Bertoli Night Plans Revealed, Plus Opinion

(PR) The Trenton Devils have announced their plans for Scott Bertoli’s jersey retirement ceremony that will take place Saturday, February 21 before the game between the Devils and the South Carolina Stingrays.

The ceremony will commence at 6:30 p.m. and will be hosted by MSG Plus analyst and New Jersey Devils great Ken Daneyko, who is no stranger to jersey retirement ceremonies. His No. 3 was raised to the rafters after a brilliant career with the Devils in 2006.

Daneyko played all 1,283 of his games in the National Hockey League with the Devils, which is a team record. The steady defenseman won three Stanley Cups in New Jersey (1995, 2000, and 2003) and was the recipient of the Bill Masterton Trophy in 2000 for perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to hockey as selected by the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association.

Former Trenton Titans players will also be on hand to support Bertoli on his special night. Scheduled to attend are: Andrew Allen, Bujar Amidovski, Jerramie Domish, Les Haggett, Leon Hayward, Cail MacLean, Alain St. Hilaire, and Kam White.

Current Trenton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky and assistant coach Vince Williams will also take part in the festivities. Kowalsky and Williams were captain and assistant captain, respectively, in the 2004-05 Kelly Cup season.

In addition to the players at the ceremony, a video greeting from former Titans head coach and current Chicago Blackhawks assistant coach Mike Haviland will be shown on the scoreboard.

Trenton Devils players will also wear a special patch honoring Bertoli on their game jerseys. The jerseys will be auctioned off throughout the game to fans in attendance.

Bertoli spent most of his eight-year pro career in Trenton, playing in 507 games for the Titans. Bertoli also played 13 games in the American Hockey League with Lowell, St. John, and Norfolk. He placed among the top two in scoring in each year of his Titans’ career. Bertoli’s No. 19 will be the first sweater retired in team history.

Buy your tickets for the ceremony now so you don’t have to wait in line on February 21! Tickets are available by calling our staff at 609-599-9500, or by going to the Devils’ official website,

For the record, I’m not sure how I feel about this.  I was not a Trenton Titans fan and only attended one game while they were the Titans…but with that said, having Ken Daneyko here seems out of place.  This is, in my opinion, a Trenton Titans event.  So what relevance does Daneyko have to the event other than to serve as a reminder that the team is now under the Devils ownership and name?  Plus, what can he really know about Bertoli?  They never played together, and he never covered him or anything like that.  Will he just be reading off of a sheet instead of speaking from the heart?

I do like that so many of Bertoli’s teammates are coming in, and I like that they’re doing something special with the jerseys…and with all that said, would certainly encourage you to go.  The organization is really trying here, and the attendance hasn’t always showed that.  It would be nice to see a packed house on the 21st…

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


15 Responses to “Bertoli Night Plans Revealed, Plus Opinion”

  1. titans04 Says:

    I couldn’t agree more about Daneyko it makes no sense and I would bet if you asked him 6 months ago who Scott was he wouldn’t have a answer. It will be great to see some of the old Titans especially those from 04-05.

    IMO the whole scenario is a little weird. Are the Devils trying to do something nice – sure. Is it over 2+ seasons too late…again imo yes. Would you ever catch Scott wearing a Devils sweater, highly doubt it. The change from the Titans to the Devils probably helped him make his decision to retire easier.

    With all that said we’re looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

  2. JB Says:

    I don’t like Daneyko being the MC either, but I can’t complain about the rest of it. As long as Daneyko is the only Devils thing involved in this ceremony, I can live with it.

    Now if Bertoli’s banner has the Devils colors and not the Titans…..

  3. chiarams Says:

    “The organization is really trying here, and the attendance hasn’t always showed that. It would be nice to see a packed house on the 21st…”

    I disagree Mike. I don’t think the org has really reached out to the former Titans STH to encourage them to come back to SBA for the night. Those are the folks they need to go after to get some butts in the seats. Clearly the Devils name alone isn’t doing it.

  4. Tdevilsfan Says:

    JB – Colors didn’t really change – white, red and black. Of course I’m a tad color blind so maybe the shade of red is a touch different.

    Now if it’s going to have a logo, obviously it has to be a Titans logo.

    No problems on this end with Daneyko hosting. It is, after all, a Devils event honoring a Titans player. Had they not had a Devils representative I GUARANTEE someone would’ve complained that they were dissing Bertoli. I guarantee it.

