Scouting The Competition

Unable to cover either the Skills Competition or All-Star Game itself, I did manage to get up to Reading yesterday for the first time to take in the 11AM game between the Royals and Elmira Jackals.

I was impressed by how many fans showed up for the game — at least in comparison to the usual Trenton Devils crowd — and thought their arena was pretty nice.  Seems like there’s quite a bit for fans to do there, and that they’ve tried really hard to create a nice atmosphere in which to watch a game.  I also enjoyed their “Super Saver” deal, in which you can purchase two tickets for $15…now these seats are located in the top corners of the arena, but in a one level, typical minor league hockey arena, every seat is a good one.  And yes, I did buy a ticket…no using my media status for this one.

Now, as far as the game goes…yeah, it wasn’t that outstanding.  Reading appears to be continuing down the path that it appeared Trenton would be taking this season.

Here are a few photos from my trip…


Reading’s players skate out of a large, inflatable goalie mask as they’re introduced.


So many jokes, but so many ways for me to get fired because of them…


Mac Faulkner


Brock Hooton


Michael Ouzas

As a special bonus, here are videos of the game winning goal and Josh Aspenlind and Bobby Davey in a spirited fight…about 20 seconds in or so, Aspenlind blows Davey a kiss in the middle of the fight.

Chris Korchinski SH GWG

Bobby Davey vs. Josh Aspenlind

Mike Ashmore, mashmore98 AT


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