Cormier Excited To Return To Lineup


After missing 13 straight games due to what Trenton Devils head coach Rick Kowalsky described as conditioning issues, forward Kevin Cormier finally made his long awaited return to the ice during Saturday’s game against Johnstown.

“I felt really good on the ice,” said Cormier.

“It’s a hard job to get back in the lineup when your team is winning and earn your spot and get a regular shift, but I thought I played OK tonight.  I just want to earn the coaches trust again and go from there.”

Cormier’s chance came after the ECHL leader in penalty minutes, Trenton’s Thomas Harrison, was placed on the IR following a tough fight with Guillaume Lepine on Friday night.

Cormier does feel that conditioning is still an issue for him, but is getting closer to his goal.

“I feel like I’m making progress, little steps at a time,” Cormier told me.

“I just have to keep the snowball rolling and keep losing weight and getting more in shape, and hopefully I can get some more ice time and better shifts.”

Somewhat of a YouTube legend, Cormier, who turns 23 today, has accumulated just 38 penalty minutes in 13 games this season after racking up 844 minutes in four seasons of junior hockey.

Unable to find a “dance partner” for most games, he knows that he can’t force the issue while he’s out there.

“I’ve got to make that happen by using my body a lot and throwing hits in the corners and making them come to me,” Cormier said.

“Just crush their defense and get in everybody’s face without getting a penalty.  If I can do that, I won’t have a problem fighting.”

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5 Responses to “Cormier Excited To Return To Lineup”

  1. devilsfan Says:

    “I just have to keep the snowball rolling and keep losing weight and getting more in shape, and hopefully I can get some more ice time and better shifts.”

    Wonderful to hear halfway through the season:-) I was not at the game Saturday, how much ice time did he get?

  2. TrentonPwnedFlorida Says:

    Devilsfan, you realize Cormier suffered a major knee injury last year right? You know the one that he only was really able to be practicing at the start of the season and is still recovering from….

  3. devilsfan Says:

    Didn’t know that. All I hear is he’s in the “doghouse” so assumed bad work ethic. We’ll cut him slack.

  4. titans04 Says:

    His “conditioning” issues have him buried on the depth chart, He’s been skating now since very early October this isn’t about injury anymore. Their fascination with Harrison isn’t and won’t help his cause any and that part I will never understand.

  5. titans04 Says:

    And he’s back riding pine, halting his consecutive game streak at………….wait for it…… 1.

    If Zancanaro can’t go maybe Killer goes wild and plays Cormier over Bartlett. Personally I’m not betting on it.

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