Thursday Update

Don’t worry, I didn’t forget about your Trenton Devils. In fact, I actually attended practice this morning.

Well, I didn’t so much attend it as I did make a cameo appearance at the end so I could spend about 15 minutes with Gerald Coleman for a feature I have planned.

That piece is probably still a few quotes away from being anywhere near ready for publication, but it’s going to be good when it’s done.  Coleman is a very interesting guy, and is what reporters like to call “a good quote.”

There’s also going to be a very neat photo to accompany the story, as Coleman was gracious enough to agree to the idea.

As for actual news…well, evidently Jason Smith has been released from the Devils organization after being called up to Lowell.  Not sure if he’ll re-surface anywhere, but I certainly wish him the best of luck in the future.  Obviously his numbers were nowhere near what anyone would have liked, but he was the first guy on the team to actually take the time to learn my name…and while that may sound incredibly stupid, I promise you that’s a meaningful gesture for someone in my line of work.

Scott Bartlett was wearing the orange jersey during practice, and Kevin Cormier a red one.  Pretty sure orange signifies an injury…so whether he’s hurt or not, it seems unlikely he’ll be playing tomorrow.  Tony Zancanaro was not out there from what I saw.

I plan on covering the game tomorrow night, but am most likely headed to Newark to watch the NHL club on Saturday.  I also plan on covering the game on Wednesday.

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3 Responses to “Thursday Update”

  1. Al (Philly Devil) Says:

    I am a bit confused, if he was released by the Devils organization then why did he go to Lowell? Is he still Devils “property or just never coming back to Trneton? I hope and wish the best for him he’s a good kid.

  2. JB Says:

    Al, Jason Smith has an AHL contract. So he could only be traded or released by Lowell.

  3. titans04 Says:

    JB’s right he HAD a AHL deal. Hopefully he lands on his feet somewhere if he wants to continue playing.

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