughts at a later point.

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Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: Your starters, according to Butch Seltzer…


15:17 left — Some hard work by Kevin Cormier draws a penalty…power play, Trenton.

11:45 left — Gerald Coleman makes a big, unorthodox save by diving out of the crease on a rebound that came out a little too far…

10:30 left — Jeff Prough scores on a hard slap shot from outside of the right circle that appeared to get tipped by a Stingray on the way in…it seemed to dip after he shot it.  1-0, Devils.

8:22 left — And Brad Snetsinger puts home a rebound to make it 2-0.  The French Connection of Kevin Cormier and Eric Castonguay with your assists.  This team seems to be on a mission…

6:58 left — Dan Eves takes a hooking penalty and gives South Carolina a chance for some momentum…

5:22 left — Nate Kiser wipes out any chance of that with a penalty of his own on a partial breakaway by Matt Radoslovich.

4:13 left — Trenton scores again on a scramble in front of the net…I have video of it, but I couldn’t tell you how it went in.  Looks like Prough might get credit for it.  3-0, Trenton.


Second Period: Great note on the goalie matchup from one of my great readers…Gerald Coleman and Jonathan Boutin were both drafted by Tampa Bay in 2003 (Gerald in the 7th and Jonathan in the 3rd) and were teammates in Springfield until Gerald was traded to Anaheim.

17:00 left — South Carolina gets one back, as Matt Scherer fires one home past Coleman to cut the lead to two.  3-1, Devils.

16:18 left — 3-2 game on a bad goal allowed by Coleman.  Pierre-Luc O’Brien put home the rebound after Coleman very uncharacteristically left a rebound right out in the slot after a shot by Jeff Corey.

15:11 left — 4-2.  Eric Castonguay puts one home on a weird play that involved some back and forth passing between he and Ryan Gunderson in tight.

13:52 left — 5-2.  Kevin Cormier scores after Brad Snetsinger backhands one in off of his skate.  That’s Cormier’s first ECHL goal.  He’s a fight away from the Gordie Howe Hat Trick. 

12:02 left — Gerald Coleman with another outstanding save, throwing his glove out just in the nick of time to make the stop…

9:57  left — At this point, you’ve got to ask yourself why Jonathan Boutin is still in the net for South Carolina…Brad Snetsinger and Jeff Prough combine for a gorgeous, gorgeous goal…Prough with a pretty pass and Snetsinger with a pretty shot for the goal.

9:33 left –South Carolina’s Matt Scherer scores, and then Jeff Prough shoved him in the face to take a penalty…wacky, wacky game.  6-3.

8:48 left — 6-4.  The Stingrays come right back with a power play marker, this time with Keith Johnson putting it home.

4:09 left — Jim Henkel’s in the box, and South Carolina can really get right back in this thing right here…

3:29 left — Unless, of course, Michael Dubuc runs Gerald Coleman and sends him flying and gets called for it.  4-on-4 for the next 1:20.

3:06 left — Matt Cohen made some fancy moves and backhanded one off the post past Boutin…there’s just not much defense being played in this game right now at all.

2:48 left — Trenton’s playoff hopes flashed before their eyes after Jeff Prough went flying through the air after an apparent knee-on-knee collision after the whistle.  But it didn’t look like it was more than a glancing blow, and Prough got up and was OK.


Third Period: 17:55 left — Brad Snetsinger’s in the box, sending South Carolina on their 5th PP of the night.

16:17 left — And they convert.  It’s now 6-5 after Keith Johnson scores a few seconds after the refs appeared to miss a too many men call.

13:56 left — Jeremy Akeson scores a bad one on Boutin, putting a weak, backhanded wraparound past him.  7-5, Trenton. 

11:01 left — Nate Kiser gets called for the hook, and Trenton has a chance to put a snowman on the board…

10:50 left — And they do, when Brad Snetsinger gets the hat trick on a nice cross ice feed from Dan Eves.  8-5, Trenton.

9:11 left — Michael Dubuc makes this an 8-6 game, roofing one over the blocker of Coleman.  Wild, wild game.

1:56 left — There’s now been 15 goals scored tonight, with South Carolina getting their 7th of the night.  Maxime Lacroix gets the tally.  Yikes.

56.3 left — 9-7.  It’s a freaking 9-7 game.  Jim Henkel puts one through Boutin’s legs.

0.0 left — A very pissed off Gerald Coleman slammed his stick against the post as the whistle blew, skating around his teammates and then slamming his stick again in the runway as he skated off.  And for as poorly as both goalies played, it was Coleman who got the win on a wild night here in Trenton.

Final Score: 9-7, Devils

Three Stars:

* Brad Snetsinger

** Jeff Prough

*** Eric Castonguay

My vote: Boutin/Coleman   Snetsinger/Prough/Castonguay

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:


Many signs graced the arena for Bertoli Night…


Many signs…


This graphic was on the scoreboard before the game…


No seriously, a lot of signs…


Bertoli’s #19 is painted behind the net…


Dylan Quaile talks to South Carolina’s Michael Dubuc


Jonathan Boutin




Eric Castonguay


Jeremy Duchesne


Chris Dyment


Ryan Gunderson


Brad Snetsinger

In-Game Videos:

Scott Bertoli’s #19 is raised to the rafters

Jeff Prough PPG (23)

Jonathan Boutin saves

Matt Radoslovich partial breakaway

Fight Videos:

Next Game: 2/22 vs. Wheeling

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4 Responses to “Game 52: South Carolina @ Trenton (Scott Bertoli Night)”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Bummer on the injury front, are those guys around or are they hiding them.

  2. tdevils Says:

    No idea…don’t get access to the players before the game. Will see what the case is after the game.

  3. Shtikl Says:

    At least they didn’t call up anybody, right? You’ve still got Cohen and Gundy?

  4. tdevils Says:

    Until I hear otherwise, yes…

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