Game 39: Elmira @ Trenton

Pre-Game Notes (LIVE from SBA): 6:30 PM — I’ve been here for an hour or so, but have been on the phone, sampling new flavors of Snapple and eating some pizza. Two of those three activities turned out to be a bad idea…I’ll let you figure it out.

Sounds like Elmira might have a new, yet familiar pest in their lineup. Chaz Johnson is expected to play tonight, which should be interesting.

Trenton news? Well, Devils scout and Hockey Hall of Famer Jacques Laperriere is here tonight.

7:00 PM — Your goalie matchup is Gerald Coleman vs. Michael Teslak. I know Teslak just played here, but I didn’t get to see him, so I’m excited he’s playing over David Shantz.

Around The ECHL:

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Live Box Score: Click here for the updated boxscore from tonight’s game.

Radio Broadcast: Click here to listen to Paul Roper’s radio broadcast of tonight’s game.

First Period: Trenton starters are…




18:31 left — Michael Teslak gets on the scoresheet early with a stop on a slapper from just inside the blue line by Ryan Gunderson.

18:22 left — And Gerald Coleman does the same on a Brandon Roach shot.

18:04 left — With the Devils now evidently wearing red at home, just noticed that Dan Eves has changed his jersey number from 36 to 18.  Dylan Quaile’s in the box for interference, PP Elmira.

15:01 left — Elmira wasn’t able to get a real solid chance on Coleman, but are outshooting Trenton, 3-1.

13:05 left — Derek Couture with a trip in the offensive zone…coaches always like that one.  Devils PP.

12:00 left — Trenton takes a 1-0 lead after a Ryan Gunderson slapshot eludes Teslak.  Assists to Castonguay and Kell.  Thought it might have been tipped by Kell.  Turns out it was.  Goal changed to Kell, not Gunderson.

11:36 left — Coleman makes a nice glove save on a backhand shot by Benoit Doucet.

11:34 left — Jeremy Akeson and Joe Grimaldi apparently have a difference of opinion and settle it by dropping the gloves.  Decent scrap, but no big blows landed.

10:34 left — Coleman makes a few stops in a scramble in the crease, but the ref loses sight of the puck and blows it dead before Elmira can get another chance.

9:34 left — Not a bad turnout tonight…probably the biggest crowd I’ve seen all year.

8:46 left — And that crowd gets to see another Trenton goal.  Baaaaaaaad giveaway in the defensive zone by Elmira leads to Dylan Quaile taking a slap shot from a few feet inside the blue line that got tipped in.  I think Matt Radoslovich got it…indeed he did.

8:45 left — And Thomas Harrison and Guillaume Lepine get into the best fight I’ve seen Harrison in all year.  Harrison ate a big one from Lepine at the end of it, and then the ref tripped over Lepine’s jersey, which somehow came off.  Videos of all the fights and the first goal are coming up.

7:53 left — Derek Couture was in all alone on Coleman, skating up the right side.  He cut in towards the middle, but Coleman made a big pad save on the shot.  Best save of the game so far, and one of the better ones Coleman’s had to make at SBA.

4:26 left — Elmira had a loooooong stretch in Trenton’s zone, but Coleman made a few saves and Elmira missed on a few chances.

3:00 left — Jeff Prough hit the post on a rebound, and Ryan Gunderson proceeded to take a bad interference penalty on the ensuing Elmira rush.  Jackals PP.


Second Period: To the 100 or so people who actually read this, videos are posted…

Ryan Gunderson has three of the Devils shots, Matt Radoslovich has the other two.  This according to the official ECHL scoresheet.  Impressive of Trevor Kell to score without a shot.  I imagine that’ll get changed.

18:38 left — Elmira scores to cut the lead in half.  Goal goes to Derek Couture.

16:40 left — Trevor Kell’s been standing out for the right reasons tonight.  He’s skating hard, and has been doing some hard work in front of the net.  He just deflected a Chris Dyment shot off the post.

13:38 left — No shots so far this period for Trenton…

12:24 left — There’s one.  Jim Henkel breaks the drought with a shot off the rush on the left side.

12:02 left — Dan Eves backhands one into the glove of Teslak.  Not much offense going on for either team right now.

11:30 left — Jeff Prough and Brad Snetsinger had a 2-on-1, then Chris Dyment jumped in and Prough passed to him, but Dyment missed the net to the left.  Still a 2-1 game here.

7:32 left — Craig Switzer takes a penalty, and Trenton goes on the man advantage.  Both teams have a grand total of zero going offensively…not one of the better periods you’ll see here.


Third Period: 16:16 left — Chaz Johnson, #98 on your programs but #1 in your hearts, takes an interference penalty to give Trenton a PP.  They sure could use one right here…

14:16 left — They got absolutely nothing on that power play.  Just no offense right now.  None.

6:24 left — Matt Cohen’s in the box, Elmira’s on the PP.  This reeks of goal right here.

4:24 left — Tony Zancanaro broke his stick with about 20 seconds left on the PP, essentially giving Elmira a 5-on-3.  Coleman made a big stop…with Elmira now outshooting Trenton, 25-12.  I wouldn’t say Elmira’s playing particularly well, but you could make a case that Trenton will be stealing this win if they can hang on.

Final Score: 2-1, DEVILS.  Shots were 29-13, Elmira.

Three Stars:

* Coleman
** Radoslovich
*** Kell

My vote: Radoslovich-Kell-Coleman

Post-Game Notes:

Pre-Game Photos:


A new advertisement for Scott Bertoli Night


Pierre-Luc Faubert


Chaz Johnson…evidently, they had to make his jersey at the last second.


Nathan Lutz


Paul McIlveen


David Shantz




Michael Teslak




Tony Zancanaro

In-Game Videos:

Trevor Kell goal

Gerald Coleman save on Craig Switzer

Gerald Coleman save on Benoit Doucet

Elmira Jackals no-goal

Michael Teslak save

Fight Videos:

Jeremy Akeson vs. Joe Grimaldi

Thomas Harrison vs. Guillaume Lepine

Next Game: 1/24 vs. Johnstown

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2 Responses to “Game 39: Elmira @ Trenton”

  1. guest Says:

    Gotta love the fist bump before the Akeson scrap

  2. guest Says:

    Loved the fist bump on the first fight. Good crowd- they ran out of Yuengling between 2nd and 3rd period

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