Burton on IR, Judy Signed

The Trenton Devils have placed forward Tyler Burton on the 7-Day IR.  I’d be willing to bet it’s a “lower body injury.”

In addition, the team has added defenseman Tim Judy.  Judy played for the Titans in 04-05, picking up a Kelly Cup ring after joining the club after a four-year collegiate career at Northeastern.

He has spent the last two seasons playing for South Carolina, where he accumulated eight points in 41 games.

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT gmail.com


6 Responses to “Burton on IR, Judy Signed”

  1. titans04 Says:

    Hey Mike – thanks again for all the great work. Judy hasn’t played full time since 04-05, he has played a bunch of games for SC. The huge majority of those games we only home weekend games. They would sign him on Friday and release him on Monday. He basically retired from playing the game full time after winning the cup. He was married in college and his wife didn’t want him to continue and also wanted to live in SC so off he went. Last I read he was a security guard at a walmart or something like that. A solid player no doubt who came in and played a key defensive roll in the playoff run. Game one in the finals he got elbowed in the face and suffered a broken nose, his face was a bloody mess. He was back out the next day wearing a cage and didn’t miss a beat.

  2. tdevils Says:

    Glad you like the blog…figured you’d like that Henkel stuff. As for Judy, he sounds like a quality guy…just kind of curious as to why a d-man was added when there’s not enough forward depth.

  3. Tdevilsfan Says:

    That’s a pretty sweet deal for him; getting to play home weekends.

    So…….he’s signed by Trenton….SC in for Bertoli Night….seems like he should be there in one or the other uniform…..

  4. chiarams Says:

    Yeah – Judy was a special kid. Took him about a game and a half to get up to speed coming out of college and along with Munner was a key late addition to that defensive corps.

  5. Shtikl Says:

    So who are they bringing in to shore up the front end? Sounds like they should be screaming for help by now.

  6. titans04 Says:

    Gunderson will probably play up front, but they’re razor thin at this point. I think the real problem is they don’t want to committ Castonguay to the IR list although he could go to 7 and I’m sure Burton will shot to the 30. Until they put anther guy on IR I don’t think they have a roster spot open on paper.

    Basically you get two scratches, one 3 day, one 7 day and unlimited 30 days. Right now technically we have Torti and Castonguay as scratches, Harrison on the 3 day and Burton on the 7 day. No room at the inn. I’m sure they could free up the 7 day by moving Burton to 30 and putting either Castonguay or Torti on IR officially.

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