    It’s on the message board outside the arena, it’s been in the papers, I’m not sure what else they can do to attract people who stopped coming when the Titans name went away. I doubt those people are visiting the website.

  5. chiarams Says:

    “It’s on the message board outside the arena, it’s been in the papers, I’m not sure what else they can do to attract people who stopped coming when the Titans name went away. I doubt those people are visiting the website.”

    That’s the thing – you have to find them. Work the phones. Call them. Email them. Send carrier piegons if you have to. They’ve got their contact info. What’s the worst that could happen, they end up offended by a team they don’t support as it is?

    To be able to call those folks and say “We know you don’t regularly attend games anymore, but in case you didn’t know…” and give them an opportunity to see the guys that built this franchise up for the first 6-7 years, I think you would’ve seen a better response. And to follow it up with “oh by the way, the current Trenton squad is pretty entertaining most nights…why not come out to watch them…”

    I just don’t think the org is doing everything they could do to fill the building. I’ll feel bad for Bert if there’s any thing less than 5,000 in the seats.

  6. titans04 Says:

    Lisk is coming have him cough up the only copy of the database he took to the Soul when he left.

  7. Jake Richards Says:

    Being a former Titans season ticket holder I can tell you that I WAS in fact called last week about this event, and my family and I are excited about coming. I know several other for STH’s that were contacted by the current team as well. As for Daneyko, he has had his number retired and if for anything else can certainly relate to what I’m sure will be an emotional night for Bertoli. That being said I think a more logical choice to host the event would be PA Guy, he certainly brought energy to the building, is he still there? My number two choice would have been Mike O’Brien. Again just my opinion, but I am definitely going to be there to watch #19 get his due.

  8. Tdevilsfan Says:

    PA Guy is there. He’d make a good MC, I agree. Still, no problem with Dano at all. I think it’s a class act to send one of the best Devils of all time to help honor the best Titan of all time.

    Nice to know they are in fact reaching out to some folks as well. Get some of these folks back in the building, and maybe get them to come back once and a while.

  9. chiarams Says:

    I am glad to hear other people are getting calls.

    Interestingly enough my complaints must’ve been heard since I got a call today myself.

    Hopefully the masses turn out. Even more hopefully, they come back other nights.

  10. tdevils Says:

    Good discussion here, guys…regardless of how everyone feels, I do encourage everyone to come out on the 21st and ultimately see if they end up pulling this off.

  11. Bertoli19 Says:

    I got a call from them last week… luckily I’m back in town that weekend so I’ll get to see it!

    As for Ken hosting it, I think that it shows a lot of class by the Devils to send someone synonymous with the franchise to honor a Titan. We know he can speak well because he’s a broadcaster now, and he’s been in a jersey retirement ceremony before! Can’t wait for the 21st.

  12. TitansFan99 Says:

    Have my tickets for this special night. Here’s some random thoughts about the other posts…. Rich could not have taken the only list – I kept getting postcards from the T-Devils the last two seasons. I give credit to Ed for trying to get me back – I just will NEVER support the Devils name by being a STH. Change the name back, I will gladly take my seats back (and for the record, it is my right to be bitter about the change). It is a special night for Scott and all of us who watched him play for the Titans. Can you blame me for wanting to get a little nostalgic on this night. I will be there in my Titans-wear. On Daneyko – I hear the argument against -and I have to hand it to Mike, he pointed out that it is the best Devil MC’ing for the Best Titan. Before reading that nugget of wisdom Mike, I was – truth be told – a little put off it wasn’t someone else with a tie to the Titans era. I have no love for anything Devil, but can respect the work, dedication, and heart put out by Daneyko. Was this long overdue, yes, but better late than never. I look forward to being there, with friends and Titans family members.

  13. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    First off, The Devils NEVER had to do anything nice for the “Titans” fans as was posted above. It’s great that Dano is the MC and as a DEVILS fan I am NOW interested, it’s a Devils team now kids and I could careless about the Titans..wise up and deal with it. When I heard the Devils were retiring his number, I screamed “WHY?” Then I thought about it and I said to myself Bartoli meant something to Trenton Hockey, no matter the moniker, and it’s a great thing..his name deserves to go up. I could careless if someone does not think Dano should or should not be there. This is the DEVILS team and they can have any MC, whomever it is. Did you ever think the Devils contacted others to be the MC? Well just so all of you know, they did.

    Above someone wrote this is a “Titans event.” Yes, a Titans event sanctioned by the NEW JERSEY DEVILS, if you don’t like it..WHO CARES, be thankful and deal with it. Yes, Bartoli should not wear a Devils jersey because he never EARNED the right to do so. The Titans fans can complain all they want, this is the NEW JERSEY DEVILS team now, if you can’t deal with it..then PLEASE don’t come to any games after Feb 21, in fact as soon as the ceremony is over, from a Devils fan, don’t let the door hit you in the rear-end.

    All I ever have to hear is this complaining about the Titans leaving. Why? Not because they LOVE their Titans so much, it’s because the NJD finally woke up and decided to go after NJ, pissing off Flyers fan who many supported the Titans. THIS is the ONLY thing that has been long over due. I am a die hard Devs fan from Philly and I would never tell anyone who they can or can’t root for, no matter where you live. However, there is NO such thing as the South Jersey Flyers. People would tell me all the time that I should root for the “home team.” Well my heart could never rest with a disgraceful organization such as the Flyers and let’s be honest, THAT is where most of the venom spews from regarding the Devils buying the Titans. In fact, so many who have said that to me, (root for the Flyers), live in SNJ ….so are they not the hypocrites? Let’s be honest for once here and this is the ONLY and last time I will ever address this issue. Why? I like this web site, Mike is a good guy who I agree and disagree with him. I enjoy this site and don’t won’t to disgrace it and other good hockey fans. However, I am sick of these Titans fans always complaining. Also, I hate most Flyers fans, but I have found a few classy ones at the games (you know who you are that know me) and next game I have a special Flyers gift for them. Bottom line is I LOVE THE GAME and that I feel binds us together, but I am sick of this crap about hating on the Devils for taking ownership of their RIGHTFUL land.

    Also, the Trenton Devils staff work very hard and I appreciate everything they do, but they do not and should not have to “beg” Titans fans to come to Devils games. The Devils don’t OWE a damn thing to the Titans fans, who the hell do you think you are, “too little too late? Yet despite Bartoli never waering the proud crest of the NJD, the Devils are taking their time,, their effort, their money in honoring a GREAT Trenton Titan and this is what the Devils and staff have to hear? It’s aboslutley pathetic and don’t bite the hand that feeds, it’s not classy.

    So when you go that night, have a GREAT time..seriously. However you should thank the Devils and if you don’t, then you show no class. NEW JERSEY IS DEVILS COUNTRY, NOT Flyers and no longer Titans country.

    You may not like what I said, but it’s the truth. Finally..CONGRATS to Mr. Bartoli and I wish him all of the best and WELCOME to Trenton Keny Daneyko (THREE TIME STANLEY CUP CHAMPION)..from a TRUE Devils fan and never a Titans fan. By the way, “fast” Eddie Snider, Peter Pukko and staff just sold out the Phantoms for a shopping complex and hotel, what a guy!! By the way I could careless who replies and what you say, I just spoke the real deal.


    Live it, love it..GO DEVILS!!!

  14. BitterBeerFace Says:

    Boohooo, Titans fans don’t respect the Devils. Boohoo Boohoo.
    All Titan fans must be Flyers Fans. Boohoo Boohoo.
    Devils are may favorite team, I love hockey, Flyers are a disgrace, boohoo, boohoo.

    Hey Al, please, stay a devil fan. The world is a better place with you in it buddy. And just so you know…..IT”S BERTOLI, SCOTT BERTOLI.

    No, not a Flyer fan, you DON”T have to root for the team closest to you, or the one in the same state where you live. My colors are Detroit Red and White, and your Devils are still a second class franchise, always will be. Why else would they have to “build” their brand by change the LockMonsters and the Titans. Maybe they can buy the Topeka Tarantulas and change that name too – Topeka Devils. Yeah, Topeka Bores, Devils do too.

    O’Doyle RULES

  15. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    The devils had to “build” their brand by changing Lowell + trentons name to the devils??? Other teams do this as well…

    Providence Bruins…Worchester Sharks…Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins….Binghamton Senators…(also the now Iowa Chops WERE the Iowa Stars)

    So the devils bought an ECHL team too, and made them the devils as well…Its because they want their players to go through their system AS devils.

    The Flyers treated us STH’s like trash, and they didnt care about the team at all. Atleast the Devils seem to care about the team and the STH’s.

    (btw for those who said it took them too long to retire Bertolis Number….Ummm Hello? How long did it take the Rangers to retire Graves? How about Daneyko? Or any other team and their players? Let the guy be retired for a bit sheesh!)

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